Discovering - How to Forgive Yourself

Where are your past sins? Did you ask God to forgive them and have you turned away? If yes, then your sins are buried at the foot of Jesus cross. Did you know that God doesn’t even remember your sin. God forgetting and recollecting no more is virtually incredible and the only way I know it’s correct is because God’s word tells me in multiple passages.

In one passage it informs me He forgets as far as east is from west. That distance simply can't be measured and that explains why God used it as a reference. You can measure north to south due to the north pole and south pole but east to west cannot be measured. His word also tells me he doesn't remember, I don't how you get any more clear.

God’s desire is for you to forgive yourself and as best you can to forget your previous sin. Now for us mortals that's a little bit tougher. God sent us the Holy Spirit after Jesus went to Heaven and He is our comforter and helper. You should call oh Him to help you forget your past sin. Here’s a wonderful piece Forgiving Others.

How do I forgive my past sins? You are not forgiving yourself like God has forgiven you but you say if He has forgiven me then I should forgive myself. Most of us think that’s hard. Oftentimes we will forgive someone else for their sin quicker than we may forgive ourselves. Are we being prideful and putting a raised standard of forgiveness on ourselves. Do we think that we are closer to God than the person I excused so because of my relationship with God my sin is worse? I’d call that prideful and that's a sin to God.

I have seen killers forgiven by God and while they may never utterly forget their wrong they know God has forgiven them and they have a choice. Forgive themselves and grow nearer to God or to remain in a spot where they're telling God He is wrong. I've seen well known pastors who have committed sin and have asked for forgiveness from God and then they were forced to forgive themselves.

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How to Forgive Someone - It’s God’s Way

When we have been hurt by some other person and perhaps it was a deep hurt and the wound simply isn’t healing there is a way. It is God’s way and His way is simply better. You see you are not willing to forgive is eating you alive not the person that brought on the harm. Isn’t that interesting, you probably did no wrong, or so you say, and the one that hurt you is continuing to harm you although they’re not involved in your life today. Yes they are involved and they will be till you decide to forgive them. You may ask, “Well I do not have to forgive them because they have not ask for forgiveness.”

Not forgiving someone that did you wrong isn't God’s way. It really isn't about them, it is about you and your willingness to hear God. It is about you and your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

If one has hurt me and the injuries are awfully deep and they haven't asked for forgiveness I am suppose to, according to God, forgive them? That is a good summation of forgiving others. Let me share a little from God’s point of view. He cares about you and He wants you to live a life of joy, peace and one where you are excited about what tomorrow will bring.

He is going to deal with the person that brought you discomfort. He doesn’t want any of us to be the judge over the one who brought harm. His desire is for every one of us to modify and to grow more Christ like, it’s called sanctification. Maturing into more Christ like. Now who do you think will bring a bigger change in the person who hurt you, you or God.

Like all things in life they are better left to Him and than taken on ourselves. If He asserts forgive just do it and then you will see some amazing results. It is like that with God in everything we give to Him.Forgiving Others is a great article.

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Forgiving Others - Why?

What does God expect from us when another person injures us? He expects us to forgive that person. That may seem opposite form the worlds standard. Logically it appears the person should ask for forgiveness, tell us they are sorry and guarantee to never hurt us again. Then the conditions would be ripe to forgive them with a little warning to never hurt us again. That is not God’s way.

God’s way is for us to forgive the person that harmed us even if forgiveness isn’t asked. You see we're not forgiving them from the wrongful doing that is God’s job. That explains why He sent His Son to die on a cross for our sins. Interesting that God sent His Son before we even asked Him for forgiveness. By forgiving our mate or relation or whoever harmed us we are setting ourselves free from the burden of carrying hurtfulness in our hearts.

It is simple for us to forgive someone if we have surrendered our life to God. This life is about Him and not about myself. It is simple to forgive others but our easiness came at a surprisingly high cost. God sending His Son to earth and offering Him as a sacrifice for our sins. Consider that Jesus was sinless, He was innocent yet he was beaten beyond any man and he was hung for our sins. What had Jesus done wrong?

Nothing. He was being subservient to His Heavenly Father. On the cross Jesus in a loud voice said that it is finished. His last act for you and me was to die for our sins and so we can have a relationship with God.

