Jinn Possession

Question Assalamo alaikum All our lives we have read and seen stories about Jinn taking possession of humans but what we are witnessing in unbelievable-our niece has been possessedd by a strange being that she is totally a different being talking totally different thngs during that time and when the being goes out of her she is the same old being-we are witnessing it with our own eyes so there is no chance of not believing and the worst part is that the family is such a strong aqeedah and practicing muslims and since that day (a month, _all the surahs and ayats recommended by the sunnat and ulema are being recited and practiced but nothing seems to work-a weak and decent girl gains such power as of a strong man when this happens- please tell what the sunnah or hadees says about it as we dont find any incidents in sahaba s life-the girl herself has never left namaz and has been teaching Quran to children since so many years plz guide jazakallah

Answer I suggest you do dua, recite and blow them and consult a good doctor. There is no need to involve mullah’s etc. This is also termed as multi-personality disorder. Allah has given it and he alone can remove it.

AbuDawud Book 001, Hadith Number 0006. ———- Chapter : What should a man utter while entering the privy.

Narated By Zayd ibn Arqam : The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) said: These privies are frequented by the jinns and devils. So when anyone amongst you goes there, he should say: “I seek refuge in Allah from male and female devils.”

AbuDawud Book 022, Hadith Number 3883. ———- Chapter : Not known.

Narated By AbudDarda’ : I heard the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) say: If any of you is suffering from anything or his brother is suffering, he should say: Our Lord is Allah Who is in the heaven, holy is Thy name, Thy command reigns supreme in the heaven and the earth, as Thy mercy in the heaven, make Thy mercy in the earth; forgive us our sins, and our errors; Thou art the Lord of good men; send down mercy from Thy mercy, and remedy, and remedy from Thy remedy on this pain so that it is healed up.

AbuDawud Book 022, Hadith Number 3884. ———- Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-’As : The Apostle of Allah (pbuh) sued to teach them the following words in the case of alarm: I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words from His anger, the evil of His servants, the evil suggestions of the devils and their presence. Abdullah ibn Amr used to teach them to those of his children who had reached puberty, and he wrote them down (on some material) and hung on the child who had not reached puberty.

AbuDawud Book 008, Hadith Number 2597. ———- Chapter : Not known.

Narated By Abdullah ibn Amr : When the Apostle of Allah (pbuh) was travelling and night came on, he said: O earth, my Lord and your Lord is Allah; I seek refuge in Allah from your evil, the evil of what you contain, the evil of what has been created in you, and the evil of what creeps upon you; I seek refuge in Allah from lions, from large black snakes, from other snakes, from scorpions, from the evil of jinn which inhabit a settlement, and from a parent and his offspring.

AbuDawud Book 020, Hadith Number 3724. ———- Chapter : Covering vessels.

Narated By Jabir b. ‘Abd Allah : The Prophet (may peace be upon him) as saying: Gather your children when darkness spreads, or in the evening (according to Musaddad), for the jinn are abroad and seize them.

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Learn more about Occult Activities of the Jinn

Through their powers of flying and invisibility, the Jinn are the chief component in occult activities. Voodoo, Black magic, Poltergeists, Witchcraft and Mediums can all be explained through the world of the Jinn. Likewise, so can the illusions and feats of magicians. Because the Jinn can traverse huge distances over a matter of seconds, their value to magicians is great. In return for helping them in their magic, the Jinns often ask the magicians to worship them and Satan. Thus the magicians take the Jinn and Satan as lords besides God. In our day, some of the feats performed by magicians and entertainers are without doubt from the assistance of the Jinn. Making the Statue of Liberty disappear, flying across the Grand Canyon and retrieving a ship from the Bermuda Triangle, have all been done by the Jewish magician David Copperfield. There is NO way that a man could do such things without the assistance of the Jinn. It would not be surprising therefore, if David Copperfield had sold his soul to Satan himself.may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him

One of the most frequent activities associated with the Jinn, is fortune telling. Before the advent of the Prophet Muhammad, fortune-tellers and soothsayers were wide spread. These people would use their associates from the Jinn to find out about the future. The Jinns would go to the lowest heaven and listen to the Angels conversing amongst themselves about events of the Future which they heard from God. The Jinns would then inform the fortune-tellers. This is why before the time of the Prophet many fortune-tellers were very accurate in their predictions. However, upon the Prophet’s arrival the heavens were guarded intensely by the Angels, and any Jinn who tried to listen was attacked by meteors (shooting stars):

“And We have guarded it (the heavens) from every accursed devil, except one who is able to snatch a hearing and he is pursued by a brightly burning flame.” (Quran 15:17-18)

