Christianity Today Denies Special Creation of Adam, Dr. Purdom Responds - Real Science Friday | 20120629 Answers in Genesis Molecular Geneticist on RSF for the Anniversary of CT’s Fiasco Real Science Friday’s Bob Enyart interviews Georgia Purdom, Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University on Christianity Today’s denial that God made Adam from the dust of the earth. One year ago CT published their cover story, The Search for the Historical Adam which rejected the truth of Scripture for the bizarre old-earth idea that God put human souls into perhaps a couple hundred, or a couple thousand, animals which had evolved from ape-like creatures. CT’s story claimed that genetic science requires this reinterpretation of God’s Word. Enter Dr. Purdom.

Sword of Kali Ma Falls on Christianity

SWORD OF KALI MA FALLS UPON CHRISTIANITY. Christianity and Islam are, historically, nothing but literally murderous cults of thought control. Awaken! Acharya Ratridasa Paravedashruti Khadgasatyanirvana Founder-Acharya, United Devotees of Divine Mother Kali Shakta Hindu Priest of Kali* *Formally Initiated at Washington Kali Temple on May 1, 2010 JAI KALI MA MAHADEVI OM This is the follow-up video to “Children of Kali Ma.” Both videos, and what will be their hundreds of thousands of views, are dedicated to my cousin Rick, who is deluded by Kali in Her Lower Nature as Mahamaya, and does not know Her in Her Higher Nature as Brahman. As Pope Paul III himself declared, “Jesus Christ never existed” — but our Divine Mother Kali is unborn, eternal, and real, and She loves Her children. As Hindus, we must admit our own errors truthfully — and those errors include remaining silent for centuries, instead of speaking the truth about the Christian cult. We cannot consider it, any longer, to be a violation of our value of ahimsa (nonviolence), for us to openly challenge the violence, in word or deed, of others. We can no longer lie to ourselves, simply pretending that “everything is fated,” while we silently allow those persons who possess an aggressive, misguided, “blind faith” (instead of the sincere *effort*, with or without faith, in devotion, that our Divine Mother asked of us in the oldest scripture in the world, the Rig Veda) to act violently toward other children of our Divine

2 David Tacey part two SPIRITUALITY

David Tacey Associate Professor in Humanities at La Trobe University Gods & Diseases (2011) is his twelfth published book The FIREBALL project the story of Reg Evans, Angela Brunton and Black Saturday part one GODS & BELIEF 6 minutes part two SPIRITUALITY 4 minutes part three DEATH BY LANDSCAPE 6 minutes part four DENIAL & SUFFERING 7 minutes part five ART & SACRIFICE 7 minutes part six RESPONSIBILITY & CREATIVITY 7 minutes part seven LEARNING FROM FIRE 3 minutes part eight LOVE & THE AUSTRALIAN CHARACTER 5 minutes part nine THE TERROR OF ART 6 minutes executive producers CLAIRE AUSTIN & NICHOLAS BRUNTON production team PETER LEISS RICHARD MOIR DAVID MARSH COUNTWESTWEST PICTURES

“Could I Be Called a Christian” [Examine Yourself]

The teaching of salvation without repentance has lowered the moral standards of the church and produced a multitude of deceived false Christians who believe they are saved when in fact they still live for self. The term “born again” and “Christian” has been so watered down that there is now little difference between the church and the world. This is serious! The Gospel message has been reduced to a little formula, a magical “sinners prayer” that lacks biblical content. Friend, to “be saved” means to be saved from sin. To say we are Christians means we now possess the life of God in our reborn souls! We are now in vital union with Christ. It is a real transformation that redirects our whole life. The fruit will be a growth in holiness and Christlikeness. There will be an eagerness to know God’s Word and to obey it. Our main desire will be to please our new Master, Jesus Christ! This is a great song by Steve Camp. THIS SONG IS FROM THE CD “CONSIDER THE COST” BY STEVE CAMP. IT IS A GREAT CD!