The Wedding Ring

One’s wedding ring is often a person’s most essential item of jewellery, because of the huge significance that it has for its owner. It is meant to denote the love that exists between two people. In most countries, the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand - the ring finger, although in Norway, Germany and Russia, it is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.

It is generally a good idea to have your finger measured by an expert, before buying an expensive ring, because fingers swell and shrink over the course of a life span and a good jeweller will know how much leeway to allow. If the change in the size of your finger is likely to be lasting, it is a good idea to have the ring resized, this is so that it will neither cut into you nor fall off your finger easily.

These days a lot of couples like to go shopping for wedding rings together, because they want to get a pair of identical rings that both of them likes. However, it does not have to be like that. In fact it never was, because the man bought the ring for his fiancee as a surprise. So, if you do not share the same tastes, do not worry about it.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from and several kinds and qualities of metal too. Yellow gold is still the most popular, but there is white gold and specialist golds too like Welsh gold, which is very rare. Besides gold, platinum and titanium are very popular too.

A fast developing trend is for a couple to design or have designed a unique pair of wedding rings. At first, you would think that this would be very expensive, but it is not necessarily so. If you keep your design modest and the stones, if any, equally so, then the rings might only cost 10%-20% more than those off the shelf.

Gold is still the most popular metal for a wedding ring, but silver is starting to gain ground too, although it was always looked on as the poor cousin before. Likewise, diamonds are the still the number one stone of choice, but sapphires are also very popular nowadays. Or you could go for plain bands with something like a Celtic knot design.

Shopping for wedding rings can be fun, but it is easy to go over the top and spend much more than you intended to. You could decide how much you can afford and stick to it, not that that always works either. Expect to pay a lot more for the bride’s wedding ring than the groom’s. This is because the bride’s ring usually contains diamonds, whereas the groom’s is often a plain band of gold.

You could further personalize your wedding rings with an inscription and a date. Personalized, or unique wedding rings often get handed down through the generations. Possibly, yours will too. Or, if you want to wear your grandmother’s handed-down ring, you could personalize it in some way, so that it is both old and yet something of you as well.

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A Message to All Christians If you’re a Christian, watch this. If you’re not a Christian, watch this. Hey there! I’m Emanuella. I’m a Christian. I have been a “good” Christian most of my life. It was my identity. I used to like to tell people how “good” I was, how I kept all the Commandments. I thought that was “Good”…… Then I realized something…I Failed!!! “Christian” was just a name I wore…kind of like a pretty coat over a dirty body…It didn’t match my heart. Here’s why: If you were an Atheist or Agnostic or anything else…And if you didn’t agree with me…I would disdain you as a person. I feel like a hypocrite! I feel disgusting! And I can’t take it anymore! I wasn’t interested in being your “Friend”. I just wanted to change you. I thought that was my job. Christianity is about being like “Christ”. Jesus loved everyone, First. If they didn’t accept what He said, He still loved them. Its not my job to change you, I can’t. But its my job to love you. That I can. So this is an appeal to my Christian Brothers and Sisters, not all but some… stop the Damnation. Stop the Judgement. Stop the Religism. Thats not our business. It doesn’t matter how well you can preach…How many Bible Verses you’ve memorized or How many people “think” you are all that. If you don’t have love, you’re nothing. Love is not a chore. Its a revelation. The Christ you serve revealed it in its purest form. Gandhi said: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians.” Don’t be one of “those

OkCupid Review & Essential Spirituality

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Want to Know About your Perfume Concentration?

Perfumes are part of our daily routine, choosing different scents to accentuate and complete a style. Coco Mademoiselle perfume is one that can personalize your style. Usually the choice would depend on our mood or whatever would suit our personalities.

What makes a particular perfume different? It is the perfume types. And what is it that accounts for the differences in perfume types? The answer is the concentration of the perfume, which is the amount of scented pungent compound mixed in the solvent.

Solvents often used in fine fragrances are most commonly ethanol or a mixture of ethanol and water. Another type of perfume blends the fragrant compounds, also known as the perfume oils, with other oils that have indistinct smells like jojoba oil or liquid waxes.

Now, it was mentioned that the varied types of perfume depend on perfume concentration since levels of concentration in every perfume also vary.

Here are the different types of perfume based on the levels of concentration by percent/volume that they have:

Parfum extrait (perfume extract) - this is the most expensive and the purest, with 15-40% concentration of perfume oils.