For this high price God and Jesus paid God expects us to forgive others who have done us wrong. It says in Matthew that if we don’t forgive others God won’t forgive us. to discover more visit how to frogive someone

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How to Forgive Someone - Like Your Better half

Have you been hurt by another? I think every one of us can safely answer yes we have been hurt. Maybe by a partner and the hurt is deep. Maybe there had been betrayal or desertion. We frequently think of the husband leaving the wife nevertheless it could be the other way around where the wife deserts the hubby or asks him to leave their home. He feels refused and utterly dropped. His heart feels like a knife has tore thru the skin and into the blood vessels and the discomfort is evident even in his demeanor.

Not a simple situation to pardon someone. But it is what God demands us to do, to pardon. He even tells us we've got to forgive others to be forgiven for our own sins by Him. So the person hurt me extraordinarily and has not asked for forgiveness and you would like me to excuse them?

I know it was your wife’s fault and she's the one who deserted the relationship and she is the person who asked if you would leave. Yes you are hurt, you are suffering and you just about if not hate your spouse, it was her who has caused you harm. Do you realize so long as you continue to carry this you continue to suffer. She is having an effect on your life even if she is are no longer in the picture. The loathing and bitterness you are carrying in your heart toward her is wrecking your life.

God desires for you to pardon her regardless of if she's not asked for forgiveness. It is in His word and your forgiving your other half will bring glory to Him. I inspire you to simply try forgiving and giving it to God. You aren't pronouncing what she probably did is right and she will need to answer to God for her own actions. Once you give it to God and excuse your other half the joy and peace you long for will return.

If you’ll surrender not only this event but your life to Him you can have a breakthrough in your life. Exciting times are on there way! If you would like to discover more information: forgiving others.

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Learning About Forgiving Others

It simply, for most of us, is not very easy to forgive someone. Why should we forgive the person that hurt us, particularly if they have not asked for forgiveness? While I have certainly hurt others in my life I have also been on the other end. I can recall some unpleasant injures from mates, business partners and from relations. It is tough to take that step of forgiveness.

A number of years back I had a partner who had developed a product and wanted my assistance in marketing his product. Because I trusted him I put in an incredible number of hours and then received an e-mail that he no longer cared to resume the relationship. For a minute or two I was terribly upset and then I made a decision to simply praise God and to put the problem in His hands.

1 or 2 days later after a prayer group time with some chums I felt God was reminding me to forgive my partner and He went further. Because of some scripture that had been read the prior night He laid on my heart not only to forgive but to offer to help this fellow get His product to market. So here's what god desired for me to do, forgive and to loan my abilities with no strings attached and no monetary reward.

I listened to God and forgave without him asking. That was the first reward I received, a lifting of any antagonism or resentment to my former partner. If I hadn't forgiven the events would have burdened me and by forgiving others I was joyful and felt free from the circumstances.

By helping this fellow I brought glory to god which is God’s purpose for our lives to bring Him glory in all we do. I also demonstrated to God that I needed to please Him above any worldly reward I could ever obtain.

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How to Forgive Yourself - Transforming a Lifetime of Freedom

How often have you heard the statement “I’ll never be in a position to pardon myself for what I’ve done?” Perhaps you’re even guilty of making that statement yourself. Forgiveness can be a extraordinarily tough thing to supply another who has discredited or hurt us, but forgiving ourselves appears to be harder still. There looks to be a tendency to hold ourselves a great deal more responsible for than we hold others for the exact same offense.

Why is that? 1 reason is pride. While that may appear to be a contradiction, it’s really not. Whenever we enforce a different set of rules, or enact a higher set of standards for ourselves over others, that’s pride. When we can find it inside our self to forgive others, though not ourselves, what we are in effect pronouncing is that we are less capable of making a poor decision than others. We are saying that we believe our self to be more discerning, sensible, more judicious and more careful than others, and we have no excuse for doing what we probably did and should not pardon ourselves. When God Himself, offers to excuse the sins of all who seek His forgiveness but we refuse to forgive ourselves, we are setting ourselves above others and that, is pride.

So how does one pardon one’s self? Straightforward, just like they’d pardon some other person. The beliefs are the same.

First, one must find the forgiveness of God for all sin finally is against Him. King David reminded us of that when he sought forgiveness for sleeping with a married woman. He then compounded his wrong when he had her hubby removed from the picture by ordering him to the front lines of battle where he knew he’d be killed. In Psalm 51:3&4, he cries out to God and says, “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me. Against you and you only I have sinned and done what is evil in your sight.”

