A curious Orthodox Christian [2/2] - The Atheist Experience #635

(Part 2 of 2.) Charles from Austin, Texas (another Charles than the first caller) is a Greek Orthodox Christian. During the second half of his call he talks about cognitive dissonance and open-mindedness. Segment of The Atheist Experience #635 of December 13, 2009, with Russell Glasser and Martin Wagner. Topic: Live calls. This entire episode can be watched on Blip.tv: ► blip.tv What is The Atheist Experience? The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas …

  • jussts says:

    “That’s not much of a dare, because my posts have plenty merit.”

    Oh good, then it shouldn’t be hard for you to find someone who is willing to attest to that.

    Goodnight GrifterGraham/Nigrescence. And hey, if I don’t get back to you til then, merry Christmas.

  • Nigrescence says:

    You don’t buy reality because you’re a fucking failure of a troll.

    That’s not much of a dare, because my posts have plenty merit. Only pathetic trolls like you that are unable to read disagree with that fact.

    Troll elsewhere, shitbag.

  • jussts says:

    “Your suspicions were that I used others early in this bullshit, and I certainly did not.”

    Not buying it, Nigrescence… not even for a second.

    “…my points all stand on their own merits regardless.”

    Find one person (that isn’t one of your sock accounts) that thinks your insult riddled posts have any merit. I dare you.

  • Nigrescence says:

    Oh, and let’s not forget the mass downvoting that you assholes are employing. Hypocrisy much?

    No, I hardly “owned” myself, and even if that was the case (and it’s not), my points all stand on their own merits regardless. Troll elsewhere, idiot.

  • Nigrescence says:

    I only brought back that one other account of mine (the only other one) that I used to upload video responses after you three assholes have ganged up with voting, you fucking trolls.

    So, I hardly confirmed any suspicions. Your suspicions were that I used others early in this bullshit, and I certainly did not.

    But I guess reality won’t keep you from trolling, you pathetic idiot.

  • jussts says:

    “I’m not a troll, and of course you’re not fucking interested because you know you’re wrong.” –GrifterGraham

    Whoops Nigrescence… looks like, in your haste to troll me, you forgot to log out of your GrifterGraham account. You also managed to confirm suspicions that you’re using multiple accounts to down-thumb and thereby censor anyone that disagrees with you.

    Thanks for owning yourself and saving everybody else the trouble.

  • Uhlbelk says:

    I do enjoy this show, I think the martin may be wrong though in his opinion that atheists don’t fill in the gaps of knowledge with beliefs. Belief in science is bad when you don’t actually know the material enough your self to evaluate it. Its like christians who believe their preacher without knowing the bible or its history.

  • Nigrescence says:

    The troll here is you, shithead.

  • Skullpudding says:

    lol, my bad. I should have known better than to feed the troll.

    Please feel free have your other accounts vote my comments down. I wouldn’t want to deny you of that pleasure, especially during the holiday season.

    Stay classy, N.

  • Nigrescence says:

    Except I didn’t miss his point, and I didn’t misinterpret it.

    “you may be justified in that stance - but ONLY when you’ve actually managed to understand his argument in the first place.”

    Except that I do, and I showed how his argument is wrong. Look, when this idiot misrepresents what the caller himself was asking, I’m going to call him on his bullshit.

    Why don’t YOU try to fucking understand it?

    Oh, and the credibility is all there. Calling idiots idiots doesn’t detract from my points.

  • Skullpudding says:

    The “basic point” you missed is in your misinterpretation of what he actualy said, I’m more than happy to listen to you call him wrong - you may be justified in that stance - but ONLY when you’ve actually managed to understand his argument in the first place.

    And, try to add a little credibility to your arguments: Try debating without being derisive and abusive.

  • jussts says:

    Don’t waste your time trolling me, Nigrescence. I’m not interested. Just cut straight to down-thumbing my comments… you seem to be pretty good at that.

  • Nigrescence says:

    You didn’t clarify it at all, you moron. I’ve explained this quite well, and yet again the “several accounts” claim is utter bullshit.

  • Nigrescence says:

    I understand him just fine. He simply doesn’t seem to understand anything. Where have I ever demonstrated a lack of understanding of his bullshit? Nowhere. I’ve explained this all fairly well.

    Why do you think that people HAVE to be missing a “basic point” to see that he is indeed wrong and an idiot? Also, your “several accounts” claim is bullshit.

  • Nigrescence says:

    If anyone is the troll, it’s “johnny”.

    I’m a dick to him because he’s an idiot, and no his point is not in any way good.

  • davedarunner2000 says:

    well being open minded dosn’t make u rational. just means your willing to hear other peoples’ views. dosn’t mean you have to accept them.

  • johnycannuk says:

    jussts and skullpudding,

    Thanks. I can kinda see how he may have perhaps misinterpreted my original comment, but to go on like that after I thought I clarified is a bit odd.

    And the speed at which they were being voted down does suggest a sock-puppet account or two - my comment would be up for a few minutes, N. would respond and when I returned, -4.

    Some people’s children….

  • jussts says:

    Sorry about Nigrescence being such a dick to you, johnycannuk. You don’t deserve to be down-thumbed into oblivion for making a good point and staying calm when confronted by a troll.

  • Skullpudding says:

    I don’t understand how Nigrescence fails to understanding you, johny, but I get your viewpoint. You appear to be an atheist (like myself) who employs critical thinking even when it might seem to undermine his position. That’s intellectually honest and admirable.

    I have no idea why Nigrescence is so easily enraged, or how your comments are being voted down - could that many people be missing such a basic point, or does he have several accounts?

  • Skullpudding says:

    Agreed. This guy was such a refreshing break from the usual theist callers! So much so, in fact, that I’m going to have to rethink my position of theists. I was convinced that an open-minded theist was a contradiction in terms. It seems I was wrong.

    Thank you, Charles from Austin, for being enlightened enough to allow others to be enlightened.

  • artgoat says:

    If scientists found proof of God, what would be the point of faith? And would this “God” scientists might find evidence of bear any resemblance to the “God” as described in ANY of the holy books written by humans? If not, would not the “God” evidence they find simply be yet another case of pre-defining what you expect God to look like, and (surprise!) then discovering evidence that fits that preconception? I’m feeling Socratic, today.

  • Greenillusionist says:

    This is the kind of believers I like to talk to… really awesome guy.

  • typeNtardis says:

    Cool caller.

  • Nigrescence says:

    You’re a moron and a troll. Go fucking kill yourself.

  • johnycannuk says:

    Ah yes, the ever potent “shit-for-brains” argument.

    Nope, not ad hominem at all.

    You keep on thinkin’ Nigrescence. Its what your good at.

    Happy anime fapping son.

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