Christianity’s BEST KEPT SECRET! Pt 6

Does Christianity today hide secrets from the sheeple? You better believe it they do: the doctrine of eternal hell fire for the wicked and hypocrites! When was the last time you heard anything about this in your church? Your “priest”, and televangelists in his pexiglass pulpit, almost ALWAYS leave THIS doctrine of the Bible and Jesus’ teachings and preachings OUT, ever opting to once again pimp the Word of God, by avoiding the offensive “eternal hell fire”-stuff which annoys all those pagans inside and outside your churches. Why? You’ll find out by watching these videos…: truth you will never hear anymore today from Christianity’s popular mega “whorehouses” and dime-a-dozen “escort services” on her fringes in the burbs, ie house church honky-tonks. …presented to you by and inspired by the hard-hitting AGGRESSIVE TRUTH from Generals James & Deborah Green of the controversial and persecuted Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps, otherwise infamously dubbed as “the CULT of the LIVING GOD”, Jesus Christ! Tired of a DEAD CHURCH EXISTENCE? Get AGGRESSIVE! Get RADICAL! Seek, Locate, and Annihilate SIN in and around you. Get off your lazy behind and get to the FRONTLINES! Souls are perishing all around you and GOING TO HELL! What are you doing about it? Join the ARMY THAT SHEDS NO BLOOD!! more UNedited videos here: […this is an overboard OverboardBriggs presentation (other’s video/audio/music

  • emma992006 says:

    As what I know God hates sin but love the people. He is slow to anger and abounding in love but if people don’t repent and turn away from their sin, they will face their eternal destination according to their personal relationship to God and according to the way they live.

  • overboardbriggs says:

    Sin is sick. GOD hates all workers of iniquity(Psa 5:5), so I guess sinners make GOD sick! Wait til you get in Hell and tell GOD how unimpressed you are…

  • shelley Gomez says:

    wow if people dont repent after this i dont know they are crazy!!!!

  • Hirisk2298 says:

    powerful message death comes suddenly for many….Is your name written in the book of life. repent and be cleansed ….

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