Eau de Parfum (eau de perfume) - the most widely-known, with 10-20% (commonly, ~15%) of perfume concentrate.

Eau de Toilette -light-scented, with only 5-15% (commonly, ~10%) concentrate.

Eau de Cologne -lighter-scented than Eau de Toilette, containing citrus extracts with just a concentrate of 3-8% (commonly, ~5%).

Perfume Mist - this contains only a minimal concentrate of 3-8%, and this is an aromatic compound usually not mixed with solvents like alcohols.

Aftershave - very light-scented and non-irritating with a concentrate of only 1-3%.

The concentration of the perfume is responsible for its intensity and the duration of its scent. Stronger and more intense perfumes are those that are more concentrated.

Thus, among the different types of perfume that were enumerated above, the one with the highest intensity and most long-lasting effect is the Parfum Extrait type - no wonder this is the one that is the most expensive. The perfume that comes next is the Eau de Parfum.

Although Eau de Parfum types have stronger concentrations when compared to Eau de toilettes, it should be taken into consideration that essential oils or aromatic compounds of particular perfumers create a scent that may provide more intensity.

Like, for example, some more concentrated pungent oils may be added to Eau de Toilette perfumes, giving it a more intensified scent than another Eau de Parfum perfume created by another perfumery.

On the other hand, Eau de Cologne types of scent are water-based and incorporate citrus oils such as lemon, lavender, and tangerine into the perfume. This is the one responsible for its very refreshing and attractive aroma.

As you read the article, it was mentioned above that the selection of scents depends on your personality and mood. Now that you have learned more about the different types of scent or the perfume concentration, what types of perfume do you prefer, the more or the less concentrated one? Is Versace perfume the ideal perfume for you? offers information and articles on women’s perfume. To read more articles visit our site.

Passionate Love Stories - Looking Beyond Passion

Passionate love stories are something that most of us look for. But why? To feel more alive? To get a high to bring you out from everyday world?

I don’t think anyone can really answer what are we looking for. I can tell you to look for love, really enjoy when it’s there, the high and all of that, but also know that at some point the high will end, all highs have a tendency to end, they are not sustainable.

What happens next? It depends. Passionate love stories tend to end. Love stories do not need to end, just the passion part of it can transform.

To what it transforms is a matter of chance and also a matter of choice.

It can grow to a totally another level, to a level, where is peace, love and knowing that this is how it should be.

It can also end. When it ends it is usually because people are not compatible by nature. This is usually the one thing that it boils down to.

Because of that, I believe, it is important to look at the person before anything else. Before the social conditioning, whether this person is a doctor or a magician and also before outer appearance.

While it is understandable that we go for looks and all that stuff, but we should also try to see the person behind it more, because looks is temporary and you may end up spending a lot of time with that person.

So, go for the passion, live your life fully and enjoy the passionate love stories, but at the same time keep a sense of wisdom with you. This enables you to stay in balance and in that way maybe even enjoy more, because you are less afraid of loosing it.

Fear is something that life does not reward. Life rewards courage and wisdom. When we accept the temporary nature of things, especially passionate love stories, fear will start to fade and we will be able to enjoy life more and we will start to look for the enjoyment more.

Charlie Mai has a passion for love, you can read his thoughts about how to get over someone and also something about love stories.

Romantic Love Stories

Romantic love stories are something that are hard to describe, love stories are understandable, passionate love stories imaginable, but thinking about romance keeps one confused.

What is romance? I guess it is about creating your little kingdom of two where one is king and the other one is queen. Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

As we see romance is something which is totally out of this world. It is a fiction of our imagination and yet it can be brought to this world via another person.

Well, my point is this that it is something that has been created to this world by the two of you and you are also responsible for maintaining it.

Maintaining it is not as difficult as it sounds, but the trick is not to overdo it. It can be hard to keep your balance when you have fallen in love, but you have to, it is important.

If you go out of balance and start being too intense, you can scare the other person away.

You can take it like a test. You should not get too attached to anything in this world, the moment you do, you can lose it.

So, in a way, you should live in this world, but know that nothing lasts forever and nothing is yours to keep.

This is actually a view that is not pessimistic, nor is it optimistic, it is just how things are. This is how you will be capable of letting go fear and thus enjoying your life.

Romantic love stories are here for us to enjoy, really feeling them while keeping your personal balance will actually make them seem longer, sometimes even last longer.

Even true love stories are not true, they may seem more romantic than others, but they are all relatively short lasted, depends which things are you comparing them against.