The Prophet also said: “They (the Jinn) would pass the information back down until it reaches the lips of a magician or forrtune-teller Sometimes a meteor would overtake them before they could pass it on. If they passed it on before being struck, they would add to it a hundred lies” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari). Thus, it is clear from this as to how fortune-tellers get predictions of the future sometimes right. It is also evident as to why they get so many wrong. Men like Nostradamus are an example, as some of his predictions of the future were correct whilst many were completely wrong. Unfortunately, the amount of fortune telling which occurs amongst the Muslims is also increasing. By visiting Muslim lands such as Morocco, one is able to see as to how much inter Jinn-fortune-teller activity there really is. If you look up at the sky on a clear night in Morocco, you will see the heavens ablaze with shooting stars! A clear display of the devils being chased away from the heavens.

Fortune-tellers also operate through the Qareen. The Qareen is the Jinn companion which is assigned to every human being. It is this Jinn which whispers to our base desires and constantly tries to divert us from righteousness. The Prophet said: “Every one of you has been assigned a companion from the Jinn. The companions asked: Even you O’ Messenger of God? And the Prophet replied: Even me, except that God has helped me against him and he has become a Muslim. Now he only tells me to do good” (Saheeh Muslim). Because the Qareen is with a person all his life, it knows all that has happened to the person from the cradle to the grave. By making contact with the Qareen, the fortune-teller is thus able to make out that it is he who knows about the person. He looks in his crystal ball or the palm of a person and proceeds to amaze him with knowledge which no one else knows. The severity of going to a fortune-teller is such that the Prophet said: “The prayer of one who approaches a fortune-teller and asks him about anything, will not be accepted for forty days or nights” (Saheeh Muslim) and: “Whosoever approaches a fortune-teller and believes in what he says, has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammed.”

The effects of the Jinn are not just limited to fortune-tellers. Other activities such as oujia boards and seances, which are used to contact the dead, are manipulated by the Jinn. ‘Are you there Charlie? Speak to us Charlie!!’ are the sort of words spoken by anxious relatives (names are obviously different!) seeking to make contact with their loved ones. And it is when the Jinn starts to talk and communicate as ‘Charlie’, that the people are truly fooled.

One of the biggest manipulations of the Jinn is through visions. Through these visions the Jinns are more likely to lead people away from the worship of God then any other way. When a person sees a vision in front of his eyes it is something which is very hard to explain away. Only by having knowledge of the world of the Jinn and conviction in God, can a person fight such a trial. The countless numbers of visions of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary over the centuries has been a popular choice for the devils. It almost seems as if leading Christians astray is the most easiest trick for the Jinns! Not only are Christians fooled by these visions, but often the Jinns possess and begin to talk from their voices. To the Christians this is known as the tongues of the Angels and thus a proof for their faith. However, the amount of unintelligible nonsense and rubbish which is heard is a clear proof that this is in fact the tongues of the devils! For other people, visions of their parents or relatives are commonplace. By taking on the form of peoples parents, the Jinns can convince people that the souls of dead people still mix with the people of the earth. This is why so many people believe in ghosts.

The onslaught of satanic visions has also hit the Muslims. Many Muslims claim to have seen visions of the Prophet Muhammed and even God! By doing this, Satan is able to lead astray the weak Muslims. Through such visions, Muslims are often told that the commands of Islam are not applicable to them. The Jinns tell them that Prayer, Fasting, Hajj etc. are not obligatory for them. It is a great deception and unfortunately one which has been very effective. The extent of satanic visions still continues to this day. The recent death of Diana Princess of Wales sparked off great love and adoration for this woman. In fact the grief of the British people was such, that it was as if Diana was something divine. No sooner had the mourning of Diana reached its peak, that visions of her were already being seen at Hampton Court Palace! If these visions did occur, the desire of Satan and his army of Jinn to capitalise on this event, was evident. Such visions are clear attempts by Satan to lead mankind away from the path of God. Protection from the Jinn

Because the Jinn can see us while we cannot see them, the Prophet Muhammad taught us many ways to protect ourselves from their harm, such as seeking refuge in Allah (God) from the accursed Satan, reciting chapters 113 and 114 of the Holy Quran, and reciting the words taught by God in the Quran: “Say: ‘My Lord! I seek refuge with You from the whisperings (suggestions) of Satan (devils). And I seek refuge with You, my Lord, lest they may attend (or come near) me.’” (Quran 23:97-98)

Saying Bismillah (in the Name of Allah (God)) before entering one’s home, before eating or drinking, and before having intercourse will also keep Satan from entering the house or partaking with a person in his food, drink and sexual activity. Similarly, mentioning the name of Allah before entering the toilet or taking off one’s clothes will prevent the Jinn from seeing a person’s private parts or harming him, as the Prophet said. Strength of faith and religion in general will also prevent the Jinn from harming a person.

