What is Meditation?

Visit www.MindLaws.com Meditation is a common word thrown around in new age circles, but what exactly is it? There may be so-called “various forms” of meditation, but do they have a common end? The end which is the end of duality, or the sense of separation? Jiddu Krishnamurti and Dr. Allan W. Anderson are having a discussion to find out what meditation is. This is an excerpt from their 18 hour discussion for PBS in 1974. If you would like to watch the entire series (which I recommend) visit http

Guided Meditation with Eckhart Tolle

A guided meditation on the nature of awareness (aliveness) with Eckhart Tolle. “True freedom and the end of suffering is living in such a way as if you had completely chosen whatever you feel or experience at this moment. The inner alignment with Now is the end of suffering.” “Most people confuse the Now with what happens in the Now, but that’s not what it is. The Now is deeper than what happens in it. It is the space in which it happens. So do not confuse the content of this moment with the Now. The Now is deeper than any content in it.” “Thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and whatever you experience make up the content of your life. “My Life” is what you derive your sense of self from, and “my life” is content, or so you believe.” “Many expressions that are in common usage, and sometimes the structure of language itself, reveal the fact that people don’t know who they are. You say: “He lost his life” or “my life,” as if life were something that you can possess or lose. The truth is: you don’t have a life, you are life. The One Life, the one consciousness that pervades the entire universe and takes temporary form to experience itself as a stone or blade of grass, as an animal, a person, a star or a galaxy. Can you sense deep within that you already know that? Can you sense that you already are That?” “I cannot tell you any spiritual truth that deep within you don’t know already. All I can do is remind you of what you have forgotten” “Look at a tree, a flower, a plant

Mindcraft - Mindcraft - Mindcraft 34 ( Meditation )

“Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.” - Eckhart Tolle “Meaning is man-created. And because you constantly look for meaning, you start to feel meaninglessness.” - Osho “if you want to give God a laugh, tell him your plans” - Mooji “They’re on a mission to make a dog human. This is something that’s benefiting humans only. We’re becoming a very selfish society.” - Cesar Millan

Slowing Down Meditation

Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com Slowing Down Meditation with Esther Teule, our meditation teacher. Relax your body and mind. An effective meditation when you need to calm down and focus your mind. Recommended in stressful times You can find Esther at www.thegarden.nu Please subscribe to my channel here bit.ly Go to my channel: www.youtube.com Follow me on facebook : www.facebook.com Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com Look me up on Google+ : www.gplus.to

Meditation. YOU MUST TRY THIS. Instant effect, relaxation. blisscoded sound.

Visit the website: www.xphirience.com Please spread the website url if you like this. Thank you **OVER 2 MILLION VIEWS , THANK YOU ALL, KEEP SPREADING THE VIDEO!** We also offer an affiliate system at xphirience.com with a 40% comission. No binaural beats or any other brainwave entrainment at all is used. This is based on a unique technology named Bliss Coded sound. High quality version: www.youtube.com Please be aware: This sound can be very powerfull. experienced meditators are aware that repressed energy will be released by the effects of meditation and the charge in the energy block will be experienced before it lets go totally and leaves you free from it. This is a sign that things are working. This can be repressed memories, repressed emotions etc that you will go through and heal from sooner or later. Close your eyes when the sound starts. When it stops and the music takes over, you can open your eyes. This is a short sample of Bliss coded sound. When listening to this a little longer than in this demo, the thoughts and mind slow down very much and suddenly there is no awareness of time at all. You can get a total of 4h 41min of bliss coded sound in a special package from the website www.xphirience.com. All sounds and music are produced by and copyright (C) Marcus Knudsen - www.xphirience.com Meditation sound from: “Xphirience” Music from: “Wonderful Life”

Oprah A New Earth & Jesus, Spiritual & Religion

zenarrow.co.nr (see the ZenArrow Video linked to this. It shows Signs of Jesus Christ giving me a phone to do videos with) Oprah A New Earth & Jesus and the Zen Master on struggling and wasting energy in the Now. And about A NEW EARTH and Christianity, being an enhancement to your spiritual beliefs with practical empowerment in the NOW! Oprah Book Club for live web cast with the author Eckhart Tolle with his latest book called A New Earth. You do not need to have read the book to get a lot of enlightenment from these interviews and interactive web questions. Listen and you will see the light of truths. Have an ear to hear. Previous session of around 90 minutes each can be downloaded or watched as stream in 2 video formats or as MP3. See here for Streams www.oprah.com See here for Downloads www.oprah.com See here for Book Club (changes to new book as a study of each chapter) www.oprah.com Oprah’s Main Web Page here… www2.oprah.com Consider this… Jesus Christ said… those who love me keep my commandments… those who love God (my Father) keep His commandments… To which he later said, when I was hungry you gave me to eat… when I was hungry you didnt give me to eat… when he seperated the sheep from the goats in John 10. What you do to the least you do unto me. By their fruits you shall know my disciples. By their love one for another you will know my disciples. Consider the fruits of unifying the world in LOVE… God is LOVE… consider the fruits of the HOLY

Eckhart Tolle TV, “Spiritual Awakening in Daily Life”

August 2009 Issue Preview, view the full talk at www.eckharttolletv.com Eckhart offers us a liberating alternative to perceiving life from the point of view of the mind.

Eckhart Tolle On How Can I Apply Spirituality On A Daily Life

What Is Spirituality? It is not ideal to consider spirituality as a thing, an object. It does not have the nature of a specimen that can be dissected and analysed. Spirituality is better thought of as a boundary-less dimension of human experience. As such, it must be admitted, it is not open to the normal methodologies of scientific investigation. It cannot completely be defined. It cannot be pinned down. So… What are we to do? Firstly, you don’t have to give up! You don’t have to be like people who equate spirituality with a religion they decide is false, then abandon. It is possible to look at spirituality another way, as something free of institutional structures and hierarchies, not so much about dogma and beliefs as about attitudes, values and practices, about what motivates you (us) at the deepest level, influencing how you think and behave, helping you find a true and useful place in your community, culture and in the world. Spirituality can be thought of as the ‘active ingredient’ of major world religions (and some humanistic ideologies too). Why not think of the spiritual dimension as a kind of adventure playground, a place to learn in and have fun, a place in which to extend yourself, to grow? Spirituality cannot be explored using scientific methods because it involves deeply personal, subjective experiences, and in this it differs from the over-riding ambition of science: to be objective. Both are necessary and appropriate, complementary formulas for

Spiritual Vlog #1 - The Introduction

Join me through my journey of spiritual enlightenment. I plan to share with you my experiences with the Poreotics and other life situations in hopes to bring others to gain consciousness and inspire those to live in the NOW. I’d like to thank Brene Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrne, John Abas, and the Poreotics dance crew for inspiring me to take this spiritual journey.