Time To Learn About Tarot Card Spreads

There are an infinite amount of tarot card spreads. These are designed to be read by a talented individual who can interpret the findings of the cards and explain what their appearance means. While learning how to perform a reading isn’t difficult, it does require more than a little knowledge about the subject. The first thing any new potential reader learns is that the deck itself is divided into two sections.

The minor arcana, which are organized into four categories: Pentacles, Cups, Wands, and Swords. The major arcana are the ones which can define the very direction of the reading and consist of several characters.

There are many major arcana, but some examples are given below. The Fool is an important paper which can be connected to carefree innocence, but also shortsightedness and lack of true knowledge of one’s own limits. The Magician is a powerful symbol who governs the Tarot itself and has very high levels of determination.

The High Priestess is one that represents forgotten memories, and offers spiritual enlightenment. The Magician is a powerful one that represents the tarot itself, and can mean creativity, as well as the need to be determined in what we want. The Fool can mean a kind of childhood, spirited innocence but also a kind of short sightedness.

The Chariot is a symbol of victory and energy. The Strength of this which is connected to internal strength, not simple outer strength. The Hermit is connected to aloneness and self-awareness. The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the stages of life. The Justice is connected to rational thought and logic. The Hanged Man is a controversial one, symbolizing either uniqueness or bondage.

Death means not loss, but relief that comes with ending a stage of life. Temperance is connected to internal balance. The Devil symbolizes sensuality and fun. The Tower can mean a life-changing decision. Whichever of the tarot card spreads is used in a reading, the results are sure to be thought provoking.

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