Reciting Al-Kursi verse in Arabic (Quran 2:255) provides also a strong protection against the Jinn, as we learned from the story of Abu Hurairah (one of Muhammad’s companions) with a devil.[1]

Also the Prophet Muhammad said: “Do not make your houses like graves, for Satan runs away from a house in which al-Baqarah chapter [chapter 2] is recited.”(Narrated by Saheeh Muslim)

These Arabic verses and prophetic sayings were some examples of how a Muslim would get protection from the Jinn. Islam teaches us how to deal with all of God’s creation - and not just the Jinn. A true Muslim should not fear Satan or the Jinn, because Islam taught us about them and how to get protection from their harm.

The world of the Jinn is one which is both sinister and intriguing. By knowing of this world we can explain many of the mysteries and issues which bother us. By doing this we can avoid the extremes which the people have gone to; nothing being more extreme then worshipping others besides God. By learning the monotheism of God, we defend ourselves from these hidden allies of Satan:

“Indeed he (Satan) and his tribe watch you from a position where you cannot see them.” (Quran 7:27)


[1] Abu Hurairah (a companion of Muhammad) said: “The Prophet Muhammad put me in charge of guarding compulsory charity collected in the month of Ramadan. Somebody came and began to take away some food-stuff from it. I caught him and said, ‘I must take you to the Prophet of God.’ He replied, ‘I am a needy man with a large family, and so I have a pressing need.’ So I let him go. When I saw the Prophet next morning, he asked me, ‘O Abu Hurairah! What did your captive do last night?’ I said, ‘O Prophet of God! He complained of a pressing need and a big family. I felt pity for him and I let him go.’ The prophet said, ‘He told you a lie and he will return.’ I was sure according to the saying of the Prophet that he would return. I waited for him. He sneaked up again and began to steal food-stuff from the charity. I caught him and said, ‘I must take you to the Prophet.’ He replied, ‘Let go of me, I am a needy man. I have to bear the expenses of a big family. I will not come back.’ So I took pity on him and let him go. I went at dawn to the Prophet who asked me, ‘O Abu Hurairah! What did your captive do last night?’ I replied, ‘O Prophet of God! He complained of a pressing need and the burden of a big family. I took pity on him and so I let him go.’ The Prophet replied, ‘He told you a lie and he will return.’ (That man) came again to steal the food-stuff. I arrested him and said, ‘I must take you to the Prophet of God, and this is the last of three times. You promised that you would not come again but you did.’ He replied, ‘Let go of me, and I shall teach you some words with which God may benefit you.’ I asked, ‘what are those words?’ He replied, ‘When you go to bed, recite Al-Kursi verse (Quran 2:255), for there will be a guardian appointed over you from God, and no devil will be able to approach you till morning.’ So I let him go. Next morning the Prophet of God asked me, ‘What did your prisoner do last night.’ I answered, ‘He promised to teach me some words which he claimed will benefit me before God. So I let him go.’ The Prophet asked, ‘What are those words that he taught you?’ I said, ‘He told me: When you go to bed, recite Al-Kursi verse from the beginning to the end and that by reciting it, there will be a guardian appointed over you from God who will protect you during the night, and no devil will be able to come near you until morning.’ The Prophet said, ‘Verily, he has told you the truth though he is a liar. O Abu Hurairah! Do you know with whom you were speaking for the last three nights?’ I said, ‘No.’ The prophet replied, ‘That was a devil.’” (Narrated in Saheeh Al-Bukhari)

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Growing Internet Dating Relationships

Just like regular real-world dating relationships, Internet dating relationships need tending, to grow over time. Here are some quick growing tips you may find very useful in your Internet dating relationship.

To ma make success on your Internet dating venture, you are supposed to Take time and make time. Does your Internet date get in touch with you regularly? Do you do the same? Neglecting virtual meetings can be considered abuse or neglect, so you have to take care of each others time and opinion with reverence. If it’s lacking, might mean time to move on.

Communication needs to “feel” right for both of you. If one of you is too pushy about meeting, for instance, that can give off bad vibes. So don’t rush. Take time to learn more about each other and develop trust.

Remember, the idea here is to find a girl who will like you exactly like you are. If you have lied in your Internet dating profile, the first face-to-face meeting will remove all her doubt that you are a liar…and probably a cheat, as well.

