Sam Harris - Atheist Spirituality (2012 Remix)

Sam Harris discusses spirituality without superstition. This video was created and reuploaded with permission of AscendingParadigm. Subscribe to his channel for more amazing videos! Sam Harris excerpts: Sam Harris - Believing Reason - Aspen Ideas Festival Ask Sam Harris Anything 1 Ask Sam Harris Anything 2 The Four Horsemen HD Hour 1 of 2 - Discussions with Richard Dawkins, Ep 1 The Four Horsemen HD Hour 2 of 2 - Discussions with Richard Dawkins, Ep 1 Visual Content: A Space Journey (HD) Carina Nebula in 3d HD Flame Nebula VISTA Telescope Zoom In [720p] Inside the Milky Way [FULL - HD 1080p] Milky Way Center VISTA Telescope Pan Over [HD] Milky Way Center VISTA Telescope Zoom In [720p] Orion Nebula, Buried Secrets The Dragon and the Swan NASA SPITZER SPACE TELESCOPE VISTA - The World’s Most Powerful Survey Telescope Zooming in on the VISTA view of the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8) [HD] Zooming Into The Orion Nebula (2010) [720p] Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All copyrighted materials contained herein belong to their respective copyright holders, I do not claim ownership over any of these materials. I realize no profit, monetary or otherwise

The Case Against Christianity

A great opening statement from Dr. Keith Parsons in his debate against William Lane Craig. The full debate is available here: Q&A session: If you have a torrent program, here is a large collection of great god debates: Why I am Not a Christian, by Keith Parsons:

The Unraveling of Christianity (Richard Dawkins)

A clear explanation of why the Christian doctrines of atonement through blood sacrifice and original sin do not make any logical sense. Taken from the documentary “The Root of all Evil” by Richard Dawkins. Part 1 - Part 2 - Adam and Eve did not exist: The God Delusion (paperback): The God Delusion audiobook on Youtube: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All copyrighted materials contained herein belong to their respective copyright holders, I do not claim ownership over any of these materials. I realize no profit, monetary or otherwise, from the exhibition of these videos.

Stay Free (Part 6 - How Christianity Changed The World II)

Series exploring why society collapses without God and what the future will look like unless we return to Him. In this part, more on how Christians fulfilling the Great Commission changed the world and how Christianity civilises wherever it goes. UK - US - Donations can be made via PayPal to

Yoga For Kids - The Art of Meditation With Yoga

Watch Yoga For Kids And Its Importance - Kids Learning Videos. When Lord Shiva wanted to meet Parvati lord Ganesha stopped him with a stick. So now let us learn the stick pose in Yoga.. To watch more entertaining and educating videos on animation stories nursery rhymes learning series and school poems SUBSCRIBE NOW at To watch more kids animation videos in high quality log onto

PA TV to kids: Christians and Jews are inferior, cowardly and despised During a PA TV children’s program a girl recites a poem that includes glorification of violence and insults to Christians and Jews. Transcript: PA TV host: “You are going to recite a poem, which also teaches us responsibility and belonging.” Girl: “… The occupier stole my land and my grandfathers’ land… Where is your sword, Khaled (Arab warrior)? Where is your courage, Saladin (Muslim conqueror)? But no one answered me. Where is my weapon? I found it - a stone. I took it and threw it at the enemies of destiny. I taught the world that the Muslim in the name of Allah cannot be defeated… They challenge us with the White House, and we challenge them with the [Islamic] awakening and the Kaaba [in Mecca]. They aren’t stronger than Khosrau and Caesar (rulers of Persian and Byzantine Empires). They [Christians and Jews] are inferior and smaller, more cowardly and despised. They are remnants of the [Christian] crusaders and Khaibar (ie, Jewish village destroyed by Muslims in 629)… Oh Muslims of the world: Awaken, you have slept too long. Your fathers and your sons are being massacred, your Al-Aqsa [Mosque] is defiled and destroyed.” Host: “Bravo! Applause for our friend Lara.” PA TV (Fatah), May 11, 2012

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Origins

What’s the origin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? This is a complicated question that goes millenia. To a lot of Westerners the Mideast appears utterly confusing. Palestinians wish to bomb Israelis that force them at the end of a gun to reside restricted parts of the country that Jewish people lived in during Roman times but vacated for a couple millenia. Arabs are furious concerning this scenario and want Israel “wiped off the map,” or perhaps sidelined because of the United Nations. And nearly all the planet’s politicians see fit to talk on this argument, despite the fact that it’s regarding a slice of land as big as New Jersey. Most people understand Israel to be the very center stage of the Old Testmanet and they recognize that there is certainly some kind of link between Israel of 4,000 years back and now. However, just what the modern nation has that resembles those who walked through the Red Sea to follow a Charlton Heston look-alike which could call insects and frogs at his will is anyone’s guess.

