Updates | Reflections on 2014 | Spirituality and Minimalism

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  • Bianca P says:

    Another wonderful video, Adam :) Sending love and light your way <3

  • Erika Farmer says:

    So wonderful to find a beautiful soul with true authenticity, thank you for
    being out there!

  • Lynn Crum says:

    Merry Christmas, Adam and thank you for all you do. You are truly an
    amazing mentor for me and many others, I`m sure. I began my journey towards
    minimalism in 2014 and plan to step up my game in 2015. While I have given
    up so much materialistically speaking, I have gained so much more
    spiritually. I look forward to continuing my journey and allowing you to
    inspire me for many years to come. Blessed be.

  • Rose Hagen says:

    Best wishes to you too, for Christmas and for 2015. For me it’s been a
    pivotal year and I think that’ll be ongoing. Thank you for all your
    inspiration and points of view. May you, and all your subscribers and
    friends, continue our journey joyfully and in peace. 

  • JaNae Norman says:

    I love your videos, Adam! You’re such an inspiration to me. Don’t feel bad
    about being busy, you have a life and that is awesome. And don’t worry
    about if people think it’s weird that you keep moving. By the time I was 12
    I had already move 30 times and I continue to move all the time. I hope
    that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a happy new year! 

  • Adam the Minimalist says:

  • Ferrpa81 says:

    Well, I’m a “mover” too. There’s nothing wrong or weird about that. It’s
    just who we are.
    I’m not into spiritualism myself but listening to you talk about it is kind
    of soothing…

  • Amy Ekins-Coward says:

    I’ve reached ‘What is my spiritual orientation’ and I’ve paused your video
    to post this comment. I’ve really enjoyed your videos - I reached you via
    looking for videos on minimalism, and have stuck around. I went to Catholic
    school, and my mother’s Buddhist, and I can hear so much of both in the way
    you speak. I think you’re a very good communicator, and I really appreciate
    hearing what you have to say. I’m an atheist, and it took a lot of soul
    searching to reach that decision - I had a true existential crisis. I’m
    very comfortable in that choice, and it made my heart so, so light to come
    to that conclusion. I really value people who seek out their own truth, and
    while mine may not marry up to yours, I respect whatever you decide, and
    enjoy hearing you speak about your spirituality. Some words I find I have
    difficulty with, like ‘blessed’, because they make me think back to people
    who have used the language of religion to push their own agenda, but you’re
    actually softening me to such terms now, which is lovely. It doesn’t matter
    to me what your affiliation may be (I’m thinking it’s all a path for you
    right now and you don’t necessarily feel affiliated with one major faith) -
    you have a lot to say and I think lots of people love to hear it. Here’s to
    a great 2015. I’m going to un-pause and see if any of what I’ve taken from
    your videos so far is correct!

  • SuperEL85 says:

    Hello my friend. I want to thank you for shareing all this with the world.
    We humans are dynamical being, constantly changing and evolving. For me
    this has been the most difficult thing to accept in my life. I like the way
    you talk about things from many different angles. Merry xmas and a happy
    new year. Wish you all the best. :)

  • Sharon Goth says:

    Thank you x

  • jayathome says:

    hope you had a wonderful holiday!
    an interesting thing happened to me over the holidays- my daughter showed
    me a pair of pants that she purchased that was exactly the same as a pair
    she already owned. She is not a minimalist. It caught me off guard and I
    asked her why she needed two pairs of the same pants. She said,”who doesn’t
    need at least two pants?” and without thinking about it I answered “someone
    who can only afford one pair” That made me really think about how many
    items I own, even though I am already a minimalist. Millions of people
    around the world are minimalists by circumstance of poverty, not by choice.
    I began to wonder if I chose as my intention to live with only the most
    basic items (very minimal wardrobe etc) could I offer that sacrifice to the
    universe to gain a humility and to feel a connection with those who suffer
    in a way that I otherwise cannot, living in this society. What do you think
    about that? This is one of the things I plan to focus on for 2015.
    Interested to hear more about your plans :)

  • Jai Combest says:

    I love your spirit you are so motivating.

  • Silly Zig says:

    Thanks for this video. So pleased to listen to you on Xmas day. Hope you
    are having a rich and peaceful holiday season/Xmas. Blessings. Tilly

  • Fernanda Magniccaro says:

    Thanks for all you’ve shared!

  • Marce Garcés says:

    How to get out of your comfort zone, overcome shyness….i would like some
    advices on those subjects (sorry, bad english)

  • Christy Grimes says:

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you’ve shared and the beautiful gifts
    and inspiration you have given us in being you. Much love, Adam!

  • presstorelease says:

    Love and blessings to you. I enjoy all your videos about minimalism and
    spirituality and look forward to your future videos. Thank you

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