Life Hacking Tips: What Is Binaural Meditation?

There is a lot buzz going around about meditation audio and binaural beats, which leads to the question: What is binaural meditation?

First, you need to understand a little background. There is an interesting effect called binaural beats. Our brains will perceives a steady, rhythmic pulsing when we hear two audible sounds that have nearly, but not exactly, the same frequency. It has to do with the way the sound waves cancel each other out. Imagine multiple people jumping on a trampoline. Sometimes people will bounce higher because of the way the trampoline is moving. Other times, they will almost stop dead on the trampoline. The high bounces are like the beats and the dead stops are like the quiet parts.

Binaural beats were first discovered in the early nineteenth century by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. They were largely ignoring by science and society until the publication of an article in the early 1970s. A large amount of interest and experimentation with the beat artifacts followed in subsequent decades.

These sounds have a peculiar effect on the brain. Certain frequencies of sound and light have a dramatic impact on mental states. Certain ranges of sound are used for this impact on brain functioning. This is called brainwave synchronization. It can be though of as the beat of the brainwaves matching the beat of the light and sound.

Binaural meditation uses the impact of these ‘beats’ on the mind to facilitate meditation. The brain wave changes naturally align the thinking mind with a certain state. This allows a person to more easily enter trance states and other meditative mental modes.

Most people have difficulty slowing down their active mind. This can be a real hurdle to effective meditation. It can be counterproductive by leading to frustration and increased stress. Utilizing binaural beats in meditation mitigates these negative consequences and eases the quieting of mental chatter.

It is important to use the correct frequencies of sound. Software packages vary widely in quality, so be sure to select carefully if you choose to use software. There are many meditation audio recordings available that have the frequencies appropriately balanced and orchestrated. Choose an option that best suits your needs.

Find out more about using binaural meditation and check out the best binaural beats meditations.

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