Eddie Allamand - Spiritual Birth (2009)

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A History of Early Christianity - From Jesus to Muhammad.

Dr. Dirks is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. He, holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver. Author of “The Cross and the Crescent: An Interfaith Dialogue between Christianity and Islam” (2001), and “Abraham: The Friend of God” (2002).

Ringo4life, An Exhortation to Repentance: Christianity? John 3;16? Answered Biblically

www.taliforgod.com PLEASE READ THESE COMMENTS I make this exhortation in the way i do in hopes that Ringo does indeed have the Holy Spirit working in him; if he does, there is absolutely no way he can deny the Virgin Birth and Jesus being God manifest in the flesh for very long. Proverbs 27:5-6 Open rebuke is better than secret love. 6Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. To his viewers, if you truly love Ringo; you would agree that denying such biblical teachings is dangerous. Before accepting anything said about Christians, consider that the person saying such things; denies the Virgin Birth… Denies Jesus is God manifest in the flesh 1 timothy 3:16. Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. I would rather warn Ringo now, and see him in the Kingdom. Than not warn him and his viewers and not see them. The Virgin Birth is not a “Christian Thing” Jesus as God manifest in the flesh is not a “Christian Thing” 1 Tim. 3:16 This is just some more additional credible sources which demonstrate that the name Christian means follower of Christ. In addition showing that from the 2nd century on forward, the disciples considered this a term of honor. www.blueletterbible.org I even search several credible sources for definitions: New American Standard Keyword Study Bible Strong’s dictionary with AMG word studies page 2312 2008 edition by AMG publishers 5546, Christianos, krhis-tee-an-os’; from

Can you be too liberal to be a Christian?

The video of John Shelby Spong… www.youtube.com His wikipedia entry… en.wikipedia.org

The Virgin Birth

Here are some sources: 1) www.tektonics.org 2) www.amazon.com 3) www.amazon.com 4) www.amazon.com 5) www.amazon.com

“Could I Be Called a Christian” [Examine Yourself]

The teaching of salvation without repentance has lowered the moral standards of the church and produced a multitude of deceived false Christians who believe they are saved when in fact they still live for self. The term “born again” and “Christian” has been so watered down that there is now little difference between the church and the world. This is serious! The Gospel message has been reduced to a little formula, a magical “sinners prayer” that lacks biblical content. Friend, to “be saved” means to be saved from sin. To say we are Christians means we now possess the life of God in our reborn souls! We are now in vital union with Christ. It is a real transformation that redirects our whole life. The fruit will be a growth in holiness and Christlikeness. There will be an eagerness to know God’s Word and to obey it. Our main desire will be to please our new Master, Jesus Christ! This is a great song by Steve Camp. THIS SONG IS FROM THE CD “CONSIDER THE COST” BY STEVE CAMP. IT IS A GREAT CD!

A Spiritual Journey

Download Now at bit.ly A visual representation of Spiritual birth & awakening using the song “Spring Rain” written by Mike Ibrahim and recorded by Nhojj & Mike Ibrahim. The images are all public domain (I will list the photographers & artists here soon). The work is based on the Rabindranath Tagore’s quote “This is the ultimate end of man, to find the One which is in him; which is his truth, which is his soul; the key with which he opens the gate of the spiritual life, the heavenly kingdom.” This picvid also incorporates the concept of “All is One” so there are images of many of the world’s religions along with images of nature - especially flowers and leaves with raindrops - Spring Rain. The song’s lyric is “In this body, nature’s body I’ve found my Soul” for me as a singer/songwriter - I find my Soul in the human body, in my voice, and in music. For many people, the Soul is found in Spirituality, for many other’s in Nature. I wanted to celebrate this ability to find one’s Truth, One’s Soul - where ever you may find it. Love & Light Nhojj www.nhojj.com

The birth and death of Christianity

Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour is an International Attorney and Businessman. His college education was obtained at Howard University, where he majored in Philosophy and Logic, and at the University of California School of Law at Berkeley where he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. Dr. Al-Mansour has spent most of his adult life as a businessman/lawyer, intellectual, religious activist, author and teacher. His business and professional interests include co-founding the International Law Firm of Al-Waleed, Al-Talal & Al-Mansour, representing the OPEC interest of the famous Los Angeles trail, IMAWC vs OPEC; and serving as a co-founder and director of the Saudi African Bank (SAB), the United Bank for Africa (UBA) and the World United Bank for Africa (WUBA). The topic: The birth and death of Christianity A talk by Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour

Anne Rice Leaves Christianity?

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