What Is A Soul Retrieval

Shamans journey to helping guides for healing of their clients. Most enter through an altered state via natural or chemical through which spirit contact is available. Most Shamans also use percussive instruments like drums or rattles to enter into this altered state when doing it naturally. From Siberia to South America, through Europe to Africa and finally, the Native Americans the Shamans have had one foot in ordinary reality and one in non-ordinary reality bridging the gap between humans and spiritual helpers to perform ancient healings, such as Soul Retrievals. This has gone on for 40,000 years.

In shamanism, according to Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval, Mending the Fragmented Self, there are three major causes of illness: loss of soul, loss of power, and what is commonly called “intrusions.” When people suffer trauma, she writes, the shamanic perspective maintains that part of the soul splinters off, causing soul loss, power loss and disease. Psychologists call this phenomenon “disassociation.” In the shamanic framework, disassociated parts of ourselves can be located in other realities. The shamanic healer “journeys” to non-ordinary reality to retrieve lost or stolen soul parts, obtain power animals and guidance for the client, and extract any intrusions (misplaced energy) present in the person’s body or aura.

The shamanic practitioner pursuing soul parts becomes a disembodied traveler, seeking to retrieve actual, multi-dimensional parts of a person’s soul which exist outside of our normal concept of time and space. These parts may have splintered off for many reasons.

Many times Soul Loss will occur in abusive situations starting from childhood on up to adulthood. No matter if it was sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. Children of alcoholic or drug addicted parents are highly susceptible to a soul loss. War veterans and natural disaster victims suffer from soul loss due to the issues and trauma they have faced. Soul loss occurs when someone you know dies such as a friend, relative, or spouse. It can occur from having an accident or other physical trauma.

If you are feeling any of the issues that were mentioned in this article, you may need a soul retrieval. With a Shaman’s help you can put aside any trauma and despair and discard your pain with the return of your fragmented parts returning. Soul Retrieval is a very powerful and ancient healing method which recovers your spiritual wholeness.

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Learn The New Ways To Understand The Knowledge of Metaphysical Being Kryon. Reach the Enlightenment of New Age!

We all heard of angels but not many people heard about Kryon. Kryon is the name of a metaphysical entity. It is believed to be the guide of our planet. Kryon communicates with humanity using people who have channeling ability. Those people are usually born with this ability and are able to receive information from Kryon and other metaphysical beings.

Kryon is also considered as an angelic guide of our planet Earth by many. Kryon looks over us and guides us in the process of our evolution and awakening towards the new consciousness of the New Age.

One of the most famous people with channeling ability in the world is probably Lee Carroll. He is believed to be the main channeler of Kryon. Lee Carroll travels around the world to promote the wisdom of Kryon. During his travel he conducts live Kryon channeling sessions.

Kryon messages have wisdom and can give answers to many questions. You should read books by Lee Carroll or listen to the Kryon channeling recordings if you want to know the purpose in life, what is our Universe, what is the true nature of a human and what is the true Love.

Lee Carroll began to record his channeling sessions with Kryon in late 1980s . He also began to visit major cities around the world to conduct live channeling sessions and spread the wisdom of Kryon. Lee Carroll was the author of many bestsellers and was one of the first to write about Indigo Children.

There is also a new science that gives own explanations to what Kryon is saying it the channeling sessions, however this science uses the laws of physics to explain things.

This science offers a lot of practical knowledge about the laws of Universe and teaches many different techniques that can be used by people in their everyday life.

This science is based on the 20 years of research by one Russian scientist. His name is Vyacheslav Gubanov. He is also a president of the International Institute of Social Ecology, St. Petersburg, Russia. The name of the new science is Infosomatics. It gives very similar explanations to what Kryon is saying in its messages, the only difference is that it has a scientific base and can give practical proof of the theories.

Infosomatics and the research by Vyacheslav Gubanov gives its own explanation to what is purpose in life, what does it mean to be awakened or enlightened and what is so called New Age is all about. The scientific way of explaining things could be a much easier way to comprehend the concepts that are considered metaphysical. Research of the International Institute of Social Ecology can be very interesting to those who have followed Kryon teachings for a long time as well as to those who just starting to learn about Kryon and its wisdom.