Value each others confidentiality in Internet dating relationships. Don’t share private email addresses or digital photos on the Internet, for example, when your Internet date mailed you the information in confidence.

Make your Internet dating relationships a fun - send greeting cards, links to favorite places to upload digital photos of your favorite pet, download music and video clips, post on favorite forums of interest.

If you’re exchanging addresses or post office boxes, send print greeting cards and postcards, small items from your area (like a key chain with your state logo). In short, share special Offline fun times Offline-

Finally, tend your Internet relationship. Water it, like a beautiful flower you are fond of, with care and over time it can sprout and grow. Human beings are always what they are they like that love be demonstrated to them not only in words but also in action.

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What, In Actual Fact, Makes You Tick?” 10 Questions You Should Ask To Yourself: Groundwork To Self-improvement (Part 2)

5. Have I done sufficiently for myself?

Ask yourself: Have you, or is there something more you would like to do? Although discontentment in all aspects can be perilous in large doses, in small amounts you’ll be able to see and do stuff you could never imagine doing.

6. Am I pleased at where I am today?

This is an unfair question so let it be a response! You love being a good and loving mom or dad to your kids, then take it up a notch and your children will find you irresistible evermore. The same goes with everyday life experience!

7. Am I attractive to the opposite sex?

So maybe I don’t have an answer to that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try it, though. Whether you shape-up, change the way you wear your clothes or hair, or even your attitude towards people, you should always remember it will always be for your own benefit.

8. How much money could I have?

I presume in this case there is no such things on having things too much or too little, but it’s more on how badly you really require it. I’d like to have lots of money, no denying that, but the question is that how much are you willing to labor for the money?

9. What motivates me?

What stimulates you? It’s an answer you have to find out for yourself. There are so many things that can make everyone contented, but to choose one of these may be the most difficult part. It’s not like you can’t have one serving of your preferred food in a buffet and that’s it. Just try it piece by piece.

10. What in Reality Makes You Tick?

Always keep in mind, that self-improvement is not just about the bodily or philosophical change you have to endure, but it’s something that you really fancy. So? What if truth be told makes you tick? You can be just about anything you always wanted to be, but to realize that attaining something that may seem very difficult is already giving up before you even start that journey.

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Understanding Blind Date

Blind dating is a form of date where the people involved have not met each other previously. The match could have been arranged by mutual friends, relatives or by a dating system.Blind dating is a social engagement between two persons who have not previously met, usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance. The term is also used for either of the persons participating in such a social engagement. Blind date is a date arranged between people who have not seen or met each other before

Blind dating is a common way for social dating also. It is a social engagement which often occurs when someone is set up on a date through a friend or a third party. People are often set up on a blind date through a friend or a co-worker who knows both parties and believes they would make a great couple.

If you are recommended to go on a blind date by a friend who knows you well, you might want to consider it for its benefits. Of course blind date like any other social ventures has its advantages and disadvantages.

If your friend knows the other people as well as they know you, they might be right about the two of you connecting and getting along well together. When you go on a blind date you might not have any idea what the other person looks like or you might have been shown a picture.

In all cases, the person you will be going out with will be someone you have never met or spoke to before. It is common to be nervous about going on a blind date because you don’t know if the person will like you and you don’t know if you will like the other person.

Actually some people really enjoy being set up on a blind date and many blind dates actually turn into successful relationships in the end if the right people set the two of you up.

It becomes essential that you try to know as much information that you can about the person before you go and be sure your friend knows the other person well before you go to be sure the date will not be a disaster.

However, even if eventually the two of you decide that you are not a compatible couple there is neither risk nor danger on both of you. The additional vital advantage for the two of you is that you might meet someone who becomes a very good friend of yours in the long run.

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Honesty In Reality Is The Best Policy In Online Dating

This article will deal with honesty in words and intention in online dating. This is a very sensitive factor that is often overlooked or taken for granted. You will not like to be tricked.

You are looking for a girl that you can like when you join an online dating service, …especially come to love. That girl is also looking for a guy that SHE can like or even love. What you aren’t looking for is a girl who would fall in love with your best friend or your idea of what the perfect guy looks like or talks like or thinks like.

If you actually want to find the right girl for you…and just be sure that she IS out there for you…you need to be completely honest with yourself about yourself when writing the online profile, during the online dating procedure and beyond.

The best way to begin writing your profile is to carefully analyze your past relationship(s). What was right? What was wrong? What things really made you like the last girl? Which didn’t?

