Drought of Christianity in Europe

Gary examines the lack of Christianity in Europe. He also looks at the droughts, wildfires, earthquakes, and the like.

  • BigRocky99 says:

    I have SPASMODIC TORTICOLLIS which has disabled me. It is a neuromuscular disorder. Approx 75.000 Americans have this and probably MANY MORE because a LOT go MISDIAGNOSED. This is a form of DYSTONIA. PLEASE google DYSTONIA and you will discover just HOW AWFUL this disorder is.

  • goscott4 says:

    REV 18

  • mRwhite298 says:

    HOLY ETERNAL GOD YHWH FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT BRIING HEALTH PEACE JOY SOUND MIND and when people reject HOLY GOD YHWH satan demonic spirit have unholy influance on health of evry person human sin and iniquity that people drink like watter have effect on humans in psihical and fisical way haleluYAHWEH LAMB OF GOD LORD JESUS CHRIST!

  • 87solarsky says:

    Watching your shows here from Frankfurt, Germany, I can assure you that Europe is nowhere near leaving religion. It’s just ditched the gospel ages ago and replaced it with the doctrines of satan, And that’s becoming visible in the “transforming through the renewing of the mind”. The mind, controlled by the anti-christian “new” World (dis)”order”!

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