Yahwehs Truth vs. Christianity

This presentation compares the truth from the scriptures to that of historic and modern Christianity. This video is not meant to offend. Please view with an open heart and open mind. Praise Yahweh and his Son Yahshua, through the power of the Ruach HaKodesh. Shalom!! Naration by myself, Brother Dan. All scripture from Hebraic Roots Bible and Word of Yahweh. Thanks to: EliYah.com for selected “Audio Scriptures”, Israelite Heritage and excerpts from “Christmas Unmasked”. Background music courtesy Freeplay Music.com.

Christianity Grows in Russia & Declines in the West

“In the West, churches are closing down… Here, it’s the other way around.” “…with the country’s most senior figures leading by example, it’s clear the Christian tradition now outweighs the Communist one. ” -from RT’s “Faith Cure:Christ reborn in post-Soviet Russia” January 7, 2011. A total of 23000 Orthodox churches have been rebuilt in Russia in the past 20 years, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said Friday. “Nothing of the kind has happened in any country at any time in history,” the leader of Russia’s Orthodox Christians said. Churches all across Russia were destroyed during the Soviet era, while many others were turned into museums of atheism or used as warehouses. “This has been happening against the backdrop of all social, political and economic confrontations… The world should see the Orthodox Russia’s great feat of rebuilding all that was destroyed,” he said. The patriarch recalled that by 1991 Russia had only 7000 operating churches and 22 monasteries. Today the country has over 30000 churches and some 1000 monasteries. Patriarch Kirill was elected Russia’s church leader on February 1, 2009. He replaced Patriarch Alexy II, who died in December 2008 at the age of 79. Alexy led a revival of faith in Russia following the collapse of the Soviet system. www.en.rian.ru Russian Faith russianfaith.wordpress.com Russians Defend Christianity / защиту веры youtu.be Russia’s Orthodox Church Today youtu.be Vladimir Putin’s Christian Faith - in his own words

Father Barron on The Spirituality of Advent

Another part of a video series from Wordonfire.org. Father Barron will be commenting on subjects from modern day culture.

The Secrets Behind Christianity’s Holy days

We explore the root of Christianity’s most holy days

Immanuel Kant and Christmas

Christmas is a time when family come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I know of no evidence in Immanuel Kant’s writings that he celebrated Christmas with his family, but we do have lots of evidence that he loved his family. At his baptism as an infant he was given the name Emanuel, which he later changed to Immanuel (which Christians know means “God with us.”). His mother gave him a term of endearment and called him “Manelchen” which means ‘little Manny.’ He was also endeared to hi smother and later in life said: “I will never forget my mother, for she implanted and nurtured in me the first germ of goodness; she opened my heart to the impressions of nature; she awakened and furthered my concepts, and her doctrines have had a continual and beneficial influence in my life.”

Kant’s feelings for his mother were based on sentiments that probably influenced him to develop his moral philosophy but he had to develop beyond sentiment to found a philosophy that was universally valid for all people. He articulate a categorical imperative that was universally valid but was not based on feelings. The first formulation of the categorical imperative says: “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.” It is impossible to make a feeling universal but you can make a moral maxim universal and Kant believes that it is only when it is universal that it is morally valid. When you make your maxims universal it is impossible to act on feelings since these are not universal.

Jesus too loved his mother and yet also said this: “If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, bothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:26). This statement by Jesus makes Christians uncomfortable for good reason. Jesus teaches that the greatest of all commandments is to love God and then to love your neighbor as yourself and yet here he is saying the Christian must hate his family and himself. Is it possible however that Jesus was saying that in order to be moral we have to give up and hate our sentiments and feelings of preference for ourselves and members of our family? He goes on to say: “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” Is giving up our love and preference for our families the cross we must carry?

The spirit of Christmas is to give gifts to those who cannot give gifts back and so often we give gifts to our own children, but the real spirit of Christmas is to give gifts to those who really cannot give us anything in return. So it is a real expression of the spirit of Christmas to give food and gifts to people who are homeless and hungry and have nothing to give in return. This shows the kind of love God has for people and is not based on feelings of preference since God has no preferences for people but sends rain on evil and good people alike.

This kind of giving at the time of Christmas teaches a child to act on maxims of love for all people and not to just prefer his family based on feelings of preference. The child will still have love for his own family since she is being taught to love all people and love for the sake of loving and giving rather that for the sake of receiving something in return. By this way, the child overcomes the selfish preference she has for herself and learns to love as God does. And in this way we see that Kant and Christmas really have a lot to do with one another.

Looking to find out more about Immanuel Kant, then visit the Kantian School of Critical Thinking to find out more about Kant and Christmas.