Don’t suppose, just because you hated, that your last girl was so totally self-involved that she couldn’t see anything else, you’ll be able to overlook that quality this time. You won’t.

If you are a clerk, don’t claim to be a doctor with six-figure earnings. If you are 40 going on 50, don’t pretend to be 30 something. If you aren’t 6′1″ with a six-pack to be proud of, don’t claim to be

Always bear in mind; the main important idea here is to come across a young woman who will like you exactly like you are. If you have lied in your online dating profile, the first face-to-face meeting will immediately remove all her doubt that you are a liar…and probably a cheat as well.

Lastly, since you know and she knows that online dating services are intended for those who are looking…not those who have found or been found, once you have found a girl that you believe can be the one for you, for goodness sakes, cancel your membership to the online dating service.

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Muhammad (PBUH) - A Genius Misunderstood!

Muhammad is perhaps the most misrepresented person in history. He is perhaps the most loved and most hated person engulfing the world today.

Blind followers of Islam worship him as the most perfect person in history. To them, anything written in name of Muhammad becomes example - be it how he ate, drank, slept or married. On other hand, ex-Muslims and non-Muslims blame Muhammad for being a barbaric lascivious person whose teachings and tactics have caused bloodshed since then. Especially after the recent rise of Islamic terrorism, controversy over Muhammad is on a peak.

You will find plethora of references from Hadiths and Quran and also from biographies of Muhammad that portray him as a characterless power-hungry psychopath. There is a tremendous literature on this aspect of Muhammad. A lot of material is available on internet as well.

Spurred by the strong opinions - both positive and negative - that are available on Muhammad, I set out to explore his life and evaluate what would have made him so hated and so loved. I shall detail summary findings in this post. But the conclusion was very clear - Muhammad was a legendary revolutionary far ahead of his times and perhaps one of the most inspiring persons of history. Had I lived in his era, I would have been his fan without an iota of doubt. But only a few could understand the man and his vision properly.

Thus his character has been maligned both by his admirers and detractors. His admirers view him as final answer to everything ignoring the fact that he was a human, and as every human he was subject to social and cultural conditioning as per his era. As every human, he had his own set of imperfections. Any attempt to justify an imperfection of any human only maligns and dilutes the positive aspects and noble deeds of legends. On other hand, his detractors find him an easy scapegoat for all the nonsense that happens in name of Islam - gender discrimination, slavery, terrorism, bomb blasts, hijacking and superstitions. They refuse to dig deeply and explore the possibilities of Muhammad being victim of situations and false slander.

One day, I would love to write a detailed biography of this great legend. But for now, I would provide enough food for thought to explore the third possibility - away from blind hatred or love - of a visionary revolutionary noble intentioned legend who has been misinterpreted and misrepresented since last 1400 years.

a. Just think for a while. Why would he call his religion Islam (that means peace) and its followers Muslims (those who humbly submit) if he were to propagate violence and violent means? He could have chosen some other name as well. But why there has been a specific emphasis on Peace and Humility? To me that is the primary theme of Muhammad’s message and everything else should be interpreted in this light alone.

b. The Arab of his times was deeply drenched in immorality and superstitions. If you carefully study his life, you would find that he risked even his life to bring the corrupt Arabic culture of his times towards enhanced sensibilities. He was born in an era where people even used to marry each others’ daughters. Incest was also prevalent and so was slavery. He knew that these practices could not be stopped instantaneously. Not having opportunity to learn from any teacher and complete even a basic education, he began a self-motivated journey of analysis of the practices of his times and trying to discover what should be the right way. He did it to best of his capabilities and knowledge. And considering his education and society, he could think of a long way. He then tried to stop or dilute many of these practices through a variety of tactics - by explaining to them, by showing them fear, by giving them incentives and at times even fighting them.

c. Despite all greatness, Muhammad was still a human and subject to social conditioning as per his times. Often people question why he married a kid and his daughter-in-law. But they forget that in those times, even incest was common. Compared to that, Muhammad came a long way. He showed a great example of monogamy in his first marriage, which was a rare exception in his times. After death of her first wife, he did marry many others including Aisha when she was 6 years old, and Zainab who was wife of his adopted son. He also kept concubines. But instead of criticizing him for these, we should understand that these were fairly accepted practices of his times. We should admire the fact that he did stress on monogamy, even though he himself could not follow it. He also stressed on not marrying in very close relations. So he was in fact a visionary for his society.

d. Similarly, while he could not think of a world where slavery does not exist, he did make freeing of slaves count as a noble deed. He also thought of giving his concubines at least half the status of his wives and their children equal status. In a world of Arabs, where women had no status of dignity or had even basic rights, he could acknowledge that two women equal intelligence of one man.