Historical Israel mostly discontinued to be soon after its devastation by Rome, therefore we shall look at the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Right after the elimination of the Ottoman Empire, the appearance of British control of Palestine in 1917 designated the very first time ever since the Crusades in 1191 that a non-Muslim power operated Jerusalem. As they governed it for the next thirty years, several British political figures observed the immigration of Jews to Palestine and backed the Zionist movement. They backed the creation of a Jewish homeland, however with an important warning - they did not want to skimp on the moral and material equilibrium of the Non-Jewish inhabitants there. The way they were supposed to accomplish that was anybody’s guess. It has now been anybody’s guess the past ninety years of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The spine of British diplomatic support for that Jewish country was the Balfour Declaration, declared in 1917, in which British Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour reported to Britain’s Jewish group his state’s assistance in the development of a Jewish national homeland in Palestine. In 1920 Britain produced and administered a country made away from Ottoman Syria, a portion of which was comprised of Palestine (today’s Israel). It was referred to as British Mandate for Palestine, and also the League of Nations agreed that Britain supervise the region until it could possibly function like a self-sustaining state. This illustrates why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is significantly complex. It is an existential war between a couple of groups which has held up for between 60 and 4thousand years (according to how we determine these groups). Numerous initiatives at a peace agreement involving the two sides failed, though these were supported and in some cases orchestrated by American presidents going as far back as Harry Truman. Conversely, the conflict is exceptionally easy to understand. It depends upon one particular matter: land.

Both Palestinians and Jews believe contemporary geographical Israel being rightfully their own and both lay claim to history as the judge. Each party traces their proposed proper rights to their familial relationship with Abraham; observant Jews are convinced that they are really the sons of Isaac, Abraham’s chosen heir. Meanwhile, pious Muslims claim that Abraham’s oldest child Ishmael was the real inheritor of Abraham’s land and property; at least this was the situation that Palestinians offered to the United Nations to re-obtain the houses and land in which they had been kicked out after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

When thousands of Palestinians left their homes in the 1940s and 50s, many Middle Eastern nations worried that their undesirable situation would turn out to be lethal. So during the 1960s the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) ended up being created within Egypt. The PLO came to be to be a governmental support mechanism for Palestinians to aid them for their final goal of fully ruining Israel, an ambition which was clearly written on the first PLO charter. Despite the fact that Yasser Arafat stated this statement would be eliminated after the 1993 Peace Agreement, it continues today similar to a flag proclaiming the entrenched bitterness Palestinians feel toward the creation of the Israeli nation, further imprinting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directly into each nations’ psychologies.

In reaction towards the extensive expulsions which have occurred, Palestinians declare a “right of return,” meaning that first-generation refugees in addition to their descendents have a right to the house and property they or their ancestors deserted or were compelled to abandon through the 1948 Israeli declaration of independence along with the 1967 Six Day War. As a symbol of this emotion, many Palestinian individuals keep a key to their families’ house in token of the hope to eventually return and get back what they think is truly their own. And also to this moving feeling many Jews would likely immediately react with equal conviction that their exact goal in coming to the region several years ago was to claim what had been rightfully theirs for thousands of years.

As we may see, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been around for ages. As a result it will never be solved easily.

For more information regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and thehistorical origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict you can visit our web site Five Minute Courses.

Real Christians Cannot Believe in Evolution (mirror)

There are some major and perhaps insurmountable doctrinal problems for believers who accept the evolution of mankind. The sin of Adam (and consequent “fallen world”) is directly tied to the need for a savior, as the apostle Paul lays out eloquently in Romans 5. Christians who accept the conclusions of evolution must admit that the “inspired” apostle Paul, the author of nearly half the New Testament repeatedly mentions a fictional character (Adam) in the same breath as Jesus, and builds his theology around this connection. They must also confront that Jesus himself references the first couple, who most certainly did not exist if evolution is true. The facts of evolution show that homo sapiens are a single twig on a sprawling evolutionary tree, and that we arrived very recently in the game. Evolution is a tremendously wasteful process full of suffering and repeated mass extinction events. And unlike the pristine paradise of Eden, it is demonstrably proven that imperfections like death and suffering entered the world long before mankind was around to introduce them through “sin”. Created and reuploaded with permission of Discern4. Check out his channel for more excellent videos. Why Evolution Threatens Christianity: Adam and Eve did not exist: For more information on evolution, here are some resources. Hominid transitional skulls: Frequently

Day By Day Relaxation: The Key Reason Why Execute It?

