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Born Again! –Christianity and Cognitive Science 4

For many Christians, being born again is unlike anything they have ever known. A sense of personal conviction, yielding or release followed by indescribable peace and joy — this is the stuff of spiritual transformation. Once experienced it is unforgettable, and many people can recall small details years later. In the aftermath of such a moment… Narration: Valerie Tarico Music composed, performed and recorded by TruthSurge. Video production by TruthSurge.

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Belief - Christianity and Cognitive Science 1

In Christianity right belief is the toggle that sends people to heaven or hell. Belief is uniquely important to Christian spirituality. That makes the psychology of belief particularly important to understanding Christianity. Narration: Valerie Tarico Music composed, performed and recorded by TruthSurge. Video production by TruthSurge.

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Rational Christianity vs Madness of atheism

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10 Reasons You Should Have a Religion

This manuscript is a reply to Steve Pavlina’s article,10 reasons you shouldn’t have a religion, posted on his website, Private development for smart folk.

I don’t like the term religion because the worship of Satan as well as each other kind of worship falls under the general heading of religion, but in order to identify with and reprove his article which includes believers in Jesus Christ, I?ll use the term religion. Steve calls folk like me or anybody in any religious system simpletons, hypocrites and Morons. He says and I quote, When you subscribe to an established religion, you have only 2 options. You can become an idiot, or you can become a hypocrite, and then he is saying, Congratulations! You’re a moron believer.

Here is the answer to Steve Pavlina’s 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have a Religion. It is apparent that Mr. Pavlina has had some bad experiences in the Catholic faith in which he was raised, but to say that all religion is for retards because of his limited experience is ridiculous. My experience is the complete opposite of Pavlina’s; I so give you 10 reasons you could have a religion based totally on not only my personal experience, but also on facts:

I do not think anyone would consider me a moron or fool . I graduated from a private college with a 15 approval ratio, now a university, at the very top of my class with an A- average and I'm a believer in Jesus. The Bible does say however that “The fool has said in his own heart that there is no God.”

I have got many reasons in believing in Jesus but I can only share 10 here:

1. Jesus is a real historical figure, not some made up legendary figure. There is more to substantiate his existence from extant history than there’s for Napoleon Bonaparte. All of the info about Jesus isn’t form the Bible alone or from those that believed in him; Josephus, a near modern of Jesus and a 1st century writer though reputedly a sceptic touches on Jesus:

The works of Origen (c. 182-251 CE) which have come down to us mention Josephus quoting Jesus Christ twice. It is worth referencing both passages in full:

Flavius Josephus, who wrote the “Antiquities of the Jews” in twenty books, when wanting to exhibit the cause why the people suffered so great reversals that even the Temple was razed to the ground, expounded, that these things happened to them as per the wrathfulness of God in result of the things which they’d dared to do against James the bro of Jesus who is known as Christ. And the excellent thing is that, though he did not accept Jesus as Christ, he yet gave testimony the righteousness of James was so great; and he asserts that the folk thought they had suffered these things because of James. (On The Gospel of Matthew, 1:15)

For in the 18th book of his Antiquities of the Jews, Josephus bears witness to John as having been a Baptist, and as promising purification to those that underwent the rite. Now this writer, although not believing in Jesus as the Christ, in looking for after the root of the fall of Jerusalem and the elimination of the temple, whereas he should have claimed the conspiracy against Jesus was the root of these calamities befalling the people, since they put to death Christ, who was a prophet, claims nevertheless-being, although against his will, not far away from the truth-that these catastrophes occurred to the Jews as a punishment for the passing of James the Just, who was a bro of Jesus (called Christ),-the Jews having put him to death, though he used to be a man most distinguished for his justice. Paul, a real disciple of Jesus, asserts that he regarded this James as a brother of the Lord, not so much on account of their relationship by blood, or of their being brought up together, as because of his virtue and doctrine. (Origen, Against Celsus, 1:47)

Jesus walked on this earth and had disciples who followed him and served him. At his crucifixion all his disciples but the Apostle John deserted him in fear. The Apostle Peter betrayed him 3 times by swearing saying he didn’t even know him.

After the resurrection of Jesus when his disciples saw him and conversed with him, their approach changed. No. Longer did fear rule them; they stood forcibly in their belief and all but the apostle John, who stood with Jesus till the end, were martyred for their belief. John was exiled to a forsaken island to live out the rest of his life. What fools they would have been if Jesus was merely a made up legendary personality or if in fact he didn’t rise from the tomb.

