A curious Orthodox Christian [1/2] - The Atheist Experience #635

(Part 1 of 2.) Charles from Austin, Texas (another Charles than the first caller) is a Greek Orthodox Christian. He is curious to know if atheists view anything as larger than themselves. Segment of The Atheist Experience #635 of December 13, 2009, with Russell Glasser and Martin Wagner. Topic: Live calls. This entire episode can be watched on Blip.tv: ► blip.tv What is The Atheist Experience? The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin, Texas, geared at an …

  • ObakeOnna says:

    Yes, I much rather use my own brain to figure things out than blindly trust someone else, who might want nothing more than to take advantage of me. This includes any supposed gods, who curiously always seem to speak through men who can’t prove it’s god, not just them, who’s talking.

  • Greenillusionist says:

    If all christians were like this guy, oh what a paradise of tolerance this world would be. BTW, I love the show.

  • moho204 says:

    well would you rather just want to live your life wondering what tou should do. god gave us a mind to think for ourselves if he just brainwashed us there would be no porpuse in life thats why u have a conscious,feelings,…a brain!!!! look at christinanaty they praise a man (jesus the prophet) why dont they ever praise god himself?? im muslim by the way.. we muslims praise god and god only no one else muhammad and jesus and etc. are just men

  • sheepwshotguns says:

    the caller seems really civil and clear minded, cant wait to see which direction the conversation takes in the next part :)

  • ObakeOnna says:

    I’ve never quite understood: why should there be someone greater than oneself to look up to? I understand that children may have some kind of internal need to feel that way about parents (not sure of course) but as adults, shouldn’t we strive for a realistic view of each other and the surrounding reality? Even if we met (or created) some kind of superbeing far more intelligent than us, it wouldn’t be wise to trust it blindly. It might not have our best interests in mind after all.

  • mpalssonur says:

    Look to the middle east, or even the US. Religion is digging in and fighting as hard as it can against moderation, sensebilety and rationalety.

  • Lohitaksha says:

    He’s asking:
    Is there a teleological form of atheism?

  • isaachaze1 says:

    hmmmm, yea, i don’t remember that being in the book and i’ve also talked with the “prophet” who wrote the book :)

  • Creationsofmyown says:

    losing universally on all fronts is a hell of a fight suddenly?

  • mpalssonur says:

    The problem is that often religous people don’t ignore what they should.

  • Alpha1Bravo1Charlie1 says:

    That was my point, sorry it seemed a little ambiguous. I meant to say that religious people ignore the parts of their religion that they don’t like. Which is to say, the parts of their religion that aren’t beneficial to society are generally forgotten.

  • johnycannuk says:

    Philosophy is questions that may never be answered and religion are answers that may never be questioned….

  • peteq1972 says:


  • PlainsofWar says:

    For me… I never thought of that. I don’t worship myself. I don’t worship any gods (obviously).

    I guess I see nature as larger than me. I’m here because of nature. And oh. Carl Sagan. I bet Carl is talkin’ with the Flyin’ Spaghetti Monster…

  • PlainsofWar says:

    LIES! The Flying Spaghetti Monster says they are crazy!

    He said it.
    I believe it!


  • mpalssonur says:

    What about the Pope saying that condoms are evil and the effects that has on people in Africa where HIV is a serious threat? And that is just one example of many. Religion is being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21. century but it is putting up on hell of a fight.

  • DasMustafah says:

    At first I was like, “samefag!”

  • magx01 says:

    Nice caller, kudos to him. I disagree with his views, but respect his character.

  • mikech78 says:

    There aren’t. This guy might be a nice guy, and dare I say respectable, but ultimately he still holds an irrational belief that’s completely unfounded.

  • poorkinghaggard says:

    No, that’s historically inaccurate.
    Religion was created by people as a way to explain reality because there was no other way to do it. The “morphing” one might see is an incidental consequence of some religions or most of them.
    What happened is that we no longer are primitive. So either religion had to change, or its followers had to lie in order to keep being religious.

  • Valkes says:

    Okay, I’ll name a few! In America we lost 8 years of research into stem cells because of lack of funding, which was pushed due to “Christian morals” that hurts society! The new anti-abortion legislation included in the American Health care bill is there because of a Catholic Dem in the senate. Because of the Vatican’s position on Condom use Aids is still spreading in Africa, largely due to the slander they issue forth. Islam destroyed the twin towers in New york. Need I go on?

  • poorkinghaggard says:

    I want to see Thunderfoot host!

  • netsoj says:

    All religions are bent on that… They bend reality to fuel their mysticism.

  • netsoj says:

    Yay! An intelligent believer… I was beginning to think there weren’t any left!

  • Alpha1Bravo1Charlie1 says:

    Society is larger than me. We all work for it, whether we think about it or not. Name one part of religion that hurts society. For instance not working on the sabbath. We ignore that, because society would be hurt if we followed that rule.

    Even religious people ignore their religion of it’s not viable in terms of society. Would a Christian ever burn their bible? Of course not. What if they were on a desert island, and burning it would save their lives. Most Christians would.

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