The science of Infosomatics has its own unique techniques that can help one discover the true potential of the human brain. When a person discovers the true potential of own brain he or she can be healthy, successful in business and in relationships. One of the main laws of Infosomatics is the law of transforming information into energy. The theory of this law tells us that our physical bodies are objects on the material plane and their state depend on the informational processes that occur on the higher planes or dimensions.

This new science has its own ways of diagnosis and techniques that are very unique. The diagnosis allows an expert in Infosomatics to find the true cause of a disease or a problem and then the techniques are used to fix those mistakes in the informational field connected to the person. Infosomatics can help people better understand the knowledge from Kryon channeling messages and show the way to the New Age and Enlightenment.

Find out about the scientific research that can help you comprehend Kryon teachings better and get yourself acquainted with unique easy to use techniques that can help you in your everyday life

Developing Your Psychic Powers - Psychic Healing

In order to learn what psychic healing is, it’s imperative for us to first understand what a psychic is. There still lingers an enormous amount of skepticism and misinformation when it comes to psychics and precisely what Psychics do. Many individuals still perceive psychiatry as modern kind of alchemy or perhaps quackery, others still just view it as just a gimmick. The subject of parapsychology has again begun to garner serious speculation. The concept that extrasensory perception (ESP) and related psi abilities are very real (if difficult to measure) phenomenon has started to provoke further research as well as intrigue from growing numbers of mainstream scientists in the fields of quantum theory, psychology and other disciplines.

The First thing to understand is that each person has psychic abilities to varying degrees. This ability is usually a result of having highly sensitive perceptions as well as strong intuition. Intuition is usually an innate trait that exists in every human.

So, how will you begin working on your psychic abilities? Since we’re socialized to dismiss our intuition rather rely on logic and also reason in making most of our decisions, the first step to understanding how to become a psychic is to essentially acknowledge that this exists.

Nonetheless, here are some things you can do to strengthen you ESP.

Scanning - face someone using your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and then attempt to visualize the other as a ball of light or energy. Immediately after moments, when they each come back, they tell each other what they saw, felt, whatever, as well as describe how or what the other experienced might fit in their lives at this time.” - The Light Ball Exercise

Predicting - write down a few predictions for the next day. Immediately after deep breaths, project yourself in to the next day. See yourself doing it on your plans for tomorrow. Go searching your self. Notice any colors or sensations. Note everything you sense. Write your ‘predictions’ based on the information you received.” - Sensing and also Interpreting

Online Tests - There’s many ESP tests online now. Work in a quiet room without distractions. Try different tests and work with them repeatedly. Try them at different times of the day. Are you more successful at certain times for the day than others?

Like all skill, it will take time for it to develop your psychic abilities. It will take time for your subconscious mind so that you can communicate clearly with your conscious mind. It’s best to read about the subject as much as possible and also learn as much about psychics and also the psychic ability as it can be, this may provide you with knowledge of the mechanics behind the phenomenon.

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Is a 24 Strand DNA Activation for Real?

What is a 24 Strand DNA Activation and what does it mean for our life?

Through the journey of each lifetime, the incarnate consciousness progressively draws into his morphogenetic field and activated DNA potential. As a result of this process. more and more of the consciousness from its higher-dimensional identity bodies is progressively activating more elements of dormant DNA strands while expanding the embodied awareness.

This process is naturally triggered, but unable to unfold to its full DNA activation, since the DNA was intentionally corrupted eons ago.

When incarnates apply for an 24 strand DNA Activation, the process of higher identity embodiment can occur in one extended lifetime and dimensional ascension might occur, rather than physical death and repeated incarnation. As a consequence, consciousness proceeds from dense matter, biological reality into a non-matter eternal reality.

For eons the human gene code has build in mutations that blocks the natural process of higher identity embodiment and evolution through dimensional integration. In the current state, evolution of incarnates only manifest over many span of lifetimes.

But also only through understanding of the inherent nature of the physical and spiritual Evolution, one can begin to restore the innate morphogenetic field to repair DNA mutation, through which the natural processes of higher identity integration and embodiment, consciousness expansion into multi-dimensional awareness and bodily dimensional ascension can once again be experienced.

24 strand DNA Activation and the accelerated spiritual evolution is the process by which the incarnate identity restores the morphogenetic field for rapid consciousness expansion, DNA restoration, biological transmutation and Dimensional Ascension.

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