God is ready and waiting to excuse your sin and then, He guarantees to remember it no more.

I John 1:9 “If we confess our sin, He’s faithful and just to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

The very next step is to remember that forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. In the same way you should decide to excuse somebody, (not just try and feel happier about them or what they did) you should decide to excuse yourself.

Next, it is exceedingly important to remember that forgiveness doesn’t imply excusing the action “for someone else, or yourself. That is what so powerful about forgiveness. It’s selecting to excuse in spite of the wrong or terrible thing done to or by you. It also means not dwelling on it any more or bringing it up again in any further conversation, either with others, or yourself.

When true forgiveness takes place, it involves taking pity on that person and recognizing that they need grace as much as you do. Forgiving yourself means taking pity on yourself, as much as you would any other person. With that, goes recognizing and recognizing your desire for grace. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re a human being with weakness and issues and a great capacity for messing up. Take responsibility for the injustices you have done, receive God’s forgiveness and then extend that hand of mercy to yourself.

If, your Heavenly Father in all His greatness and power readily extends forgiveness to you when you ask, who are you not to discover how to forgive yourself?

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Forgiving Others - Living a Life Set Free

Is forgiving others for their wrong towards you straightforward? For many of us actually forgiving someone that has hurt us is extremely difficult, particularly if they've not asked for clemency. Yet it is what God needs and it will have an effect on your life. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for each of us and His expiration and resurrection makes our offering of absolution straightforward.

An example in my life that happened a few years back is when a colleague hurt my other half and me terribly seriously. Below are parts of mails that were sent.

My Email to My Business Colleague

I pray you do well. I would like to share where God has taken me in this journey. Ever since our meeting at your home I can't say I have been at peace. The impact of that meeting has led to antagonism on my part towards you. God has reminded me that he calls all his youngsters to like one another and I'm terrified I have failed. My thoughts have not brought Him glory. Every other Monday night we have a prayer group at our place. Tonight somebody read Ephesians 4:1-6 and I am reasonably certain God intended those words for me.

As a prisoner of the Lord, then I ask you to live a life deserving of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; have patience, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one spirit - just as you were called to one hope when you were called - one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.

As I sat there letting that verse run thru my mind I thought of the following verses:

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Matthew 6:14-15

I recalled a Bible study video where a business man assisted his rival in fixing a reoccurring product problem. His selflessness with his willingness to help his rival sell more products and his devotion to honor God had an effect on my life. My wish is to respect God and bring Him glory in my actions towards you. I am willing and am enthusiastic not only to offer you the sites and additionally to help you point them to any sites you want. I ask nothing in exchange.

Partner’s E-mail Response

Thanks for your prayers, humbleness and mercy. I would like to take you up on your unselfish offer.

God’s Desire

Throughout your life, others might hurt you. It could be no fault of your own. Your discomfort may be the results of another person’s sin or it might be Satan using that person to harm you or a mix of both.

When you're hurt, you need the other to admit they have done wrong, to claim I'm sorry, and to ask for clemency. Often times an admission of guilt doesn't come. If there is no access, you might need to take the matter into your own hands. What would God would like you to do? My want was simply to revere Him and let Him worry about the end result. Think about this, I could either surrender to my natural thoughts or surrender to His will. This is a place where big joy and peace can enter your life if you handle it God’s way.

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Learn To Forgive Another Person

There is a freedom beyond your wildest imagination when you forgive somebody for the wrong they committed against you. It releases so much pent up fry, hurt, frustration, tension and more. Each of us has experienced the bondage of unforgiveness in our own lives. If you have not experienced the freedom of forgiveness I ask you to excuse someone who has committed a wrong against you.

It's irrelevant if they have asked for forgiveness or not; you're still able to forgive them. You see, it truly has nada to do with that person. This act of forgiveness is between you and God. Now, there is a reason we can excuse someone who caused us harm and may not have asked for our forgiveness. It is your Heavenly Father sending His Son to earth to die a horrible death on a cross. Due to His dying we not only have our own sin forgiven but we will be able to give forgiveness to others. Let me share a scripture with you from the book of Matthew that many people have trouble understanding.

For if you pardon others when they sin against you, your Abba Father will also forgive you. But if you don’t forgive others their sins, your Abba Father won’t pardon your transgressions.

