The Spiritual Journey And Spiritual Travel

Traveling for many is a way of unwinding and recharging their batteries but often at the end of one’s travel there is still a feeling of not feeling satisfied which is when it pays to consider spiritual travel as a means of finding fulfillment. Sometimes, all the Gothic cathedrals in the world and all the lovely Madonna portraits are not enough to lift up your spirits and so it pays to consider traveling to a place where you can find spiritual awakening.

Gay spirituality travel is more than a catch phrase meant to make you seek some far off destination. As a matter of fact, traveling for spiritual reasons is not new because from the very earliest times in our history people have made pilgrimages. Traveling for religious purposes is not a new concept and as far back as in the early 16th century Spanish nationals (Jesuits) used to travel to places such as Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina to build missions where natives would be educated in the Christian religion.

In these modern times, traveling for spiritual reasons has become more popular and there are numerous options to choose from that include going to places other than Yucatan, the Vatican and also Egypt. The best way to lift up your spirits is to travel to places where the surroundings are idyllic and a good example is a Buddhist monastery which is mainly found in Asia though some are also located in Europe and in the United States.

However, for a true spiritual Buddhist experience you need to travel to Bodhgaya in India which is located in the Indian state called Bihar where Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment beneath a Bodhi tree. The place where Lord Buddha achieved his enlightenment is now the home of a vast Mahabodhi Temple complex.

This is truly an exceptional place where the surroundings are perfectly serene and where everything is truly peaceful. Here, monks from different parts of the world sit under a huge carved Lord Buddha statue. They spend their time here reading from the Holy Scriptures and spend their time in deep and thoughtful contemplation.

Bodhgaya is home of many a Buddhist monastery each of which is maintained by Buddhists from different countries. If you are planning on flying here, there is an airport at Gaya that is about seven miles away from Bodhgaya and which sees a few flights arriving here from the not too distant metropolis of Kolkata.

If you are traveling from other parts of India then there is the main airport at Patna the state capital of Bihar and this airport is about eighty-seven miles distant from Bodhgaya. Of course, if you don’t mind a train journey then it is certainly more convenient to use this mode of transportation that is cheap and which will help you reach Gaya very easily.

For those of you who wish to enjoy special gay retreats then a trip to Bodhgaya is certainly a good option and the best time to visit here is after September and before the summer months begin. The best time to come here is however between November and the month of February while months between June and September are the worst times which is when the monsoons hit this part of the world.

Report by Howie Holben on gay retreats. Spirit Journeys also offers gay meditation retreats.

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Gay Spiritual Holidays

Vacations are something that everyone takes in order to get themselves out of the hustle and bustle of the real world for a little bit of relaxation and rejuvenation. This time away is very important to both our physical and mental health. There are many different types of vacations that one can take in order to fill these needs.

There are solo vacations, or vacations that include family or a small group of friends. Travelling with people that share your interests and life experience, is another way to go. This is where gay spirituality exploration becomes important for the gay community.

Being gay, we all have at least one thing in common. Vacationing with others that have had similar experiences in life can add to our time away. This commonality helps to form bonds within the group.

People that were at first strangers, become friends quickly and easily. This is one reason gay vacations are great way to travel. Knowing that we are understood by those around us adds an immediate sense of comfort to the group.

Being understood allows us to open up, relax more and let our guard down. This vulnerability lets more of the vacation into our hearts and minds. The more we feel the vacation, the more we recover from the strains of life at home.

Taking it to an even deeper level, we can take gay vacations with people of similar intentions. Travelling with men and women that want to grow spiritually is one way to do this. Then not only do we share our gay spirit, we share goals for the vacation.

Exploring our spirituality while on gay tours visiting special places throughout the world is a wonderful combination. With the other group members by our side, we are encouraged to step outside our box and live free. Living freer is the main goal of all vacations, is it not?

Exposition written by Howie Holben about gay retreats. Spirit Journeys can help with your next gay trip.

categories: metaphysical,spirituality,travel,vacations,self improvement,gay,society,inspiration,motivation,health,fitness