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Enhance Your Animal Healing By Using Animal Communication!

In the last Ten years there have been many animal healing methods developed. Adding to the older traditional systems such as acupuncture for animals to the newer methods such as the Trust Technique. These animal healing applications are all working to help animals balance energetic levels. In this article I would like to share with you how animal communication can benefit any of these animal healing methods.

So how many different methods are there for healing animals? Reiki for animals, Mctimoney chiropractic for animals, Spiritual healing, The Trust Technique, Body spin, Tellington Touch, Bowen for animals and this list continues!

All of these methods are working within the same parameters. They are looking at the animal as a being that is made up of physical, emotional and spiritual parts. Healing animals does not just look at one of these parts but addresses the whole being.

With one of these areas being out of balance then the whole animal can be effected. For example if this animal is very sensitive and anxious, for long periods. Then this emotional tension can effect the physical tension as well. This tension held in the body means that it will not be functioning properly and can cause all sorts of problems from muscular to internal organ failure.

Animal communication taps into the emotional, physical and spiritual feelings of the animal. This is the reason why it is so beneficial to animal healing.

This communication is not the same as one person talking to another, where the vehicle for our notions is through the use of words. It is more a language of feelings. We are constantly sharing feelings with the animals around us. This can be in the way of affection through to sharing fear states.

Animal communication adds to animal healing in a variety of ways. The obvious is that when we can feel our animals we get to understand what we can do to help them heal. A bit like us telling the doctor what hurts!. On the other side the empathic stare of communication also supports the animal by being very compassionate. Of course communication is not just a one way process we are not only picking up feelings we can al;so deliver them. When we create a feeling of peace and comfort around our animal this can have a huge effect on their healing.

How does this work with other animal healing methods?. With any healing there has to be a feeling of trust between the giver and receiver. So when we create this trust using animal communication before the healing session it deepens the effectiveness, as the animal is more open.

If you are currently working with animal healing then finding out how to communicate with animals is really important. You will already to doing it on some level but consciously learning will open up more detail and trust between you and the animal. Animal communication is easy to learn so if you have not already find out more about it! And let your animal healing be taken to the next level.

James French is one the top animal communicator in the Europe. Discover how you can use animal communication to enhance animal healing by visiting his website at Animal Communication or Animal Healing

Enhance Your Dog Training With Animal Communication

This is the story of our Border Collie cross called Badger and how when conventional dog training was unable to solve her numerous issues, I discovered Animal Communication which provided me with the insight and understanding to help her become a happy and fulfilled dog. In fact, I would have to say that Animal Communication changed my life and enhanced my dog training for ever!

Life had become settled and dare I say boring so to spice things up a little we decided to look into getting a puppy! We read dog training manual after dog training manual and the day eventually arrived when we felt we had read enough and we were ready to go get one!

As soon as Badger arrived we started the training. Firstly, we tried treat training and she picked up all the usual commands with ease: sit, down, leave, drop and paw. We could also take away a toy when she was playing with it and put a hand in her bowl when she was eating. I wanted to ensure that we were the dog trainer and she wasn’t the human trainer!

Approximately 5 weeks later, I didn’t know who this puppy was any more. She certainly wasn’t the cute little thing we picked up who lit up our lives. She had started showing her teeth to me which then went on to snarling if I went near her toys or food. I was distraught, what had happened to us? What had gone so wrong?

The day arrived when the inevitable happened - she bit me. It didn’t stop there, this then transferred to my husband and anyone we met, she wasn’t choosy anymore. On a walk if someone went to stroke her head she would whip round snarling, she decided what was hers and would shoot across the room if you went near ‘her’ things food, water, toys, anything really. She would lay in her bed curled up into a little ball just staring at us. ‘What’s wrong little girl’ we would ask, if only we could get into her head and work out what really went on in there.

Holidays and days out became a thing of the past as did visits to family and friends with the dogs. Nothing reached her any more not even the additional dog training, we were at a total loss as to what to do for all of us.

Various techniques and methods were used by the numerous Trainers and Behaviourists we consulted. Nothing worked, in fact if anything they made her worse. She was now aged 1 and fully grown, what a hopeless situation, where did we go from here? What next.. anything?

Life by now was incredibly stressful. We couldn’t carry on living like this, was she going to bite me today? Was she ever going to change? Is this just the way it is always going to be? Can we cope? We just wished we could understand her we knew that one day something serious would happen and then it would all be too late. Re-homing was out of the question as she would never actually leave the rescue centre as she had already displayed aggression. It had been suggested to us that she should be put too sleep for her own good was it time to make that decision?