Matthew 6:14-15

God’s words are really straight forward, He requires us to forgive others their sins so as to be, ourselves, forgiven. Many individuals fight this verse and think it is unfair. I’ll tell you from experience this verse is very freeing. I just excused someone although they’d not asked for forgiveness and they don’t know I have forgiven them. This forgiveness was between God and me; it had nothing to do with the other person. It is somebody I love much and one day they may know I excused them without their request. How did it free me? It permits me to love them in a way that honors God, it sheds “you did this or you did that to me” and it frees my heart from the burden of their sin. Learning how to forgive someone will give you a haven’t known.

I encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary present, “God’s Answer?” It’ll show in detail how to live life through a power which will change your life. This journey of yours isn’t about your abilities or capabilities or anything you can do to switch your life. It is about allowing the power of God to radically transform you.

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How To Forgive Yourself Living Life Set Free

People often think that it needs a lot of tough work or it is hard to forgive. Actually it is way easier than you may imagine to forgive others. There’s also a sweetness to forgiving that comes when we have surrendered our life to God. The process of forgiveness lets go the burdens of our heart to a bigger power, freeing each of us to have a heart of joy and peacefulness. Discovering how to frogive yourself is a first step in the direction of a life of freedom.

I read the other day that God does not forget our sins after we ask for forgiveness of our sins. That’s simply in contrast to what His word asserts.

For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.

Hebrews 8:12

For each of us, there’s a difference between forgiving ourselves and forgetting the wrong we have done. God is able to remove your sin from His mind; we don’t have the same capability. The sin we committed may stay in our thoughts and there could be lasting effects from our acts of sinfulness. Yet God tells us we are pardoned and our sins are as far as east is from west.

As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our sins from us.

Psalm 103:12

Does the forgiveness of God have anything to do with the seriousness of our actions? No, God does not put any qualifiers like, this sin or that sin requires something extra because of the severity of the sin.

Will you be able to live the life God meant for you if you don’t forgive yourself? How many times will you beat yourself up or let your heart be burdened with the sin in your life. When God’s word declares for us to confess our sins it has no qualifiers, it actualy says every one of are forgiven and purified.

If we confess our sins, he’s dependable and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9

Is forgiving ourselves simple? Yes, it is if you know the tough work was borne by Jesus at the cross. It wouldn’t be accurate to say forgiveness came at a small cost. I can forgive, myself and others and forgive unreservedly, because Jesus died on the cross. He suffered dreadful death and for SIX hours He was completely separated from His Heavenly Father so I could have forgiveness of my sins. What would that say about the value of His sacrifice if I refused to forgive myself?

I encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary present, “God’s Answer?” It’ll show you how to live life through a power which will transform your life. This journey of yours isn't about your skills or capabilities or anything you can do to change your life. It is about permitting the power of God to radically change you.

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Turn All Your Enemies Into Friends!

Can you imagine what would happen if all of your enemies become your permanent friends? How many new friends would you make? How would your life change? You will be amazed to discover that it would only affect your life positively rather than negatively. However, is it really possible to convert your hateful enemies into everlasting friends? In fact, it is not only possible, but also easy and fun. The following are some helpful tips for you.

Discuss neutral issues with them. Don’t mention anything that has made you two couldn’t be friends. Avoid topics that generate mutual hatred. Try to complement them and praise them for their achievements. Be respectful then you can sweep away his or her hostility to you. But remember not to be ‘too nice’ or else he or she may think that you are actually teasing him or her instead of hoping to create friendship.

Discuss the topic that is a shared passion between the two of you, such as, pets and sports. There must be something which will make you two feel similarly or interested in. Nothing will unite two people as a mutual passion for something will.

Ask for their advice. It can show a deep sentiment of trust and respect for the recipient. Therefore, you can do this not only to your enemies, but also your friends in general.

When they are not around you, remember to show the same level of respect, just like they were standing right next to you. Don’t talk about their bad things to others, and try to avoid the topics which are related to your enemy. But if you are forced, talk something positive only. The worst thing that can hinder the friendship’s growth, is letting them to hear your gossips, especially from the others.

Treat them like your normal friends. For example, you can tell jokes and show your empathy to them. Just act like you two are old friends. This can make them forget your opposition in the past.

Say sorry for what happened in the past after you two have become closer friends. Show your eagerness of being friends with them. Invite them for activities like family gathering, camping and barbeque. This helps you keep the friendship for a long period of time.

If you can do all the above, you certainly can turn your enemies into your friends!

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