How has Gnosticism invaded “Christianity”?

Do you really believe that KNOWLEDGE will save you? How does “faith like a child” factor in? Are we placing the most value on the ones that love like Christ and have faith like a child - or those with LOTS of trivia, ancient languages and big words? Who is an elder really? The one that gets their prayers answered and hears God and walks full of the “Fruits of the Spirit” - or the guy that sat through the most lectures and endured long enough to get a piece of paper? I’ve been taught by the Lord, not by man. How about you? More at

  • blankslate81 says:

    this is Epic, sad, true, but Epic….

  • MrTruthseeker91 says:

    @ fotm1:love you in christ

  • TheTorJohnson says:

    “I’ve been taught by the Lord, not by man. How about you?” I’ve been taught by science books and professors. I believe there are no unicorns, there are no witches, slavery is wrong, and the universe is 13.72 billion years old–all contradicted by the bible.

  • fotm1 says:

    @DesertvoiceMN I understand that we’re talking about multiple things. And that it’s fairly fluid. Bobby may be a great prayer warrior, but he’s not an elder in the sense of making disciples, teaching good doctrine, training people up. So maybe on ONE DIAL he’s pretty high, & might even be higher than some “elders” - and he should be valued for that. But a real “Father” is someone who has ALL the dials up pretty high.

    But we have to find the balance between learning and worshiping learning.

  • DesertvoiceMN says:

    I guess I want to try and stand up for the true pastors and teachers here. Just because mainstream Christianity has put the emphasis on pastors and teachers and have thrown all the others under the bus and said that we can’t hear from God or grow in power or anointing…doesn’t mean that we should do the same thing for those with different giftings/capacities. But just so you know: I choose Bobby, too!

  • madamoisele1 says:

    @fotm1 It’s working. I’ve been growing in faith. I don’t think any of us ever “arrive” this side of eternity, but I’m sure a lot closer to God than I was four years ago. The LORD used you to be a part of that. You have no idea how often I yearn to join your ministry - but God has assigned me to take care of my parents, and you know, I can’t move without a Word from Him. (Not unless I want to get spanked HARD)

  • DesertvoiceMN says:

    Bearing fruit, hearing the Lord and getting your prayers answered is necessary but does that make someone an elder? I tend to think that someone who has been walking in this for a period of time would be an elder. Obviously the word itself denotes age, and maybe certain churches don’t really have elders yet. I think elders are supposed to be fathers.

  • fotm1 says:

    @madamoisele1 Love you, Wendy. Don’t worry. I’ve been praying for you to be holy for YEARS now! ;-)

  • madamoisele1 says:

    Watching your first video was what God used to pull me out of the adultery of American Churchianity. It’s been four years, and obeying God and walking closer to Him in freedom is a tremendous joy I am humbly and tremendously grateful for. It’s been a joy watching you grow even as I have been growing. I love you very much, brother. There’s no one (human!) I’d rather have at my back when the bad stuff comes down, because you are truly holy. Please pray that God makes me holy, too.

  • servant714 says:

    very well said, I went to bible college for a BA in theology. This pentecostal school taught religion but the kids were no different from the world. After being a Christian for 22 years the Lord has opened my eyes to the truth you are teaching here, we are going to be judged for what we did and if we didn’t grow in holiness and love, then nothing else mattered.

  • penkul says:

    the intellect is not inherently corrupt, it is the indwelling false sense of self which corrupts.
    the devil, lord of the demons of solar entropy, the syphon of darkness.
    May god keep us on the straight and narrow, forgive our deviations and heal our afflictions.

  • penkul says:

    the gnostics have continually been under attack by the religious institution because their science contradicts the dogma and the authority of church leaders. it does this precisely because it is direct contact with god and does not require the pope or any other intermediary.
    Doug, i am sure that you know what it is like to talk about direct god experience around those who have built their lives and sense of selves upon dogma and intellectual understanding.

  • penkul says:

    from what i know about gnosticism, gnosis is not the same as intellectual understanding but rather it is an experiential understanding.
    so the gnostics faith rather than being blind, issues from direct contact (gnosis) with god. The gnostics are scientists of god.
    I completely agree that reaching for god using intellectualism doesnt work and that becoming and empty vessel to recieve god, purification is superior.
    again thanks for the videos.

  • ddmissions1 says:

    He didn’t have to say a single word, its what He did that changed the world, it’s not in what He said or what we’ve heard, He didn’t have to say a single word.

  • thoughwethusspeak says:

    Thanks Brother, Doug. I can say that I am kinda glad I didnt go the whole way through Bible school. My 1 and only class was Biblical Interp and the Prof said, that God could be a woman, that the book of Revelation has nothing to do with endtimes and then he would cuss in class. I was like, ya this ain’t right! Anyway, thx 4 reminded me to have child like faith. ( I suspect you’re a prophet but the Lord hasn’t told me that; I just suspect it by your ministry traits or whatever lol). God bless U.

  • caffeera says:

    Praise God!!!! Hallelujah, and Thank You Jesus for His unfailing love. Thank You Savior, Father, friend, and healing comforter. Yes there is nobody like Jesus, He is glorious. I am blessed and a believer because the wages of sin is death and He took my penalty, and gave me life. He did all the work and apart from all I have is the futility of thought and …………

    Proverbs 14:12 says there a way that seems right to a man but the end of it, leads to death.

  • caffeera says:

    If Jesus could have lead us to salvation through logic He wouldn’t have had to die on the cross. Theres nothing about the cross of calvary to admire other than an Al Mighty God humbling Himself to allow reality to see true love over all that satan the lawyer tries to use through cunning and finding ways to lure us away from the love relationship with God which involves the many benefits that satan is truly after including our soul.

  • OMEGACUBE says:


  • MrJeffjacobson says:

    Thanks Doug, just wanting to be child like in faith, is always good to remember in these days! Jesus Bless You….

  • MrCrowded95 says:

    Great video, I totally agree it’s about innocent love and intention. Not on narcissistic gnostic beliefs that knowledge is “holy”. Also another note on Creflo Dollar I believe once he called himself God. God Bless.

  • q7spiz says:

    I found from experience that the stronger you believe that God is real, that the more you will attract perceivable knowledge of God through bearing witness to the Holy Spirit. I started out with strong faith that God exists and a desire to shatter atheism. I attracted the ability to feel the Holy Spirit between my hands and see the spirit surrounding all things. I studied things with figuring out how to shatter atheism on top of my perception, to explain God as more than doctrine. Finding truth.

  • q7spiz says:

    Faith like a child. Children have been capable of spiritual perception. They just came out of the spirit realm. So, would faith like a child mean to be open to spiritual reality and to consider Jesus to be more spiritually knowledgeable than any selves down here? True spiritual knowledge is experiencing God through the Holy spirit with perception, so Jesus has it. Spiritual knowledge is more than in a persons head. It is all around everything. It is perceivable.

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