1of4 That’s Game The Bible & Christianity Finally Explained

This is it People the history of and hard truth about the bible! Who wrote it, where it came from and what is it’s true purpose? I expose the hidden meaning of the bible, the coded message…

  • Anton Lopour says:

    Please provide a link to your comments about the Nicean Council. I have
    heard people assert that the New Testament was put canonized at the Nicene
    Council but when I look it up on Wikipedia or other websites I don’t find
    mention of it.

  • raynArd Johnson says:

    Brotha please keep your videos coming you are waking people up slowly but
    surely. This is so much information. I love and appreciate what you are

  • Domitilla says:

    This is great. How do you get the young people to learn this before they
    are handcuffed? They think that they know it all. They do not read any
    books. I seldom see young people in the Library. They are all busy with
    their iWhatever

  • Reggie Randall says:

    I can concur because I have done some of the same research at the library
    of congress great place to do research on Biblical issues and other things,
    one more thing Brother the knowledge is out here why do not people go out
    and research these things dam.


    We all need to take a trio to Egypt and study what they studied

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