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  • LittleMegha says:


  • thedoodlekid says:


    No one does, that is up to oneself

    the key is to NEVER “know” what is good and what is bad

    ignorance is the root of evil

    THAT I do know

  • thedoodlekid says:


    It is not an issue of what will solve the world’s problems, the problems of the world can not be solved now…

    They will be solved in the years to come, with the development of the human mind

    the question is is what is your purpose in life…

    to endlessly journey to comprehend life?

    Or journey to benefit it?

  • Artravelhur says:

    Hahaha that’s a very good point! I’d say, you experience those words as something positive. as in your perspective. So it’s not about the words itself but how you experience them :)

  • LordRandallOrton says:

    I would love to judge your words as good. Would that mean agreeing with you or disproving your point? ;)

  • Astrill1 says:

    I’m with you on that, Artravelhur. :-)

  • Artravelhur says:

    Nobody decides what is good and what is bad. Judging what is good and what is bad is simply a limitation of the mind. The answer only lies within perfect silence from inside which is far beyond the mind and intellect or any judgement.

  • LittleMegha says:

    It’s an allusion to a Biblical story. Mary is a contemplative person, but her sister Martha is busy body, or an active person. The issue is which mode of behavior is best for solving the world’s problems — contemplation or action.

  • gpoyt says:

    Type The five Kleshas in google, start by this. And for the rest, regroup the teahigns of all the religions, they teach the same ”Teachings about Good and Bad”. Humility, do not love the ”flesh” sex etc… , non violence, empathy etc…etc…

  • Astrill1 says:

    What is the “Mary and Martha dilemma” LittleMegha???

  • Astrill1 says:

    But….. who decides what is “good” and what is “bad???? And what about the different degrees of “good” and “bad”?????

  • gpoyt says:

    Yeah i do, however continue meditation it will balance and help you in an ”overall” aspect of your life. ”On the field, in society” meditating wont help you ”Directly” to face social problems (such as professional problems, money, friends, love, police etc..etc..) because they require material and earthly solutions, what it will do is enable you to see the relativity of things, be more peaceful inside your thoughts, put reflexion before panic and stress.

  • gpoyt says:

    Educate yourselves about the five kleshas, you must fight them within you, if every human did we would be saved.
    Realise that you first are an eternal spirit inside a human body, all those near death experience might be proof that we leave our body as a spirit at death.
    If you don’t know about religion, start by making the difference between the good and the bad. We have Good or Bad thoughts which result in Good or Bad actions, you must strive to live in the Good in (mind,actions and spirit.).

  • Neb0409 says:

    Glad too made you laugh my friend! And effectively, I wish to see a degrowth of the economy of my country and yours. And I prefer to see a “collapse” of economy as you call it, than a collapse of human kind! If only economist could understand the laws of nature! But I would like to hear your opinion on this subject …

    With respect!

  • acousticore says:

    pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

  • docspencer says:

    @Neb0409 You made me laugh hard when i read your impossible idea. Anyway, even if the US did back out of Chinese imports, our entire economy would collapse and our country would be ruined, not to mention we still owe china the equivalent to half our country. We’d be a ruined, half-sized USA >_>

  • LittleMegha says:

    That is a lovely image of Lord Buddha. He is so serene. I love to meditate, but I sometimes feel that meditation, as a solution to social problems, is too passive. I’m kinda struggling with the “Mary and Martha” dilemma. Anyone feel me?

  • Neb0409 says:

    I’m maybe wrong, but would it be possible that what had happened in tibet is a part of the fault of all people feeding rich companies and government in China by buying everything there rather than creating local economy and solidarity in our countries? I think it’s a part of me that killed Tibet. No Human have the wiseness to control the power that have China, therefore, I suggest the decentralisation of our economy and the improvement of the culture diversity, not hating others!

  • supercow86 says:

    Great music. Thanks for sharing.

  • LoFunan says:

    i think no must mix music with politic , the chinese people not is culpable of the problems of Tibet are things of the politics

  • MisQSC says:

    No goverment cant solve our problems… They are the problem!

  • apenkind5 says:

    fuck the chinese goverment im not asian at all but all those who died R.I.P poor tibet….

  • realityexplorations says:


  • AmritSinghAuja says:

    I’d say people who have balance or want balance, simply said, I agree two sides to everyone its balance, that brings up peace

  • AmritSinghAuja says:

    you have a choice in life(I’d like to note if your in your mid 20s like me, you have around 17800 days to live, the average life of a human being)

    I’d rather see the world in a positive view, and if some bad things happen, which they will, dont worry or feel sad/worried/down because of what happened, focus on solving the problem, getting it done, whatever.

    Approach things in a positive view, bad or good situation


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