Christianity Destroyed

Nate Cuntingham is the world’s leading exponent of Moderate Christianinty; a visionary who asks for nothing more than for you to actually PAY him to be a full-time inconsequential shit. Find…

  • SyeTenAtheist says:

    Dear Moderates,
    This is what you sound like.
    Love and kisses,

  • Nate Cunningham says:

    That was awesome! Well done.

  • MrRepzion says:

    this was such a creative video! 

  • TheAtheistChef says:

    +Nate Cunningham I love you and all.. but sye , as usual, just nails
    certain characteristics/mannerisms of yours.

  • Christopher Maute says:

    Mmmmm . . . backslap.

  • Screaming PHOENIX says:

    This is why moderates piss me off more then fundamentalists. At least
    fundamentalists are honest with themselves.

  • Phoneybeetlemaniacxs says:

    Btw I am proud to be a smug moderate cunt it makes me proud. It could be
    worst I could be miley cyrus’s cunt

  • Pebkio Nomare says:

    Bwahaha. At least fundies are honest with themselves. They realize that
    science kinda fucks up the prerequisites needed for enforced acceptance of
    a human sacrifice. They think science is wrong, which is why they stay
    with a classical monotheistic religion.

    But moderates… they should move on from primitive bullshit. You’d think
    they’d become deists… or even agnostic atheists. But no. They have to
    cling onto the nonsense they were taught as kids. So, by accepting modern
    science, they’re forced to claim that the bible is wrong… but that the
    god in the bible is still the right one… somehow.

  • 0ptikz says:

    When Gary started talking, I spat my fried egg all over the screen. Superb!

  • TheAtheistChef says:

    oh God.. now there is Gary and Epi… this just keeps getting better and
    And I should really stop just commenting, because each time i comment,
    someone else shows up. Sye you glorious bastard you. Well done.

  • MyOnlyFarph says:

    Moderates tend to believe there was a guy named Jesus who was magical and
    very cool, and he said some really cool stuff and was a really cool guy. He
    was all about harmony and getting along and singing songs and stuff. Its
    okay if all of the really magical stuff didn’t happen exactly as it was
    said, cause thats not the important part. Science can be okay too, Genesis
    and OT stuff was mostly like, metaphors and stuff. The earth was created in
    six days, but its not like the bible actually clarifies how long those six
    days were. They could have been like a billion years, who cares? Lets stop
    all the fighting and arguing and just get along. Like, we all have feelings
    so lets all respect each other’s feelings and be cool to each other. The
    universe is big and full of stuff but that just shows how powerful and
    smart god is. And the Lord of the Rings has like a ton of symbolism in it
    and its all about christianity. Anyone got a tambourine? 

  • Truth monger says:

    Consistent quality. Don’t you ever miss. LMFAO 

  • TheAtheistChef says:

    +Tonya Galaxy Loved your impression of Shanna. And +Christopher Maute
    You did an alright job as +Christopher Maute . I dont think you truly
    captured the essence of +Christopher Maute though.

  • Friendshipismagic says:

    Moderates are better than fundies. At least they listen to science.

  • graffffik says:

    you have a flaw with your toon

    Gawd ‘created’ no sir-ree it was more like this

    Gawd dancing up in nothingness singing in the vacuum of space with scantily
    clad goddesses and a microphone yelling “Poof dere it iz! then light poofed
    into existence
    then he yelled “Poof dere it iz!” and light separated from the darkness and
    so on and so forth
    gawd created nothing he poofed it
    to “create” requires existing materials, knowledge, foundation etc not
    yelling things into existence

    I prefer to him as “Poof Sky daddy Daddy” - werd

  • Lyricalorion says:

    I just got mind fucked and I liked it…

  • Anthony Johnson says:

    Christianity Destroyed:

  • ChazwoldAlmighty says:

    +Christopher Maute it is exactly like you. This is well spot on,

  • nontheistdavid says:

    I am glad you called out that smug fuck Epileptic Greek. I have had a few
    words to say to him on some other threads. He also subscribes to pseudo
    intellectual nonsense like post modernism.
    They guy had the nerve to try and explain to me that atheist Christians
    exist. They are people who follow the teachings of Jesus. What a load of
    question begging rubbish.

  • Deconverted Man says:

    Yay this makes fun of someone I know :D 

  • MacNutz2 says:

    I don’t know any of the people presented but it was still great fun and hit
    some nails upon the head regarding some ideas in the moderate Christian

  • Mike JB says:

    Outstanding (again).

  • Stephen Bachman says:

    Wow that was hallerious. Do you ever get bored with people not being as
    funny as you.

    Number 1 Gary was a spot on. Mumageddon will be pleased.

    Number 2 that theory at the end reminded me of Mormons mostly because it
    touched on black people being born of sin.

    Congrats moderate Christians you got labeoed as cooeky Mormons. Yes I know
    coo ki is spelt wrong but I don’t know how to spell the word since I barely
    use it.

  • MrAudienceMember says:

    Has +SyeTenAtheist finally created a video I will never watch again?

    Nope. :)

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