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New FaceBook Fan Page Scenic Videos come join the discussion! Download the audio for free. Follow me Download this videos, absolutely free for anything you can think of. One look at these beautiful daisies with their bold colors and it is easy to see why gardeners are fascinated with gerber daisies. They are also known by their botanical name, Gerbera, and as Transvaal daisies. Their long-lasting flowers are gorgeous, with satiny petals surrounding a prominent center. Each gerber daisy bloom can be as much as 4 or 5 inches across. The foliage grows as a low mound of large, rich green leaves. Native to South Africa, gerber daisies are actually perennials in warm climates. In our climate, they are grown as an annual or an indoor plant. Gerber daisies are often used indoors because of their stunning beauty, but their longevity is limited. For optimum enjoyment, buy a plant that is just beginning to bloom and has several buds developing. Under the best of circumstances, gerber daisies may bloom for 6 weeks or more. Once the plant begins to languish, let it go. If it is early summer, it could be planted out in a sunny location with well-drained soil where it may bloom on until frost.

Relaxing Nature Scenes - Relaxing Sounds of Wind in the Meadow (Relaxation Meditation)

Google+ Facebook Wind has long been seen as a very effective relaxing sound. People believe that the sounds wind create can have a positive effect on the energy of any space, turning it from negative to positive. Whether you choose to believe in this or not, wind sounds can have a positive effect through creating pleasant sounds or just sounding aesthetically pleasing to the ears. New FaceBook Fan Page Scenic Videos come join the discussion! Video provided by Do you have trouble sleeping? White noise is a type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all different frequencies together. If you took all of the imaginable tones that a human can hear and combined them together, you would have white noise. The adjective “white” is used to describe this type of noise because of the way white light works. White light is light that is made up of all of the different colors (frequencies) of light combined together (a prism or a rainbow separates white light back into its component colors). In the same way, white noise is a combination of all of the different frequencies of sound. You can think of white noise as 20000 tones all playing at the same time.

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Google+ Facebook Relaxing Music Therapy For Stress Relief Relaxing music therapy is a very potent phenomenon. Sounds can soothe you, fire your imagination, bring you to the heights of ecstasy or bring you down to the depths of your soul. Music is known to relax and to help in stress relief. In the right manner, music can bring lightness into a serious situation. Relaxing music therapy can heal, soothe and bring calm tot an agitated mind. Defining “relaxing music” seems a matter of personal choice. Some people find the serene sounds of the waterfall and chirping birds relaxing while others relax with their favorite hard rock. How Does It Work? The therapeutic effect of relaxing sounds seems to have a scientific definition of its own. When the human brain is relaxed it produces more alpha brain waves. When a person is stressed out, his brain produces more beta and theta waves. Beta and theta waves are faster changing brain waves than alpha waves. Within the fight-or-flee logic of a sudden stressful situation, the human brain processes seem to speed up to act faster. This can be helpful in short, specific moments, but it is counter productive when it becomes a chronically state of being. A relaxing tune can help with its sounds typically rich in frequencies that are similar to our alpha type brain waves. The mind is always open to suggestions and thus when a person is agitated or tensed, relaxing sounds, rich in alpha like frequencies, can

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POOR HOMELESS SLUG ON HIS SPIRITUAL PATH TO MYTHICAL SLUGVILLE For more CONFUSED LITTLE ANIMALS or just TOTAL CRAP subscribe to: Song: Butterflies by Serachi This vid was marked as Creative Content for the Motion Maker program of Dailymotion Another awesome THOMDROCK production © 2011

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Fireplace Yule Log Relaxation meditation Surely this winter you have been to a home that has felt cozy, welcoming and warm with a fire burning the fireplace. Fireplaces instill a sense of warmth and security in any room. The firelight sends a sense of calm through the atmosphere. New FaceBook Fan Page Scenic Videos come join the discussion! Fire Meditation. Relax and get comfortable Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Mental Concentration Technique. The fire element heats, burns, and transforms. It can also be powerfully focused to a pinpoint, like a laser beam. It is this inner fire that once activated can help you make decisions about your life from a place of power, commitment, and completeness. This fire needs to be ignited and focused to strengthen and sharpen us, so we can stand by our choices. Now bring to mind the last year of your life–the roads you have taken and the roads you have not taken, the paths you have walked on and the paths you have neglected, your comings and goings, relationships, working situations, health, financial situation-all the deep energies that have moved you. Ask yourself, What are the energies that have been calling me this year? The Fire in the Belly Breathe in deeply and relax completely. Allow your body to be centered and supported by the earth upon which it resides. As you breathe in and breathe out, open yourself to deeply connect your own being with the ever-present abundance of being ness that is

Meditation de Thais, Sarah Chang

Meditation de Thais, Sarah Chang


A PIECE OF SPLENDID MUSIC BY JULES MASSENET, A FRENCH COMPOSITOR OF LATE 19 CENTURY. IT WAS WRITTEN IN 1894. THIS EXTRACT SHOWS SOME PICS OF PAINTINGS OF EUROPEAN ARTISTS AND SOME AUTHENTIC PAPERS OF THE PROGRAMM AND PARTITIONS. ANATOLE FRANCE WAS A FRENCH AUTOR WHO ALSO THE FIRST WRITTED A NOVEL IN 1890 ABOUT THAÏS. THAÏS IS AN EGYPTIAN WOMAN OF “JOY” WHO LIVES IN ALEXANDRIE DURING ANTIC ROMAN PERIOD. ONE DAY SHE MET A RELIGIOUS MAN, THEN SHE IS INTERESTED BY THE RELIGION. SHE HESITATES BETWEEN CHANGING OF LIFE FOR ENTERRING RELIGIOUS LIFE OR STAY A WOMAN OF JOY. HERE SHE WONDERS WHAT TO DO… Sonnet VIII I live and die; drowning I burn to death, Seared by the ice and frozen by the fire; Life is as hard as iron, as soft as breath; My joy and trouble dance on the same wire. In the same sudden breath I laugh and weep, My torment pleasure where my pleasure grieves; My treasure’s lost which I for all time keep, At once I wither and put out new leaves. Thus constant Love is my inconstant guide; And when I am to pain’s refinement brought, Beyond all hope, he grants me a reprieve. And when I think joy cannot be denied, And scaled the peak of happiness I sought, He casts me down into my former grief. in french: Je vis, je meurs; je brûle et je me noie; j’ai très chaud tout en souffrant du froid; la vie m’est et trop douce et trop dure; j’ai de grands chagrins entremêlés de joie. Je ris et je pleure au même moment, et dans mon plaisir je souffre maintes graves tortures; mon

Josef Hassid - Jules Massenet - Meditation de Thais

Josef Hassid (Dec. 28/1923 - 1950) - Massenet - Meditation de Thais. Composer: Jules Massenet (1842 - 1912) Gerald Moore (piano) Recording Date 11/29/1940 Arranged: Marsick For more inf.: Many thanks to people whose pictures are used to make this video.