Do You Reckon Religion A Polarising Or Solidifying Influence

If you consider it most of the Earth has Problems with armed struggles, insurgency, rebellions, coup’s, crime and general unrest. Whether it be the worries in Northern Ireland from the 1960-1990’s, The 1916 Easter Rising Rebellion in Dublin, the Bosnian War from 1992 to 1996 or the maniacal genocide of the Jews by Hitler from 1939-45 there has long been a fight between religious factions.

Almost all of today’s conflicts are coming from variations in opinion and territorial conflicts that are wrapped up with non secular, political, business and social arguments. It is correct there are massive struggles and upheavals that have nothing to do with religion, but more to do with oppression and opportunism. Religion is uncommon in the sense that it is open to so much interpretation. Using the bible as a source many mainstream religions have built up firm denominations replete with a longtime corporal and social structure. These groups have split up into many different sects, protestant, catholic, Anglican protestant, Presbyterian Protestant, 2nd Presbyterian Protestant and many lots more.

A SEO consultant will not tell a doctor how to do his job, or run his life. Why then do spiritual groups insist then to wag the finger at those that don’t share their beliefs?

Islam has taken much flack recently and has been charged with fostering terrorism. Yet there are plenty of people within Islam and many students, even those you do not practice Islam who say people who practice acts of violence, murder and oppression in the name of Islam have interpreted the meaning absolutely wrong. Is there a way for spiritual and non spiritual groups to corp exist side by side. There's now.

China has been living under a harsh communist protocol for years. But now with new political leadership people have the right to practise worship or non worship if they please. China is now set to have the single largest Buddhist, Christian and Islamic communities living side-by-side. I believe it helps if communities practice their own beliefs without causing them on opposing spiritual and non non secular groups. This lesson I think still needs to be learned by the rest of the globe. I leave you with a quote by Gandhi, commenting on the prejudice by spiritual, I Like Your Christ but I do Not like Your Christians.

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