To All Spiritual Seekers: Avoid False Masters; Watch This Before Surrendering to Any Teacher!

If you’re going through spiritual awakening, then this video is a must-watch! It’s a collection of three cautionary tales about fake teachers and negative entities who have taken advantage of spiritually vulnerable, innocent seekers. Before you accept anyone as your teacher, first, make sure you’re fully aware of who you are, and what you believe. Only when you’re fully aware of who you are, and what you believe, will you be strong enough to hear your inner voice and know your truth, even when others try to thwart it. Three things to remember: 1. A true spiritual teacher will speak to your Being, not to your Ego. If your teacher tries to put you on a pedestal, then it is not your teacher, but a distraction. 2. A true spiritual teacher will never boast and brag about his or her spiritual status. Nithyananda, a true master, says: “I am not here to tell you that I am God, I’m here to tell you you are God.” Any teacher who seems too eager to prove his or her worthiness to teach is not the right teacher! 3. A true teacher will never tell you that he or she is the only teacher for you. Real loving, enlightened beings will never tell someone, “I am the only enlightened teacher for you!” No. A true teacher will say, “You are free to learn from me as long as you feel benefited by my teachings. If ever you feel called to move on, go!”

  • alienufo1986 says:

    Hey your story is “classical”, there are a lot of cases like that too in the whole world, this make me general sense that false masters like to take energy from others. But nice said from a personal experience point of view.

  • Tofferslight61 says:

    Your awesome little Miss Arcturian Starseed. I feel lost these days yet know I am where I am meant to be. You remind me of Home (The “LIGHT”). I also would love to visit India. Went to get a hug from Amma last week but was not able to. Still blessed to see her bless so many. Take care Angel. Love & “LIGHT”

  • Laurora111 says:

    love it again, dear sister. Much love

  • raudam11 says:

    A required message for all who are new to opening their inner spiritual path. Namaste Sister. We are all (the) One. ♥1♥ Belief in God, that I AM the God, that we are all the God. God is our collective consciousness of all. God is found within, and never found externally.
    Learning from our negative reflective encounters in spirit, IS apart of our individual quest. For if it wasn’t, it would be nothing. Embrace & unify the dark manifestations, as 1. Love is the glue, and requires mastering.

  • JcMaiaNamaste says:

    You are so beautiful! Your wisdom is so so helpful too. Ive learnt so much about my own journey through you. x

  • Astrojani999 says:

    This is a great, useful message from a beautiful helper! :) It is fantastic!

  • MaNithyaSudevi says:

    They came from God- they are One with God,

  • je36 says:

    yes both are equally masters but i think the difference is where they come from. Some just come from a higher plane just to keep things in order in the world, but there’s a few that come from eternity. have you read anurag sagar by kabir?

  • MaNithyaSudevi says:

    I don’t tell people to stay away from the scriptures. I, myself, read the Bible and revere it’s every word. I also read the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita… I’d have to re-watch this video to see where your confusion has come in, in order to give a clearer answer.

  • MaNithyaSudevi says:

    Different masters have different missions- Osho, for example, had to charge huge sums of money in order to reach the message of enlightenment to those who are, by nature, materialistic. Some unknown masters of Zen give the same techniques for free, but remain unknown. Both are equally masters whether charging thousands, or nothing.

  • IndianVedicHistory says:

    You are correct BUT you are also wrong.

    If you listen to her she states that it was by her own self that guided her away from that fake, so she is correct by telling people to use their mind in a clear fashion to sense if that guru is correct or if he is a fake, if something does not feel correct then stay away.

    But i do agree that scriptures are the backbone of all religions.

  • icandyWS says:

    it is not the scriptures that is the issue is people like you’re self that trys to tweek it by slapping your own ideas on it.

    same with muslims

    same with christians

    same with buddhist

    same with hindus

    it is a scary thought that you are telling people to stay away from scriptures yet how do you even think that you’re own guru got his teachings lol from looking into a puddle?