2. The Bible is the true word of God and has never been proved otherwise. It’s my practice to read the Bible through annually and I know the Bible well and have not seen anywhere it’s full of discrepancies or falsehood. It really is a book of knowledge and has the answers for each need we have. To discredit it or reject its teachings is, in my opinion, true ignorance. Click here for six articles that establish the authenticity of Scripture:

3. The change that it has made in the lives of those I have known . Just last year I met a person in Florida whose name is John and John had spent 23 years of his life in a Fed. penitentiary for first degree murder. John by his very own word was a gangster. His life was stuffed with violence and criminal activity.

John met Jesus the savior while in jail and was paroled after 23 years and for years now he has served the Lord. He is a deacon in his church. He is concerned in helping other prisoner’s transition into civilian life after prison. He is one of the best folks I know .

Another man I have known for many years was in a rock ‘n roll band and a drug abuser . Jesus helped him to modify his life and now he is a volunteer missionary. He volunteers his time without pay to go on mission trips. This week on Thursday he left for the Philippians and from there he’s going to be going to Mongolia and then on to China. Space and time will not permit me to tell you all the stories I know about lives that have been modified by Jesus.

4. Smart people trust in Jesus. I did a study of the presidents of the US from Wikipedia, and plenty of our presidents had roots in the Christian faith. Now I do not believe that Steve Pavlina or anyone else can say that our presidents have been fools and idiots because they believed in Jesus. The person who made such a statement would seem to be the idiot.

I wouldn’t reject the fact that many have disgraced the name of Christianity; there were many, and not just from the Catholic church, but from many denominations. Even among the disciples of our Lord there had been Judas who betrayed the Master for 30 pieces of silver.

Folks from all walks of life have proved themselves to be untrustworthy and deceitful and that includes the religious world also.

5. There is not any better means of true personal development than when somebody is right with God spiritually. I have known many who never heard about Steve Pavlina who are developed to a point so far advanced to what human teaching could have ever taken them. To know these sorts of people and to experience their kindness and love for others and to call them idiots is the greatest possible contradiction of terms.

6. To understand Jesus is to grasp the truth , quite the opposite of what Mr. Pavlina believes. Jesus said, Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Living in a whole world of sin, separate from the love of Christ is bondage. I do not need try and convince you of this, just read your morning paper or watch the 10 o’clock stories and see in person. We are living in a world full of hate with people in bondage to drugs, sex, evil offences and perversion to name a few. Knowing Jesus and worshiping him is the best management of time. The time I have spent in studying the 7, which is the start and closing of each day , has been one of the most constructive things I’ve ever done. It starts my day on a positive note particularly when I add to that a time of prayer and meditation, which I mostly do. The time when I?ve been in a public worship service and have been lifted up by the teaching of the Bible is the most valuable hours I ever spend. There are a large amount of paths to waste valuable time but our presence with our Lord in worship, Bible study and prayer is not one of them. Bible. The faithful Christian friends I have made, who are the greatest people in all the world, is yet another reason I am thankful to grasp Jesus as my savior.

I am probably a member of an organization called Campers on Mission who volunteer their time to work for free to do mend on children’s homes, orphanages as well as for folks who can not afford to do repairs themselves. I have yet to meet one of these folks that I did not like. Their attitude and gratitude for life is astounding compared with the general public. To call these good people simpletons is inhuman and. Shameful.

8. Knowing Jesus is liberty from fear.

That verse from the 92rd Psalm, Yea though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no malicious because thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me is a great comfort to the soul. I find great solace in realizing that Jesus is with me and he has comforted me when I walked thru the valley of the shade of death with my dear wife which was my best mate. He was there and he furnished the grace I wished to continue on. I think it is Mr. Pavlina and those who he has erroneously misled thru his papers who have something to fear. When it is time to die and stand before the creator of the Universe, what are you able to then say when he asked you, why wouldn’t you believe when you had each opportunity? 31

