Russian bikers are riding for Moscow - and Christianity

Russia’s most notorious bikers sport the unmistakable look of outlaws, but are they “born to be wild?” Not these days. Now, they say, they ride for Russia and Christianity. Al Jazeera’s Rory…

  • 1140Cecile says:

    Conservatism mixed with Christianity. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong
    with that.

  • Al Bedo says:

    Knowing the way drivers are in Russia if God is ever going to heal
    amputees, now is the time.

  • nadoeloiskat says:

    Some of those bikes he showed are straight from the Kingdom of Hell.
    The name of this bike group is “night wolfs”, symbolically wolf represents
    the force of darkness.
    Yet they claim to represent (not Jesus Christ) christianity, or orthodox

  • Foerdi94 says:

    I may be prejudiced but that “tough guys who found Religion”-Thing really
    took a hit with Daesh.
    According to him Russia has really returned to the 19th century where the
    czar defeated Napoleon and led the reactionary counter-Revolution in Europe
    and Russia wants to take that role again by supporting Le Pen and the like.
    Curious, isn’t it: From exporting the radical revolutionary idea of
    Communism they have returned to exporting good old nationalism and good old
    homophobic Christianity.

  • Rodd Wayne says:

  • SUNNI POWER says:

    tools of Satan

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