Zen Meditation

This video is an introduction to Zen meditation. For more info visit the Zen Centre of Vancouver website: www.zen.ca The Zen Centre of Vancouver provides a supportive place for the instruction and practice of Zen Buddhism. Enjoy the original meditation music in this video.

  • LinktothepastZ says:

    There is a wonderful article about breathing meditation written by speaker in this video. Just google Eshin Godfery breathing meditation.

  • zzinglish53 says:

    The music’s always too loud in these things. The Vid’s about Zen & insight, not loud music that drowns out the voice, the mood or the message. Do you think they play this stuff in the zendo? If all U want is loud music it’s everywhere; someone would click on this to escape it.
    This was obviously conceived & mixed by someone AFTER TV, not before it. Before TV people were able to listen; now TV and it’s ad onslaught has made non listening a survival/escape mode.
    Hail the mute button.

  • hanzelrosario says:

    I thank you for uploading this introduction to Zen. Its very helpful. Thank you.

  • SUMERUP says:

    if it’s difficult, try the Osho dynamic meditation first. Then see what happens!

  • menalahy says:

    Thanks for your comment. I add : the living Buddha is yourself and not an other Buddha because you are determined to go to the awakening if YOU WANT REALLY TO REALIZE YOURSELF.

  • ZenBarracuda says:

    I graduated from university last year, at the age of 40, but concentration has been a problem my whole life. Looking back at my school reports from 30 years ago, the teachers all said the same thing. ‘Tim finds it difficult to concentrate.’ I still do. Meditation can help significantly. It’s possibly the only thing that can. I guess we both just have to be give it our best shot and patiently await the results. Best of luck.

  • mjfan123085 says:

    well my goal short term is to focus better so i can study better.

    my mind wanders so much that my studies suffer, i cant concentrate too well atm.

  • ZenBarracuda says:

    It’s respect and it’s ceremony. Hate to say it (I know I really shouldn’t say it) but essentially it’s BS.

  • ZenBarracuda says:

    I was in agony when I started practising zazen a few months ago, so I can empathise. However, after only a couple of weeks my old creaking knees began to adjust. As for concentration. Well that’s another matter entirely. I meditate for at least thirty minutes a day - and I’m brutally honest with myself. It could take months or years before my mind is finally in my control. Think in terms of small steps, mjfan.

  • LeapingLampoonery says:

    Try different methods of meditation. You don’t have to breathe deeply. You can just breathe naturally.

  • mjfan123085 says:

    Im trying meditation, but its difficult for me. i cant sit still for a long time, and breathing deeply is making me dizzy since i guess im not used to the extra oxygen?

    im trying it for 5 minutes at a time. i need to increase my concentration and focus and I think this will help with that.

  • claymanlucas says:


  • Freiheitsliebender64 says:

    Buddism, Zen are of course a Religion, because they depend us to the great Mystery, called ” Creator”, God, Allah or what ever you want. All these Energys are a part of the great universe and last but not leat—–GOD! In us and in everywhere

  • mcgee227 says:

    Rice cakes

  • mcgee227 says:

    Rice cakes

  • mcgee227 says:

    Rice cakes

  • DonkeyofHeaven says:

    Bowing to Buddha is not bowing to a him outside of ourselves and neither to a person who lived many years ago, it is bowing to the living Buddha. The living Buddha is not inside or outside. The living Buddha is doing the bowing.

  • Fallaji says:

    The Buddha is not a god, but merely an example of what can be achieved.

    He was a teacher. Bowing down to him, is just a sign or respect.

  • impermanentoo says:

    When one’s mind is pure and concentrated, it’s very clear. Wisdom arises. With wisdom, one can see the truth regardless of religion and background.

    This is called wisdom.


    what am i called if i knew this all already naturally not knowing of Zen?? please reply..thanks!!

  • CCDevlin says:

    what i wanna know is why does he say that buddhism is not a religion before bowing down to a statue and making smoke for this statue? Whats that about. Im not saying its wrong but can someone explain it to me so I can justify it?

  • rockettedog says:

    Thank you. I needed that!

  • tedoymisojos says:

    Great introduction. The music was a little distracting though

  • surrected4526 says:

    “…we practice being aware of our surroundings through the five sense organs, hearing, seeing, smelling, taste and touch. As we sit, we allow ourselves to hear sounds, we allow ourselves to arise in our being, and we let them be. We don’t react (…)”

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