Around this time, a friend had consulted an Animal Communicator and had had some very good results with her own dogs. Nothing else had worked to this point but we decided to contact an Animal Communicator in one last ditch attempt.

Desperate for our questions to be answered we contacted the recommended Animal Communicator - James French and waited for the insight and understanding of our dog that we so craved.

It may sound like an overused clich - but Animal Communication really did save her life.. and ours! It provided the insight we needed; what motivated her, what was wrong with her, what she needed from us and where was it all going so wrong?

After all this time we learned that our dog was not aggressive she was in constant pain as her digestive system was not processing her food, no wonder she didn’t like being touched and was so body sensitive.

The other thing we learned was a little more mind blowing. Whilst we knew she was highly anxious yet extremely dominant this was not technically her fault?! Badger had become my mirror, I reeled when I was gently informed of this. How could this be? What on earth had I done to my dog? But I had read all of the dog training manuals and done everything to the letter? It suddenly dawned on me we had been going through this for 3 years now and I was practically a nervous wreck and between us we were caught up in our own little vicious circle.

Her food was the first thing we tackled, changing her to a raw food diet and the results were amazing! We knew it was going to be a long road to total recovery but we had made a step forward and boy were we excited! And now on to me gulp, I had to make my own changes but where did I start?

My stressful job was the first thing to go, I suddenly realised the feeling I had with the Badger situation was the exact same feeling I had when I though about my job. The next change was actually making time for myself this did not include ironing whilst watching the TV, this was not chilling out! And then to my final decision to train to become an Animal Communicator, how many dogs and their owners were suffering like we were? I had to get out there and help.

I really feel this story is some sort of fairy tale….If we had of given in and taken her to rescue centre she would never have left, if she had had different owners she may have been put to sleep. How many people and dogs were suffering out there? How many dogs were being put to sleep each day, each year just because they cannot be heard?

I am now a very proud fully qualified Animal Communicator! I fulfil my dream everyday of helping humans and their animals share a rewarding and lifelong friendship and I have Badger to thank for this. Dog training on it’s own did not work for us however combining Animal Communication and Dog Training together wow, what a powerful combination!

Learn Animal Communication With Dog Training Take a look and find out what great healing Rebecca is doing with animals, visit her website Animal Communication

Animals Have A Purpose. Animal Communication Can Reveal What That Purpose Is.

We are considered a nation of animal lovers, and as a country we spend thousands of pounds each year on their care. We pay out for vet’s visits, training and diets, but do we love our animals enough to listen to them? Through animal communication you can learn to do this. You can talk to the animals and ask them their opinions. Animal communication is a very natural connection.

Many years ago animals were considered as lesser beings, purely for our pleasure or profit, and completely devoid of feelings or emotions. Thankfully that barbaric attitude has changed somewhat and yet they are still brutally tortured in the name of science or the food industry, so perhaps things have not changed so very much!

I like the idea of them being our equals, our brothers and sisters along with the whole of nature. God gave us this planet to enjoy, not rape, plunder and destroy, and that includes all life upon the Earth.

They do not pollute the planet, or commit genocide. They live by Nature’s laws without any of the modern world’s trappings. These lessons alone would be invaluable to mankind.

Through animal communication you can learn what these many gifts are and what a variety of essential roles our animals play. They are calling to us, and many people are beginning to listen. We flock to zoos, wild life centres and tune into David Attenborough but shouldn’t we be doing more?

We are fascinated by animals and visit zoos, wildlife centres and avidly watch nature programmes on the TV. We have found ways to work with the animals in various therapies. They are calling to us, but how many of us are really listening?

Our emotions are lifted by our dogs’ greetings, by the sound of bird song and the breath- taking sight of a buzzard mastering the skies. We are aware of the animals and a deep fascination is developing, but what about their thoughts and feelings? What do they require of us?

Animal communication works. It is a fact that animals can communicate with us and they wish to help us. They can teach us so much if only we would listen. Do you love you pet enough to listen to him and value his opinion?

‘Ask the beasts and they shall teach ye.’ Job Twelve. Verse Seven.

Soo is an author and a true animal carer find out more on how you can easily Learn Animal Communication more resources can easily be found by visiting James French Animal Communication