e. When he had married several times, he realized that polygamy has its peril. So he restricted Muslims from more than 4 marriages. Since keeping concubines was fairly common, he allowed that but on condition that children of concubine at least get same status in family as that of children from wives. Had he lived a few years more, he may have had eradicated slavery and concubines completely.

f. Meat was primary diet of his era. Yet he called for compassion on animals. We may complain that he did not ban meat-eating altogether. But we forget that it would have been too ridiculous for his times considering that meat was staple diet of his times. We should admire the foresight shown by Muhammad that has made many Muslims the most ardent proponents of Vegetarianism. Visit islamveg.org. They are aptly carrying ahead the true mission of Muhammad.

g. People blame him for calling himself as final prophet and asking them to believing in him alone. What else could he have done when everybody was trying to fool people in name of religion and nonsense was happening in name of previously known religious books? He simply wanted people to not be distracted by this. The scientific literature of the East was not available in Arab. All they had were books of superstitions. To put an end to these, he asserted that they were no more necessary and they should follow his message alone.

h. When he found people so intoxicated by stupidity and superstitions, he thought of a great plan. He had been suffering from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) from childhood. So he said that he had visions of true teachings of God and hence everyone should stop believing in false practices. He claimed that the TLE bouts were actually times when he had supernatural experiences and visions of true knowledge. Scientists have now discovered that TLE patients tend to be more religious, in any case.

Thus he used even his debility to help people and society. What can be a better example of foresight and self-abnegation!

i. Since many people, primarily Pagans were turning lazy due to belief that they would do good things in next life. So to make them more action oriented he said to them that this life is the only life and they should make best of it. In return, all good things that they aspire for would be gifted to them by God. And if they refuse to do good things, they will burn in Hell. He found no other ploy that could work against such dumb-headed and perverted people.

j. Muhammad had no access to philosophy of the East. He knew that the earlier books known to his society were full of glaring loopholes. Yet he also sensed that even his teachings could also not be fully perfect. So he referred that the true knowledge of God is much vast in scope and is the source of true knowledge. Is it not great foresight that he could admit Vedas as original complete source book of all knowledge, even though he had no access to it? He mentions several times that he believes that East has a spiritual fragrance. He has mentioned also that the old eternal knowledge of God is perfect. Maybe if he had lived a bit longer or had got access to Vedas, things would have been much simpler for him and he could have become a Vedic preacher.

k. But Muhammad had another dilemma as well. If he did not state that his teachings are full and final, he knew that even some of his rogue followers would keep coming up with new teachings to fool people. So he stated that Quran is the last word and there would be no further changes.

And alas! This noble act of Muhammad became cause of all the distortions and misrepresentations that people have about Muhammad and his true Islam, true Quran, true religion.

l. His followers deceived him. They knew that Quran has not yet been compiled. So they imprisoned Muhammad and started spreading false stories and false verses in his name. They knew that Muhammad had bouts of TLE Epilepsy. So they would spread any false thing and then then tell Muhammad that he said so in his epilepsy bout. Since he would not remember clearly and hallucinate in these bouts, his trustworthy followers found an easy way to add whatever they wanted in name of divine message given to Muhammad in his vision.

m. Once Muhammad caught this. He is said to have uttered something in one of the bouts that was against his ideology. He immediately retracted it by saying that he was captured by Satan and hence they were Satanic verses.

n. Thus Muhammad’s teachings were caught between manipulations by several individuals and groups who were looking for their own selfish goals, and some good intentioned followers. Hence Quran and Hadiths become a mixture of original teachings of Muhammad interspersed with unverifiable manipulations. Thus one can easily find innumerable contradictions and glaring inconsistencies in Quran.

o. Once Muhammad rose to power, his followers used him as the face of Islam but overwhelmed him. At times they would put him in embarrassing positions in his bouts and then threaten or fool him to justify that as a divine revelation. Some such events include cohabitation with his daughter-in-law, semen marks on his clothes which Aisha scratched with her fingernails and illegitimate sex with her slave in bed of his wife Hafsa, among other events. One is not sure if these events actually happened in first place, or Muhammad was dragged into them by misusing his epileptic fits. But they do not seem to fit into the noble thoughts and character of Muhammad.

p. As evidence of his foresight, Muhammad could sense the doom that is coming. He had started to doubt his trustworthy people and felt helpless. He thus stated that of the 72 sects of Islam, only one is on path of truth. But by then it was too late. He was gradually poisoned to dumb his mind and finally he died.

q. The process of compilation of Quran happened after his death and there was a bitter fight among his followers. The fight was desperate because the winner would decide what the final Quran that goes to world as only authentic Quran, would look like and would have access to growing Muhammadism. And indeed that happen. The Quran we see today was compiled not by Muhammad but by his followers who were fighting each other like bloody hounds.

r. He was deceived by Aisha, his child-bride, who was too smart for her age. Muhammad had adopted this child from his friend and had a paternal affection to her. Whether he was actually her husband or godfather is unclear. That Aisha was his wife seems not to match the great character and ideology of Muhammad. That should be explored further.

