Chiffon Kaftans Over Abayas - The Latest Trend

In the Middle Eastern nations where abayas are the standard apparel worn at all times by the girl, style designers are always working hard to come up with ideas which will set their abayas apart from the usual run of the mill ones worn by all. Based while in the demands of their niche market, the high end designers create long and flowing abayas in expensive fabrics with embellishments and cuts to enhance the magnificence of the wearer. The latest style seen on the UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries are chiffon kaftans worn over fashionable abayas.

These kaftans are generally made of dark chiffon and are cut into a way to create an extravagant and fluid look. They are further enhanced with stunning and intricate beadwork or Swarovski crystal work done into big motifs at the back, to create a gaze of pure beauty. But they might be custom produced into other colors also to coordinate with any colored abayas.

The chiffon kaftans when worn over silken abayas create a look of mystique and give the wearer and air of charisma. Though, they can too be worn with cotton ones depending while in the weather they are worn towards. Although most women choose to wear the same colored kaftan as the abaya, however , contrasting colours might too be used to create a exceptional and exclusive gaze.

Dark colored and other black color colored kaftans such as navy blue, red and bronze can be worn over abayas to give them a more formal look specifically when attending weddings and other evening parties. In order to create an added layer of sheer beauty during daytime situations these chiffon add-ons might be worn into light colours such as off white, pink and lemon yellow. Green and blue colored kaftans can be used for all occurrences by selecting hues which not just compliment your skin tone though too is suitable of the tie for the day they are going to be worn.

For that reason girls head out towards your outfit designer and purchase the exquisite and stunning chiffon crafted kaftans to wear to the next event which you will be attending. Not just will everyone admire the sheer fabric intricately worked on, though will as well be able to admire the attractive abaya underneath it. The latest trend is here to stay and girl all over the Muslim world are taking advantage of this unique new style to wear and flaunt their attire.

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