I am glad I know Jesus thanks to the dramatic difference it has made in my own life. You know, you can not know how others feel or what they experience but you can know your own heart. No, Mr. Pavlina can not know my heart; he only can know his own experiences in the Catholic Church which I gather have been extraordinarily bad according to what he says. I, on the other hand, know my experiences, and I haven’t felt any of the negative things listed in his article concerning fear, being make to concur with any set of rules or becoming submissively compliant to false teaching and dogma, or feeling I have wasted my time and so on. Quite to the contrary, I have felt loved, educated, edified, blessed and nourished. There’s no doubt that Steve is a really informed person. But to put it into some kind of perspective, his knowledge, like anybody else, is really limited. What I’m indicating is that I wonder if Mr. Pavlina has ever considered that among all of the knowledge he doesn’t have, that there just might be the awareness of having a

significant relationship with 0 . Is a person solely to rely on their own negative experience or their own limited information and let it dictate to them what to believe? Wisdom would let us know to go outside our own limited information looking for truth lest we be cheated by our own ignorance.I would like to give credit where credit is due. Steve Pavlina is indeed a gifted writer who without doubt has helped a large number of individuals in private development. I’m in agreement with most of what he writes, and I have no unwell will toward him. I’m grateful that we reside in the great country of America where he as well as I can express our Gods unreservedly without fear. My one regret is that he isn’t able to see past his bad experiences in belief growing up and has led many others into error because of it.

About the author: Jimmie Burroughs is a motivational speaker and writer who has been concerned in teaching Christian Private Development for at least 30 years. There are more than 600 articles to help you on his website in your personal expansion. Be certain to take vantage of the FREE offer to get the PDF The 4 Pillars for Private Development while available.

Leaving Christianity: Deconversion story from Christianity to Atheism Part 2

The following video outlines my journey from christianity to Atheism. I feel that telling my deconversion story might be useful especially as a black/african american atheist. It is a story you don’t usually hear about. Hope this will be some use to you. This video is part two of my journey. It talks about how I left christianity during college mostly due to slowly leaving church, becoming unsatisfied with the chrisitian community and then learning atheist arguments online on Anyway please enjoy!!!

Faith is Buoyant

Faith is the reality that keeps one afloat when experiencing a trial. One doesn’t sink into disappointment, despair, and grief because although these experiences are real they do not overwhelm the person of faith. With faith, Christians can hang in there long enough for disappointment and grief to pass away. The bible holds that these things have come to pass.

Christians look at problems they encounter as “trials.” Just calling it a trial keeps a Christian from falling into despair because she knows it is a gift from God. Faith that God only gives good things helps the Christian know that the trial will not have a bad ending but will have a good ending. It is knowing that life will bounce back. Another term for this bouncing back is resurrection. Resurrection occurs when one is carried above the death and despair. Jesus was resurrected because he overcame death. Death could not hold him.

A Christian who believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, should believe also in the buoyancy of life because death is everywhere, but Jesus has promised eternal life and that means our capacity to live in spite of death. It is not just life beyond death. Faith is what carries you through the disappointment, death, loss, and failure until you find yourself on the other side of it. Faith gives you the resilience to bounce back, to hang in there, to keep hope alive, keep trust alive, and to keep love alive. Where there is no faith, then people turn to drugs, material things, sex, alcohol, food, work, sports relationships, etc. to meet the needs that are real in the absence of faith. The lack of faith is living a life of distrust. One is then in a state of doubt and semi-despair or even full blown despair.

A Christian with faith sees difficulties as obstacles that can be defeated. Because it is just an obstacle it is not seen as something that is overwhelming but rather a challenge. Faith trusts that it is something that can be overcome because God wills only good things for us. And because you believe that it is to be overcome you remain buoyant long enough to be rescued from drowning in despair. Keeping one’s eyes on the horizon results in staying afloat long enough to find the rescue party coming. Hope has the effect of bringing about what one hopes for. This is a law of human nature. If people do not rest in trust they end up in self-pity and self-hatred. When they are caught up in feeling sorry for themselves and hating themselves they miss seeing the things that will rescue them.

Faith is more than believing in God’s existence it is also having trust in his guidance and plans. Believing in the promises of scriptures tends to their fulfillment. This occurs because not only does God deliver on his promises because of his faithfulness but also God can fulfill them when we trust the promises. For this reason, Jesus asserted that faith is like a mustard seed. Faith trusts that the impossible is possible because it trusts enough to even try it. You will not even try something if you don’t have faith that it is possible. When Jesus fed the 5000 it was because he trusted that God would make the few fish and bread enough to suffice for the many. When you have faith you have the confidence that it is possible and when you try to do it, you find the resources suffice for it to be done. Faith produces the patience one needs to keep on until the resources come. We may not believe it is possible based on our own thinking but there are always resources that help us overcome all obstacles. Faith bears us up until help can get here.

Want to find out more about the key to life, then visit Holly L Wilson’s site and learn how faith can help you overcome difficulties.