What is a Spiritual Teacher? Do you need a Guru?

Why do people want to go to a saint, Gyani, follow some person or interpretation of someone’s else. What is a spiritual teacher? Why would we need one if we have the Siri Guru Granth Sahib? Do you need a Guru?

  • qwert70820 says:

    Thank you so much!

  • missseraphimarose says:

    Thank you! This is medicine for my soul!

  • isuau1815 says:

    I am not sikh, but i love the teachings of this man, very wise, thanks

  • SaintSoldier1699 says:

    Always inspirational to listen to Singh ji. Hit the nail on the head we need to be aware and conscious of those around us and what they say and what they do to understand who is genuine or not.

    At the end of the day Guru Granth Sahib is true and will remain true regardless of circumstances unlike humans.


  • ThePiscesHero says:

    I feel calm and peaceful listening to Guruka Singh!!!! Thank you.. .Waheguru..

  • amritaustralia says:

    These questions were going around in in my mind from last 3-4 months, thankyou for such wonderful answers and explanation I know it will help many people like me… Satnaam Wahe guru….

  • isharsinghnarang says:

    In every line of profession a teacher is essential similarly in spirituality a teacher of spiritual language is essetial. For spirituality human body with listening power is essetial. we are lucky as we have full fledged guru granth sahib. According to Guru granth sahib God and Guru are one and the same thing but God himself somewhere misguides to manmukh and somewhere he shows the right spiritual way. He himself is everthing but we are limited and He is unlimited etc etc.

  • TheMrJaggasingh12 says:

    Who’s fake? Please elaborate.

  • amun1999 says:

    Fake ass guru….he doesn’t have cosmic consciousness….another faker..

  • neightmorris says:


  • RabbaProductions says:

    I was looking for this quetions for 4-5 months… thank you so so much for providing a wonderful answer

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