Funeral Service Basics: How Personal Touch On The Casket Creates Loving Memories

If you have paid for a plain casket for a family member and you’re on a tight budget, you may choose to beautify the casket yourself and drop the pricey flower arrangements for it. Use flowers in a small bouquet to beautifully decorate the casket. Custom-built floral arrangements are mostly remarkable but it doesn’t mean that you have to shell out a lot for these when you can create your own arrangements at lower cost.

By using floral foam, florist’s wire and a basket you designed with ribbons purchased from a local store, you can create your own floral arrangements. Your soundest bet is to select those flowers that are in season from the grounds of some relatives, friends or even your own yard. Use the favorite bunch of flowers of the deceased if you know. However, you can always prefer for silk flowers in place of real ones which you can spot in craft stores if choices are limited.

There are a number of of flower arrangement guides you can get in craft magazines especially on online tutorial websites. You would be happy to know how much you can make with what you already have available.

If flowers on caskets are not your type or you just want to be unique by really giving it a personal impression, a collection of snaps with the deceased can also be used. You can ask family and friends to impart photos and other mementos left with them and decorate the coffin with an entire picture montage which will strike the individuals close to them with fondness and great memories.

Along with the pictures, you can add personal souvenirs or memorabilia. It could be anything from a bit of personal belonging which has a very special significance or emblematic of the one who passed away. You can assemble them all together on top of the coffin lid covering most of the surface.

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