The Story Of Jonah

One day God asked someone named Jonah to visit a region called Nineveh and tell individuals living there to cease being bad. The only problem was that Jonah didn’t choose to help the people there. He knew these folks were bad and he wanted the criminals to be punished regarding their mistakes.

So rather than being attentive to God, Jonah thought he’d run away from Nineveh and not do what God asked him. He ran for the sea where he found a ship which was going to another city. He paid the captain, went inside lower part of the boat and went to sleep. Soon after the boat left the shore, an incredibly bad storm emerged and started tossing the boat around. All the men were very afraid so they began to throw all their packages and bags overboard in hopes they wouldn’t drown.

The captain soon went to find Jonah who had been still sound asleep inside the boat. He told Jonah, “How is it possible to sleep? Get up and pray to your god, maybe he will assist us!” The captain didn’t realize that Jonah didn’t just rely on any God but the one true God and that He might help them.

Meanwhile, the other sailors decided how the storm was Jonah’s fault. He must have done something wrong in making his god so angry. So they asked Jonah, “What have you done? What god do you believe in? What will we do today to make this storm stop?”

Jonah told them, “I count on the Lord, the God of heaven, who made the sea and also the land and I am running away from something God asked me to do. It is my fault this really is happening. If you throw me in to the sea the storm will stop.”

The men didn’t prefer to hurt Jonah by throwing him off the boat so they really attempted to row the best they could, although the storm became worse. So they picked up Jonah and threw him into the sea. The storm immediately calmed plus the sea became still. The men on the boat realized that Jonah believed in the one true God and prayed to Him.

Then the captain along with the crew looked out to sea as a huge fish came and swallowed up Jonah. God actually sent the fish to help keep Jonah from drowning. Jonah stayed within the fish for 3 days and three nights. Consider for a second what it would be like to be within the fish. There aren’t any windows, and plenty of strange things floating around that you just can’t see because it is so dark. Other than that i am not sure precisely what it could be like, but Jonah probably didn’t know if he would ever see daylight again.

While Jonah was trapped inside of the fish he did a great deal of praying to God. He asked God to forgive him for running away. He also thanked God for not allowing him to drown.

Following the third day God told the fish to spit Jonah out onto dry land. And the fish did just that. Jonah was thrilled to be away from the dark belly of the fish, but boy, did he need a shower. He was slimy and smelly.

Then the Lord told Jonah a second time to go to Nineveh and tell the folks there to cease being bad. This time Jonah obeyed God and left for Nineveh instantaneously.

When Jonah arrived he told the individuals what had happened to him. He warned them that God revealed that they ought to stop doing bad things or in forty days the area and all things in it will be destroyed. To Jonah’s surprise the individuals listened to him and they also prayed to God and they said sorry for the bad things that they had done.

Soon the king of Nineveh heard that which was taking place and then he ordered that everyone to hear God and also to stop doing bad things. And when God saw that they were trying to do good instead of bad He felt love for them and would not destroy their city.

That could be the end of the storyplot except Jonah left the area very angry. He was mad that God didn’t punish the folks. He knew that God was obviously a loving God and didn’t want to destroy anything if he does not need to.

So Jonah went on a hill and sulked. God saw Jonah and knew how he was feeling so he explained to Jonah that He loves everyone (after all He made us). He doesn’t wish to destroy folks that are doing things bad, God would prefer to see us turn from our bad ways and do good again.

What the Bible Say About the Story of Jonah