Bayuda christians shun christmas

www.ntvuganda.co.ug As Christians worldwide celebrated Christmas yesterday, another group of the faithful close to Christianity were not bothered. The group believes in the Jewish religion which is commonly referred to as the Bayudaya. There are 1500 of the faithful in Uganda, with the majority living in Mbale district in the eastern region.

Christmas Greeting from the Civil Administration

Israel Defense Forces on Facebook: www.facebook.com Israel Defense Forces on Twitter: www.twitter.com The Israel Defense Forces Blog: idfspokesperson.com An authentic Christmas experience! One and a half million pilgrims and tourists are expected to pack the streets of Bethlehem in 2011–one of the holiest biblical sites for Christians. InfoLive TV News provided footage of Bethlehem http

Fancy Tales Linked to Christmas

A great deal of what is commonly considered true about Christmas or held for a custom can’t or has not been verified, or, has transformed as a result of the years. Even Christmas Day itself, Dec. twenty five, has long been questioned about irrespective of whether that’s the precise day on which Jesus was born. Skeptics have asked why shepherds could well be out within the chilly seeing their flocks by night time in the course of the winter. People skeptics have put ahead the imagined that Jesus may truly are born inside the spring alternatively. It is actually thus minor wonder that there are many fancy stories and tales which have been advised about Xmas as well as the Xmas year.

The most common fancy tale that everyone tells, particularly to children, is about Santa Claus, also called St. Nicholas. But even if it were accepted that Santa Claus existed, where does he live and how is he able to get to all the houses of good boys and girls on Christmas Eve?

In the United States, Santa Claus is said to have two homes. There is a home in Torrington, Connecticut, which is used as a distribution point for Santa and his many helpers, who are elves, to hand out gifts. And then, a second home is said to be located in Wilmington, New York, and that is where Santa Claus and his delivery reindeer crew are located.

But Santa may be visited in Cyberspace anytime and what about the commonly held perception that Santa Claus definitely lives in the village on the North Pole?

The individuals of Finland also claim that their state could be the official residence of Santa Claus. Which is for the reason that in Finland, you’ll be able to essentially check out a village any time in the course of the 12 months and see Santa’s workshop and observe Santa and his elves hard at do the job as they get ready for their extremely significant Xmas gift delivery task on Xmas Eve. The one day when Santa’s workshop is closed to site visitors is needless to say, on Xmas Eve.

Maybe a very smart visitor could visit Santa’s workshop on the day before Christmas Eve to see if there are any clues to how Santa and his reindeers plan to make their trip the next day. That’s because as the tale goes, in Finland Santa Claus and his reindeers do not reach their destinations around the globe by flying.

Finland welcomes customers to Santa’s workshop but there’s nothing at all reported about irrespective of whether visitors really have any chance of possessing a word together with the guy himself. Though the possibilities of performing so are thought for being non-existent, among the issues that inquiring minds could question Santa is regardless of whether Rudolph would be the son of Donner (and also to confirm the spelling - Donner or Donder) or regardless of whether Santa spotted him within a diverse reindeer village one foggy Christmas Eve when he had by now started on his Xmas toy-delivery mission. If mere mortals obtained a chance to query Santa, then he also would probable have some concerns for us human beings. He might want to know whose concept was it to have Xmas trees and to the presents for being positioned under them.

The tradition of Xmas tree because it exists nowadays emanates from Germany by the use of immigrants. Nonetheless it is not apparent how the tradition seriously obtained a foothold in Germany. One story is usually that Christians in Germany in the course of the sixteenth century begun to provide trees that were adorned into their houses. A few of all those Christians would assemble pyramids for Christmas. The pyramids ended up made of wooden and will be adorned with evergreens and candles if wooden had been in brief provide.

It truly is however Martin Luther, a Protestant reformer, who’s mentioned to have been the first to add lighted candles as decoration into a tree based upon his inspiration from the remarkable mild of twinkling stars that shone by evergreen trees as he walked household one particular winter night.

Since the legend goes, Martin Luther put a tree in a very primary space of his household and positioned wires with smaller, lighted candles about the branches in the tree. And that’s how, because the tale goes, the Xmas tree as known at this time, was started out.

Find our more about holiday history by visiting our website about Christmas. We have provided a large resource of information to help you.

SamSeder: Rick Perry’s Save the Christians Ad

Original uploaded by SamSeder: www.youtube.com From the Majority Report, live MF 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at Majority.FM Why can gays serve in the military, yet children can’t publicly celebrate Christmas? It’s all there in Rick Perry’s latest campaign ad…taking the country by storm!

Rick Perry’s Save the Christians Ad

From the Majority Report, live MF 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at Majority.FM Why can gays serve in the military, yet children can’t publicly celebrate Christmas? It’s all there in Rick Perry’s latest campaign ad…taking the country by storm!