But by the time she reached youth, Muhammad was on death-bed. She was smart enough to manipulate Muhammad from very beginning, perhaps on instructions of someone else. She would always claim that Muhammad had a bout of epilepsy/ revelation whenever Muhammad was with her. And Muhammad because of short-term memory loss would be helpless to admit to them.

Soon it became a trend that Ayats would be revealed to Muhammad only when he was with Aisha. Thus in Quran we have today, apart from the Ayats that were supposed to have been revealed in Ramadan, almost all the rest have been stated to be revealed when Muhammad was alone with Aisha. Thus we have only Aisha to trust reliability of these verses or Ayats.

s. What more, she also had power to manipulate most Hadiths. Today bulk of Hadiths relate to evidence of Aisha or her henchmen.

So smart was she that she even allowed breast-feeding to adults as a ploy to have motherly close relations with them. Claiming it to be a hadith, she and her sisters used it to come close to men in privacy!

t. Not everyone could manipulate the Quran. But that was easier in case of Hadiths. And today, Islam is predominantly as per what is written in these Hadiths. Because the practices of Islam today are governed by Hadiths primarily. Quran is more generic in nature and hence does not spell out much detail.

In case of Hadiths, it was almost free for all. Everyone compiled their own stories as parts of Hadiths. Thus you would find blatant vulgarity, contradictions and even stupid jokes in these Hadiths. Scholars keep fighting on which is a weak Hadith and which is strong. Further, each sect of Islam follows its own Hadiths.

u. Once Muhammad died, bitter fighting began. Aisha, supposed to be dearest to Muhammad fought against even his most loyal followers. The history of Islam has been that of bloodshed since then. The various sects have continued to fight and no follower of islam (peace) as given by Muhammad was spared from it. All immediate followers of Muhammad were engaged in bloody warfare after his death. Many of the Caliphs were murdered and deceiving each other was rampant.

v. Muhammad was indeed prophetic to have seen all this. That is why he said that of the 72 groups, only one is in path of truth. He ensured that his true message of peace finds place in the adulterated Quran and Hadiths. Any reader of Quran can find original message of Muhammad mixed with later day adulterations.

He even inserted in Quran (144.3) his concern that he may be killed. It seems he had realized that he was being slow-poisoned and his epilepsy is being used to make him a prisoner.

w. Final Quran was ready around 10-20 years after his death. Knowing that he has been cheated by his own people, Muhamamad did force insertion of “bismillah rahamanurrahimi” as a prerequisite to reciting any verse of Quran. It emphasizes that “One and only one who has Compassion and Bliss is to be followed”. He deliberately inserted this Basmala out of context to prevent the sinking ship for drowning. Note that initially this Basmala was rejected because Raham and Rahim that form basis of this phrase or not Arabic words. But even though this does not come in any verse, Muhammad forced insertion of this Basmala as first words to utter when reciting Quran.

x. Muhammad did the best he could do, but the ship eventually sunk. How could it have been saved when someone like Aisha who is claimed to be divinely provided to Muhammad by angels, and whom Muhammad nurtured from very childhood deceived him. He is supposed to have been killed by two of his dearest wives - Aisha and Hafsa by order of their fathers Abu Bakr and Omar. Please refer to research by Shaykh Yasser Al-Habib. (Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HiMgW9yd7w)

After Muhammad was dead, and they had manipulated Quran and Hadiths to significant extents, they then started fighting and killing other followers of Muhammad. They also started proclaiming that if one questions anything in Quran, he or she would go to Hell. Free speech, which was the core characteristic of Muhammad was completely banned.

y. Since then, the warring factions of Muslims would try to justify anything and everything in name of Islam, analyzing not even for a while that lack of questioning and violence go against basic essence of Islam as put by Muhammad.

And when progressive Muslims try to rise above clutches of a questionable Quran and try to abide by core essence of Muhammad, they are threatened through fatwas and Hadiths which justify killing of one who deserts Islam.

