How To Find Information For The Beginner Wicca

While flipping through television channels three years ago. A news report about a man who followed Wicca caught my eye. He said he had a premonition the night before buying the winning ticket that he would win. So he went to the local mart and bought a ticket and sure enough he won.

I had heard about Wicca before but now I was intrigued. What was the power of Wicca that this man attributed he good fortune to it?

I turned on my computer and began surfing the web to learn all I could.

One thing i figured out , is that it is very difficult to find good information about Wicca, because unlike Judaism and Catholicism, Wicca has different meanings to different people. There is no book like the Bible or the Torah. In my mind this is a good thing as I never believed that there is one set of rules to follow when it comes to religion.

The next problem I encountered in my search for answers was Wicca has attracted many people who simply want to take advantage of people like me. These so called experts spread miss truths and use false knowledge for power and control. Wicca has been underground for so long because of persecution it made it easy for these people. There are however many good people filled with knowledge and they are just waiting for you to find them.

How do you find them?

Finding good information is no longer hard. All you have to do is search on Google and you will find many communities filled with good knowledgeable people. Sites like these tend to weed out the people trying to spread misinformation. In these communities you will find people at every stage of learning from beginners like me to life long second and third generation practitioners.

These communities will welcome you with open arms and be filled with useful information. Following Wicca no longer has to be a solitary pursuit.

Blessed Be.

Want to find out more about Wicca, then visit Brian Kleiner’s Wiccan Community .

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