Is Daily Meditation Valuable?

Finding out how to do daily meditation can have a tremendous impact on your mental and physical health. The practice of every day mediation is extremely helpful for those that have very hectic lives. While there are numerous approaches to meditate, the key is not how you do it, but rather, that you simply do it every day.

Physical Benefits

Just a quarter-hour of daily meditation lowers blood pressure level and also reduces the risk of heart attach and stroke. Research studies indicate that when people continue to push on by means of extremely tense days, the stress builds up in the body and puts an enormous strain on all of it’s systems, especially the heart. Carving out time in a crazy day to relax and also calm could keep your life down the road.

Mental Advantages

Whenever your life is going continually, and you can not catch a breath it’s very challenging to think straight and prioritize. Daily meditation has an opportunity to regroup to make sense out of the long to-do lists which might be ruling over you. Studies indicate that folks having time to meditate daily suffer less depression, are more organized, speak clearly and so are better able to handle anxiety as well as negative circumstances later on in life.

Relationship Rewards

Individuals who meditate each day are better friends, spouses, parents and also workers. In certain countries, it’s mandatory that workers take twenty minutes during work to meditate for them to better focus on their job. Everyone around you benefits, whenever you take time to relax.

Do It

Many people don’t mediate since they believe that they don’t have the time. The things they don’t realize is they will make better use of the time they’ve got if they do meditate. The body isn’t supposed to function at the pace that almost all individuals push it to function. This is why mental and physical health problems are so rampant nowadays.

Daily meditation is definitely a habit well worth pursuing.

It doesn’t take long and can be a incredible benefit to you and those around you. Daily Meditation

Side Effects and Cautions When Using Hydrocodone Acetaminophen

You’ve most likely utilized hydrocodone acetaminophen as a pain reliever if you fall under the classification of someone who deals with unrelieved pain. One has to be conscious that there could be both dangerous as well as life-threatening negative effects possible just like with lots of different styles of prescriptions additionally the potential for chemical dependence.

Whatever that passes through your liver, counting acetaminophen, must be digested and a number of chemical substances are likely to incur extra stress. Because medicines such as this include acetaminophen as do non- prescription medications such as Tylenol you’ve to remain wary to not further stress the liver.

On the subject of your liver, many folks recognize that alcoholic beverages also takes an immense toll which fact you must keep in mind when using any drug medicine.

One clever technique to double check onesself and be certain that you don’t further stress any of your physical processes is to monitor what you ingest and how frequently as well as how it causes you to feel. You may even mention this to a medical professional and/or pharmacist so that you can be sure that you stay as healthy as possible.

Because the medication is so powerful, it is crucial to monitor how it causes you to feel as well as how it influences your mental processes. Many folks choose to have a trusted friend or family member witnessed them when they initially imbibe this medicine in order to be certain that they are acting appropriately and remain capable of conducting whatever activities they need to during their daily routine.

Do not wait to chat with a md should any doubts come up regarding this or any other medication- your health relies upon on it. Your medical professionsal will want to be aware of how you are impacted by the medication and will present you an idea of the risk for becoming addicted to this chemical.

Uncomfortable side effects do stretch from mild to vastly serious and this quick commentary doesn’t attempt to be all-inclusive.

There’s a likelihood of blurry sight, constipation and belly. While these aren’t life-threatening, there are more serious uncomfortable side effects from the medicine.

There is furthermore a range of possibly dangerous in and of themselves side effects when using the medication counting variations in your heart beat along with difficulty inhaling. Consequently, it pays to talk with the health professional right away if you’re anxious concerning any of the side effects of hydrocodone acetaminophen medication.

Find out all about using Hydrocodone Acetaminophen safely by visiting our website. We havewhat you need to know about side effects and more. Visit us today and learn to use this medication safely!