  • icandyWS says:

    i mean if we compare the scriptures of christianity we can see its cleary messed up by rome, way too many errors way too many mistakes and contradictions now that i would call a scripture made up by a fake prophet, a man that took another cultures relgion and just slapped his name across in and taught it in his own way, abit like what you are doing :)
    buddha did the same thing, created his faith based around the teachings of the vedic scripts and then called it Buddhism

  • icandyWS says:

    what makes you think you’re way of thinking is correct?

    i totally disagree by what you said that people should not look at scriptures, it is the scriptures that have given you and you’re gurus a job and a teaching and a way of life.

    who ever you’re guru is and if he is teaching you that scriptures are wrong then he is a fool, it will be like the blind leading the blind.

    vedic scriptures should be followed and i think 100% every guru would rather follow the vedic scriptures then you’re self

  • icandyWS says:

    If their was no scriptures on religion who would be the teacher? If you say the self would be the teacher then why would we need to be looking at your channel if we are individual in the self but share the same nature in life.

    Our brains are wired up to learn but we are each different in the learning process, some people enjoy listening to opera others enjoy listening to rock,some love to listen to anything, i mean by you opening this YouTube channel you are guiding people the same as a prophet

  • daveharpe says:

    I invented a character by the name of “Master Baba Ecnarongi”, who is everything a master should not be, and hardly anything one should be. He’s just as bad as Robert Crumb’s “Mr. Natural”, and just as funny. Spell his name backwards to see what he is really all about. I quote him as a joke on all kinds of subjects, and it’s kind of fun, but after your talk, I realize that there really are some bad ones out there. Master E is just an inept, spiritual schlemiel, and they do real harm. Yikes!

  • je36 says:

    When a master gives something for nothing it will go to the persons that are ready, because those person will embrace the wisdom as an inner truth. also making too much dharma will create karma too (good karma). but i meant at least a true master will not charge you $500 dollars to get the especial combo salvation and if you don’t pay you can’t get enlightened. My own personal opinion is that if someone have a message to humanity it shouldn’t be charged just to get the knowledge. :)

  • MaNithyaSudevi says:

    Please send me a private YouTube message.

  • MaNithyaSudevi says:

    Namaste- It depends on the individual person in question. Sometimes, after an accident, reconstructive surgery is done so that a person will not frighten others by their looks, or feel self conscious about their injuries. This is perfectly alright spiritually. Other times, people go overboard with plastic surgeries, and make a mockery of the body God has given them; this is detrimental to spiritual growth. Then there are the middle cases, that neither help nor hinder.

  • Guardyourself1 says:

    Hello !
    I think you are very beautiful :) I have a question regarding beauty. Do you think for those that aren’t so beautiful, plastic surgery is an option, or is this following a wrong path ? Thank you ! Blessed be.

  • dreammmbabe says:

    After watching a couple of your videos, I feel the need to tell you my story and maybe something you can suggest to me, what is your email address so I can write to you and maybe meet in the future. I am from bc too. 27 female.

  • dreammmbabe says:

    I had a similar experience when I was going through a spiritual awakening. There was a guy that I worked with who would tell me things about astrology and spiritual healing. He seemed to know more about me than he was letting me know, and I could feel it sometimes when he looked at me. I jokingly called him the Devil. He was calm sincere and very content. yet under pressure would break. he told me I needed spiritual healing and it had to be done with my physical energy. around the vancouver area

  • darklighter82 says:

    Awesome videos so far. I love your wisdom and practical insight. I know this video is in the earlier points in your series, but I am watching them in order. In 22:00 you start speaking of “There will be no question when you meet the right teacher”. After becoming interested in this subject, I find your channel to be the one I go to the most. I am about to create a dedicated channel myself, something to the effect of “WalkTowardTheLight” etc. Anyways keep it up! Love Understanding And Experience.

  • SinisterBlackheart says:

    Life is in constant motion on levels of sizes and frequencies. Does that work on all dimensions? I felt I went outside of the dimensions and I can’t explain this feeling the dream or astral projection gave me. I was watching through absolutely empty-ness eyes. It’s hard to picture but that is the best way to explain it. I felt comfortable, and naturally normal is that really emotion? The fact that when I woke up I remembered everything so clearly and it felt refreshing and very, very real..

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