The Foundation Of The Spirit Starts With Shamanism

“Dancing with Wolves” was a critically acclaimed movie, an American classic. People raved about the accurate depiction of the Native American Community and culture. At that time, I was in middle school. I felt that it was hard to capture the true essence of the Natives from a two-hour film. But being part Taino Indian, I felt that there was something missing from the film.

The film was great for people who knew absolutely nothing about the Native Americans. It worked to debunk some really bad stereotypes. The Natives weren’t mindless savages, primitive in nature with no real culture or religion. There were some aspects of the movie that portrayed them as humble, civilized and communal people. But there were still much more that the movie overlooked. The Natives were great Shamans.

I know, the word shamanism is in the forbidden topic category along with voodoo, racism, and the infamous N word. However, many of the earth’s greatest secrets are cloaked in the practices of the Natives. Whether they are the indigenous people in the Americas, Africa, or Asia. Shamanism is more than just a bunch of spirit seekers who get high off of hallucinogens and dance around fires all day. They are people who truly understand the essence of nature, its energy, and how the cosmos work.

The misunderstanding about Shamanism has led to a lack of respect for nature and the environment. Today, people are consuming preservatives and chemically processed foods at an alarming rate. These foods only work to shorten man’s life span. We have a ravenous appetite for consumption, resulting in excessive garbage and huge toxic waste dumps. Oil that works to fuel electricity, computers and our cars are polluting our lakes, oceans and rivers. The Natives were able to live for thousands of years, because they knew how to feed themselves and provide cures for their sicknesses without destroying the earth.

We are slowly killing ourselves and destroying our environment and because we are disconnected from nature, we cannot see the harm that we are doing. The Natives understood that preserving the Earth was paramount to their survival, and in turn, were able to survive for thousands of years. At the rate our new world is going, I would be surprised if we made it to three hundred years. Shamanism is a difficult subject to research. If you type it in Google, you would probably get a blanket textbook answer But if you truly want to learn about it, talk to a master. Severny Olen, an instructor at UniverSynergy School of the arts holds meet-ups in New York City.

The Natives of America are our ancestors. There are many people who would disagree, but no one can refute that someone else lived on this land before us. Lets pay our respect to our earth, our ancestors, and nature by keeping their culture and beliefs alive.

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