“Leading Mind Power Professional Stephen Richards reveals Why A Healthy Sex Life Can Create Success”

Cosmic Ordering expert and self-help guru Stephen Richards says of Cosmic Ordering sex energy, “You can increase your success and power to manifest your desires through the transmutation of sexual energy. By improving the entire sexual system it helps increase the positive vibrations created through sexual energy. Harnessing the unique sex energy that can only arise through sexual expression can awaken multidimensional awareness and provide you with your desired goal.”

Pursuing your desires and wishes can have a successful outcome if you apply the same mental belief and energy as you do during sex. Just picture it, what if you were able to make your dreams come true every time you had sex? By exploiting this phenomenon you will be able to utilise the power of the universe, and in so doing will improve not only your health but your power of attracting wealth into your life will be unleashed.

Happy marriage includes a healthy and active sex life. Unless there is a disability for one or both partners, sex should not only be enjoyed as a means of reproduction, or an act of intimacy, but as a means to fantasize and be creative in manifesting one’s desires.

Entrepreneurs have to be more creative when it comes to finding time to have sex. They may have more sex or at least more interesting sex than non-entrepreneurs simply because they are more daring and adventurous than non-entrepreneurs. So when you want to connect with your inner-self then the best way to do this is through sex energy.

Certainly, sexual activity does equate to success. It is the strong sexual impulse that is the key to success. Isaac Newton and Immanuel Kant who were possibly two of the greatest thinkers of all time were both well known for being virgins. The idea is to apply that sexual impulse, or feeling of great desire, towards one’s goals and dreams. Thus the esteemed Isaac Newton had simply transferred the sexual libido to another realm, namely science … regardless of being a virgin.

An adult mated female bee that lives in a honey bee colony or hive engages in sex with upwards of 20 males of the species. This, not surprisingly, causes more harmony within the hive and consequently a happy bee is a busy bee … and more honey is produced. The successful female, who is the head of the hive, uses this sex energy to bring about her desires. Transferring this over to the human scenario, well obviously one partner is sufficient, but the quality of sex can bring about the same harmony as created by the honey bee and a greater achievement in your life.

During the sex act it is important to concentrate on your wishes and dreams. Building up to a mutual orgasm with your partner should be slow and steady so as to give you plenty of time to run the success scenarios through your head. As you achieve climax then this is the time to release those positive images from your head. See them go out to the universe, which is how you use sex energy with Cosmic Ordering.

If you have the attractor factor and successful trimmings of life then you will see many potential lovers swarming around you, and you become the queen bee of your own hive. There is one drawback to being a success, and that is lack of time! You have to create the time and forgo other activities. Spice up your sex life and make the law of attraction work for you.

Find a moment in time for some quality rumpy-pumpy and see the pressure levels drop. Working hard without leisure time spent creating sex energy can lead to some stumbling blocks. The most successful people are always happy and smiling, where is all this loving energy coming from? Because that is what it is, it is all created from sex energy.

During sex see yourself being a success at whatever it is you desire, actually allow your mind to drift to what it would be like to be successful. Express yourself verbally and then hold back until you fully see that success has been gained, then that is the time you can reach orgasm and place your Cosmic Order.

You may well be analysing this article about Cosmic Ordering sex energy because you have a propensity for sex. That’s normal for you and just about everyone else, so don’t feel prudish about it. Let your feelings loose for a most enjoyable way to manifest your desires when you channel the energy from sexual activity into increasing your chances of success.

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Last Longer In Bed By Controlling The Breath

Stopping premature ejaculation, learning to control the ejaculation and dealing with sexual energy paves the way to erotic ecstasy and transformation of the personality.

It is highly recommended to practice sexual continence in lovemaking. In order to do so it is necessary to develop control and sensitivity.

We will go through a technique with you that can help you to stop premature ejaculation. The technique is also one of the first steps towards mastering multiple orgasms.

Some men are endowed with lots of erotic energy, sensitivity and mental control. Such men will be able to experience multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms after a few weeks of practice. Other men might need to practice for months or even years in order to get to this stage.

Controlling The Breath

By learning to breathe deeply and relaxed you will simultaneously acquire an increased control of the sexual energy. The masters of martial arts and yogis alike are experts at mastering their breath and thereby their bodies.

In general the act of breathing is involuntary and unconscious. We do not think about it and its rhythm.

The rhythm of our heart beat is influenced by how fast we breath, so through the controlling of the rhythm of the breath we control the rhythm of the heart.

In lovemaking as you approach ejaculation the heart beat speeds up tremendously. Slowing down the breath will slow down the heart and the metabolism and “cool” you down, taking you away from the danger zone.

Breathe Deeply!

The vast majority of us breathe very superficially not pulling the air all the way down to the abdomen.