(There are hadiths and verses which even state that Muhammad used to spit on mouth of others because his saliva had healing properties, or that Muhammad would not always wash hands after bowels, or how one should rub hands in dust and on mouth if one ejaculates but find no water, or how one is allowed to keep concubines, or how one should kill non-believers in month of Ramadan, and many other ridiculous concepts which any person with scientific temper cannot believe in. But still, when open minded Muslims try to rise above it rejecting it all as unreasonable, they have to face threat of fanatics. Interestingly, one Hadith states that one who deserts the faith deserves to be killed, and even if one has to raid in night, or cheat or kill children and women of non-believers, that is justified. Another even justifies rape of widows of those who have been just killed in battle! All this falsehood in name of Muhammad!)

Muhammad gave all the clear hints that Quran is not complete and final and that true knowledge of God is much vast and complete. Nowadays many Muslim scholars have started accepting that Muhammad used to consider Vedas as the first book of wisdom of God. But instead of going further and embracing Vedas, they would try to use this as a ploy to pull non-Muslims towards the interpolated Quran.

But for the wise and open-minded, there are sufficient hints from Muhammad’s own life and deeds, as well as those of his bloodthirsty followers who compiled the Quran and Hadiths, that the core essence of Muhammad’s teachings lie in freedom of expression, progression of human rights, peace and guts to revise stand (Muhammad used to revise his stands several times. Once he would realize that a mistake happened, he would humbly state that another verse countering the previous one is revealed. Later, it was used as a ploy to reject many of Muhammad’s original teachings by his bloodthirsty followers)

And eventually they lead to the source of spiritual fragrance in East (in Muhammad’s words) - to the Vedas and their scientific spirit.

Muhammad tried to do the best with whatever he knew and same should be done by people today. Instead of taking Quran literally and causing disturbances by blindly believing in superstitions, they should inculcate the scientific and tolerant temper and follow the footsteps of legends like Abul Kalam, Ashfaqullah and Abdul Hamid.

Many progressive Muslims true to spirit of Muhammad are indeed doing so. May God help them in their struggle to rise above fanatic threats of false Muslims who are disgracing Muhammad by their deeds and beliefs. May God help them combat the handiwork between likes of Osama Bin Laden and their vocal supporters like Zakir Naik.

We are with them by all means because we share the same religion - that of humanity.

Consider Muhammad has a final messenger as given finally in Quran and Hadiths as popular today - and you may hate him as a fanatic!

But consider Muhammad as a human being - and you would find him a genius misunderstood. a visionary, a legend who could not be stopped even by his own mental and physical debilities to surge towards his mission. A Muhammad in true sense - one who is worthy of being praised!

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An Insight Into Bereavement Within Islam

Islam teaches that death is simply a doorway into the third stage of someone’s life and that when they are dying, their soul (ruh) rises in their body and collects in their throat. An angel called Malikul Mawt (Angel of Death) then arrives to remove the soul.

As the soul continues to live after death, it is important for Muslims to cleanse it prior to their death. For this reason, it is common to find friends and family members of a dying person around their death bed praying for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy in relation to any transgressions that the dying person may have committed.

The preparation and burial of a deceased Muslim then takes place according to Islamic law and custom, with both the deceased’s family and wider Muslim community actively involved.

Once a person has actually died, those present at that time will act as follows - they will close the deceased eyes, bind their lower jaw, and cover the body from head to toe in a clean sheet. Other family members will then be contacted so that they can come to show their respect for the deceased. When family members start to arrive to view the body, it will be washed by them several times. Once the body has been washed by visiting family members, it will then be shrouded with white material.

The next stage of the proceedings is the local community paying their respects to the deceased through public funeral prayers (Salat-ul-Janazah). These typically take place outside of a Mosque, with the coffin being placed on a stand in front of the lined up funeral goers, who may or may not have know the person in question. The purpose of these prayers, which are normally led by the most closely related male to the deceased, is to request pardons for all deceased Muslims.

The burial follows the completion of the funeral prayers, and is required by Islamic law to take place within three days of the actual time of death. Only men are permitted to attend the burial, and chosen members of the attending group must carry the body to the graveyard at shoulder level. A coffin may or may not be used, and if one is used then it must be made of wood rather than steel, as the aim is to allow the earth to reclaim the body in as short a time as possible.

Following the burial, for several days, people who knew the deceased will take gifts and food to the deceased’s family.

With origins dating back to 1853, E.F. Box are one of the oldest funeral directors within the UK. They offer a range of funeral services across a variety of faiths, beliefs and ways of celebrating life.