This isn’t Charlie Mai-s only article, he has written about ego defense mechanisms and true love stories and more for ages now.

15 Questions Christian women need to ask a man before getting involved with him.

In this video I’m giving Christian women 15 banging questions they should ask men before they get involved with them. This video is actually for the Christian women that really want a godly man and not just a man that goes to church. If you want the questions you can either email me at pastorcox@p4cm or hit me up on facebook under pastorjustincox.

Dating Tips - Christian

Random Dating tips … #1

Different Ideas On The Definition Of “Dating”

Take a sample, and you will realize that a lot of people hold varied idea on the word dating. To many, it`s not a vital topic and at their own right and calculated time, they will make it happen.

But many of these people have come to recognised how impossible it seems to cross this bridge, and how scanty their understanding on this magical word has been. And that is when people always wish they get the opportunity to turn back the hand of time, to rewrite their wrongs on the word dating. But by then they would have failed to reap benefits from their dating.

The word dating has varied definition in different societies. But on a simple platform, Dating can be said to be the mutual agreement by two adults to cope with each other in their quest to understand themselves.

People often come across males or females they really enjoy being around and this is when dating starts. They try to build some intimacy to know more about the people they enjoy being around with. For a lot of groups, this is an important channel into marriage. A lot of people have gone through this process to get their husbands and wives but also people have been disappointed and deceived through dating. Some people have even ended up with regrets and resolutions to stay away from dating.

Dating has its own ups and down, and almost everybody who goes into it has something to say about it. While some get nice and happy encounters others end up bitter. However one thing is certain, dating will always teach you something that can be vital in life.

In different part of the world, the institution of dating is considered as a holy activity which must be endured before two people are allowed to marry. Even in some old traditions dating is reserved only for two people about to marry.

And this practice is very different from what happens in the western world. Here, people who get into dating are meant to live with each other to the end of their lives. It is seen as a holy entity in life that ensures that two people are tied together till the end of time. And this is what makes dating in other parts of the world different from the western world.

But even in the presence of all these variations, there is one thing that can be agreed upon by all the cultures and civilizations. Dating brings together two people who have emotional feelings for themselves.

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One Of A Kind Wedding Rings

The practice of giving and wearing a wedding ring dates back thousands of years. A wedding ring represents fidelity and love between two people and are given on the day of a couple joining forces. Before the time that the skill of how to work metal became widely known, people used such things as plants, grass and even hair to ‘tie the knot’, which is what I think a wedding ring stands for.

These days a normal wedding ring might be made from valuable metals such as gold, titanium, platinum or even white gold. Women’s wedding rings often contain a diamond, although sapphires are rapidly becoming more prevalent. Men’s wedding rings are frequently just a simple band of gold. There are many distinctive styles of wedding rings, but the most popular for men is unquestionably the plain gold band.

For those who want something a bit more flamboyant, there are plenty of examples on the market. A man might want a more ostentatious wedding ring, because it is often the only piece of jewellery that a man wears. Some alternatives to the plain band of gold are the Celtic Knot and the Claddagh gold rings.

It is essential for men’s wedding rings to be made from a robust alloy of gold. Most men do physical labour of one sort or another, even if it is only gardening, so it is a lot to ask of a pure gold wedding ring to last thirty or forty years.

A 14 or 18 carat gold ring will probably manage it, but a 22 carat ring would not. It would just wear away because it is too pure and consequently too soft. Platinum or titanium are much harder, although most people have a preference for gold.

In most countries tradition dictates that people wear their wedding ring on their left hand, although in a couple of countries such as Germany, Russia and Norway, people wear their wedding ring on the right hand.

Some couples would rather have a unique wedding ring and that is not so difficult to achieve as it might first appear to be. The easiest way to personalize your ring is to have an inscription like names and a date engraved on it.

Another way, would be to buy a precious stone separately and have the jeweller set it into the ring for you. The best alternative though is to find a jeweller you can trust and have him or her make up a pair of matching rings to your own design. I have done that and it is not a lot more expensive than a good ring.

Wearing matching wedding rings is a notable experience. People notice that your ring is ’something different’ and many people ask, where you got them from. It all goes to help make that special day unforgettable for ever.

Owen Jones, the writer of this article, writes on many topics, but is currently involved with theCeltic Knot wedding ring. If you have an interest in wedding rings too, please go to our website now at White Gold Claddagh Ring