Observe a sleeping baby and you will see that it breathes with the belly. Breathing with the abdomen will prevent the stagnation of the air in the bottom of the lungs and pull in fresh air full of oxygen.

Our civilization is full of stress and anxiety and we have started to breath fast and shallow as a result of this. You will notice that joyful people breathe slower, deeper and laugh often in this way pulling oxygen into the lungs.

The following exercise will show you how to breathe with the abdomen, as you did when you were young.

When practising this exercise you should breathe with the nose as this filters and warms the air.


1. Sit on a chair, spine straight, feet on the floor, and head up

2. Place your hands on your navel and relax your shoulders.

3. Breathe in with the nose and feel the abdomen become filled with air. The belly should push forth and the diaphragm will go down.

4. Relax the chest and breathe out forcefully. This will pull the abdomen back and upward towards the spine. The testicles and penis will also be slightly pulled up by this exhalation.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, 21 times.

A few minutes of daily abdominal breathing will teach your body to breathe deeply again in a natural manner, even when you sleep. While making love, this capacity is essential in order to prevent ejaculation and to expand the erotic sensations throughout your whole body.

You should continue with the exercises even after the preliminary results of stopping the ejaculation. The technique circulates the sexual energy and will transform it into higher more refined energies in your being. Through the retention and proper sublimation of the sexual energies you will become more powerful, affectionate, intuitive and focused (just to mention a few of the advantages).

Breathing with the abdomen will massage the organs and the prostate gland and give relief to the pressure men feel by not ejaculating.

This sensation of pressure or tension in the genital area, which appears for all beginners in the practice of sexual continence, is caused by the stagnation of the sexual energy in the pelvic area. If the energy is not sublimated, it will lead to irritability, confusion, and edginess.

Hans Havasi is a yoga and tantra teacher who coordinates a course and retreat center in the North of Copenhagen, Denmark. Hans has extensive experience in teaching yoga and tantra and guiding people to a deeper understanding of their sexuality and in giving them tools and methods for personal development. Please read more about Tantra and premature ejaculation exercises here.

Taoist Premature Ejaculation Exercises - The Three Finger Method

It is important to cure premature ejaculation because a mans strength, efficiency, vital energies, mental capacities and spiritual resources are related with his ability to retain and refine his sexual energy.

A common aim in Taoism and Tantra is to reach a level where one can completely abstain from ejaculation channeling the sexual energy into higher more refined kinds of energy. Before we get that far though, we have to learn to stop premature ejaculation.

In the case of the beginner that has yet not learned more advanced techniques such as breathing exercises and mental focus, he might have to resort to a range of “brute force” methods where the ejaculation has to be stopped using physical means.

Of these methods, one of the most applicable is the so called ‘Three finger method’ which dates back to ancient China. It is an easy method which prevents the loss of semen through the application of pressure in the perineum.

When ejaculation is imminent, pull out of your loved one and press the perineum (the area between the anus and penis) with the three middle fingers of your right hand. The pressure will stop the ejaculation mechanism if you apply the technique correctly following these three steps:

1) Find the correct place, it feels like a kind of gate way.

2) Apply medium pressure. As the fingers are quite strong the pressure need not be immense.

3) Use all the three fingers: (index, middle finger and ring finger) to stop the fluid. If we use one finger only, the sperm can easily pass by. Two fingers will not totally block the channel, therefore use the index and the ring finger to press both sides of the urethra and immobilize it and then the middle finger to press directly on the urethra. Bend the fingers, most of all the middle finger.

The Correct Timing

When the ejaculation is well on its way, exit your loved one and use the technique. Waiting too long is not recommended as the pressure will not be able to keep the ejaculation back.

This pressure should be applied before, during and after the contractions which announce ejaculation.

Apply the pressure on the ‘gate’ until you fell that the ejaculation will no longer take place. Doing this will cause the semen to flow back to the seminal reservoir.

This technique poses no danger as the tissues in the region are very elastic.

Most people assume that when a certain pressure is reached that the semen will have to find its own way out, but this is not true. When this pressure level is reached several processes occur:

1) Sperm production will go down in this way saving the bodies energy and nutritional substances which would otherwise be used in that process.

2) The body has a natural tendency to reabsorb this fluid.

3) Tantra and Taoism have developed a whole body of knowledge and methods about how to reabsorb the seminal fluids into the body and turn it into more refined kinds of energy. This alchemical process will also reduce the pressure on the prostate (seminal reservoir).

The process is in Tantra called transmutation and sublimation and fills the body with beneficial energy.

This process can be compared to boiling water which turns into steam. The water transforms but retains its qualities of water.

In this way the semen and seminal fluid is transmuted into superior, more refined forms of energy.

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