Fox News: The state of Christianity.

PLEASE NOTE: When I say “non-believers”, I actually meant “non-religious”. There is a difference. ——— 2012 Gallup classifies 40% of Americans nationwide as very religious — based on their statement that religion is an important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week. 2008 Gallup classifies 65% of Americans nationwide as very religious — based on their statement that religion is an important part of their daily life and that they attend religious services every week or almost every week. Question: Explain to me how more people are attending church on a weekly basis?? ——— 2007 Pew poll states that 33% of Millennials (youth born after 1980) attend church weekly. Question: How is the statistic valid for youth attendance in 2012???? ——— What do you think? Please rate and favorite. Thanks. ——— Please subscribe. ——— Links: Fox News video: Washington Examiner post: Ny Times post: 2007 Pew Poll: 2012 Atheism Rises, Religiosity Declines In America: TYT - Pedophile Priest: 2005-2008 polls 2011-2012 polls: 1999-2005 Chruch attendance & Church closings polls: 2009 article on NON-religious growing in the United States (15% in 2009): Father Morris Twitter

  • RossoBianco1895 says:

    i dunno about the US, but here (ger.) attending church doesnt mean you are a believer. i’m an atheist and i attend church regularly. i like to stay informed bout whats going on inside the community and discuss things if necessary. and it is not so unusual here as it may sound. it’s a very open and liberal community though, like gays&lesbians are welcome to have their wedding ceremonies here, women’s right of selfdetermination are endorsed in every aspect and evolution is accepted as a fact.

  • SuedeStonn says:

    $5 says the amount of criminal activity at mega-churches is greater, in proportion, to the smaller churches you usually see.

    Father Morris is a clown.

    Sounds like the military… they’ll keep you on the books just to make the ‘numbers’ look good, even when you ain’t there. Misinformation, anyone?

    I’m subbed, LL… keep ‘em coming. :D
    non est deus

  • Jeremy Raines says:

    I would like to say that Father Jonathan is a “tool,” but that would imply that he is somehow useful!

  • EverEvolvingApe says:

    2:12 “… It’s only because small churches are out of BUSINESS” … Excellent choice of words!

  • AtheismTV says:

    Excellent research. Good debunking.

  • atheistexchristian says:

    Anyone with a ton of subscribers ….PLEASE MIRROR THIS VIDEO !

  • atheistexchristian says:

    Very Very well done my friend….your video is excellent and I thank you for it !

  • TheRingsofchaos says:

    you need more subscribers, my friend. great work though! please, keep it up!

  • nightmathzombieethan says:

    Anti-Church = Based on reality.

  • 4jonah says:

    LIBERAL Christianity? They’ll even attack Christians who aren’t as bigoted as them.

  • darkrhenlitruu says:

    Because no matter how many times they’re exposed, their dumbfuck audience will always eat up everything they say regardless of the truth.

  • judoyodan says:

    If there is one thing this country could use, it’s fewer churches.

  • tctheunbeliever says:

    Anti-religious stuff on the news? If a priest buggers a little boy or a rabid anti-gay crusader gets caught buying drugs from a gay prostitute, it tends to make the news. Whose fault is that? When I “make a mistake.” it doesn’t generally involve the police.

  • rogan71 says:

    So when Father Gay-Denial says a church “messes up” he means when a priest rapes a child… I want to kick the Jesus out of this fake little God-botherer.

  • DirtyAtreyu says:

    It’s easy if you try.. No hell below us, above us only sky…. 

  • qotsaandsoadfan1 says:

    It’s about time the yanks started to wake up.

  • 1212JackJohnson says:

    @Livelife8072: Great video, good stats and well presented, mate! Keep it up, I try to make sceptic fence in the near future1

  • EdwardHowton says:

    He doesn’t just look shitty though. He -is- shitty. His shameless promotion of bullshit and lies does more harm to the USA than Al Qaeda ever could (they’re up front about what assholes they are, Johnny is a confidence trickster). My desire for him to suffer and die on live television is purely so that the fucking bastard could exhibit some actually honest humanity for once in his miserable life, and so that people could see him for exactly what he is. Nothing else would make him stop himself.

  • Livelife8072 says:

    Don’t worry too much. I actually linked the video on his Twitter account. Maybe he already watched this. We can show him how shitty he looks to the skeptic community. He’s probably the 1 dislike. lol

  • Livelife8072 says:

    lol, yes the intro can be annoying after awhile. I will probably change it soon. I want to thank you for the kind words. Cheers!

  • EdwardHowton says:

    I’m not a violent or spiteful person by nature, but Jonathan makes me wish every time I see his fucking smug face that while he’s on camera telling Fox’s idiot viewership how great and wonderful and loving his god is he gets run over by a goddamn bus and lives long enough to scream his last few minutes of agony on the air before someone cuts the camera feed.

    I don’t care if they’re on the 15th floor of their building. Run. Over. By. A. Goddamn. Bus. The prick deserves no respect.

  • Lordgaraj says:

    You know what this video reminds me of? Thunderf00t back when he was actually good! My only complaint is the ear rape at the beginning of the video but other then that the content was excellent. Well done!

  • MadSockMan says:

    In the last year or so, my brother went from a “new ager” to atheist after many conversations we had. I didn’t push a bit. I just asked questions and commented on things. He did the rest.

    He wouldn’t have shown up on a religious poll, but he would on a non-believer poll.

    Last census I asked the census taker why she didn’t ask my religion. She said it was against the law. I think it’s a biggie considering the constant claim of “christian nation”.

    I want to be counted!

  • MadSockMan says:

    I think you’re right. My nephew and all of his friends, save one, are atheist. When I took guardianship of him after my sister’s death, we came back to California. When he started school, his friends were coming over and he’d say “You won’t believe this, but Chris is atheist.”

    His core group of four friends are all atheist. He has 1 religious friend that I know of. I think the new generation just aren’t buying it. They seem to care more about having a friend, than their color or sexuality.

  • Stewiethebig says:

    Depends on the day really. For the most part, I try to focus on the idea that everyday people realize that fox news is as real as Pamela Anderson’s chest; helps deal with the utter frustration at the fact that people still watch it, and helps me tune out the smug expressions the anchors always seem to have

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