Seek Out A Calmer Lifestyle With Cosmic Ordering

The role of spirituality in Cosmic Ordering has been much hyped about. But in reality, you cannot accept this. Can you justify this to a person who has lost a dear one or the parents of an ill child?

Sometimes nature can be so cruel and heartless! Damn! My heart pains me to no ends when I receive such a call for help, how can you tell someone going through such emotional pain that nature is taking its course and that the law of attraction is just window dressing when it comes to this sort of thing?

In times of grief we are compelled by a power greater than us to dwell on such matters, no matter how much we try and detach and convince ourselves that all will be well. All the mind power in the world just seems to cave in!

We only see the pain of the person we love; we would gladly accept such pain at the drop of a hat or give all we have to have just a few minutes with a loved one that has departed this Earth.

To avoid being in negative predicaments we should, in moments of health, search for a way to prolong the healthy state and also never wait till a person’s farewell to show we love them dearly. Love increases in magnitude when you allow it to radiate from you. By using the law of attraction we attract like things. When we show our love we attract the same to us.

Negative feelings of anger and bitterness will only serve to attract similar feelings towards you. Never let your mind dwell on depressing or bitter thoughts. Think of positive happenings and happy feelings and utilise the power of your mind more and more with each day. Look forward to your day with joy. Manifest even more abundance and joy while you are happy, see how it will flow to you in an accelerated form when you do so. Don’t leave it until you are desperate, as all you will attract is even more of the same.

An optimistic person will always treasure the things she/he has and will have complete hope that the changes that will occur will be for her/his betterment. This positive outlook on life is an important thing and this is what makes life move on and makes us find joy in the little pleasure of life. By starting out today to manifest whatever abundance you desire, then that is far better then panicking when the wolf is at the door, as this may be too late.

When you put into practice the law of attraction through Cosmic Ordering, the positive mindset will come to your rescue even when you find yourself in an awful or desperate situation. Have faith in the goodness of life and it will surely help you tide over the bad phases.

During my childhood, never once did my mother kick off and rant about our impoverished life, she always sought out better things, even if it was just sawing the hooks off the inside of shed roof we were temporarily living in and making the place cosy. Focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. Make Cosmic Ordering and the law of attraction work for you, don’t leave it for another day.

Problem solving and creating abundance is easy when you use the law of attraction’s Cosmic Ordering techniques to get what you desire through mind power.

Meditate To Manifest

Meditation techniques for use in law of attraction differ to traditional ways. Now there really is a way to enjoy meditation, not just while contorted in hours of pain.

The ancient methods used do give you a sense of contentment and joy but with this newer method you will see your manifesting powers increasing. The technique explained below will give you an idea of how to meditate amidst a hectic schedule. You will be capable of doing it anytime, anyplace once you master it.

The traditional posture of sitting cross legged is entirely not necessary while doing meditation. You can sit straight or even try lying in a supine position. While sitting you have to keep your back straight so that your neck and spine are in the same line. Keep your chin pulled back in slightly and strike a stiff and straight posture.

Mudras, which are hand positions that are maintained while doing cosmic ordering meditation, are to be followed. Your right palm should be placed parallel to the floor on your lap with the palm facing upwards.

The knuckles of your left hand should be placed on the right palm with the thumbs of both hands touching slightly. The right palm should hold the left in a firm and embracing manner.

During meditation, some people inhale and exhale through their nose, some inhale through their nose and use their mouth to exhale and some both inhale and exhale through the mouth. Choose whichever you prefer, but stick to it with every breath you take during the meditation. Your belly will naturally move outward on the next inhale and inward on the exhale.

Hold your breath while sitting straight up to a count of three done slowly. Then breathe out through the mouth. This breathing method should be done in a relaxed manner allowing the air you take in to go deep inside filling you.

Keep practicing this and start counting for every inhalation and exhalation up to 10 and then back to 1. Keep this as one cycle and then begin again. This would make five complete breathing cycles for the first count of ten. Once you get used to this pattern you will look forward to your daily meditation sessions.

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“How Can You Use The Amazing Power Of Your Mind To attract Money?”

Cosmic Ordering is a way to secure success, it utilises mind-power like nothing else has ever done. In my role as a self-help expert I, Stephen Richards, have helped many entrepreneurs secure what they desire out of life. There’s nothing complicated about how it works, in fact it’s so easy to apply to all aspects of your existence.

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to attract money, opportunities, and prosperity with ease? The process to create what we want in our lives is called ‘manifesting’. Ability to manifest our dreams is not limited to mystics or genies; everyone possesses this ability.

The fact of it is, one and all desire to attain accomplishment in life. The very old concept of the law of attraction being used to manifest our desires is only part of it. When we manifest our desires it is not the law of attraction that is being used, as that is simply the preparation before commencing to use Cosmic Ordering to materialise your wishes.

Just imagine what it would feel like if you woke up each morning, excited about the day ahead, knowing that you live in a prosperous world where you can be, do, and have what your heart desires? Well now I can show you how you can experience that when you focus your mind on what you want and create the time, opportunities, money, and other resources to live the life you’ve always desired.

By asserting yourself to the universe and expressing extra energy in your emotion you can secure what you desire. The universe listens to people with this extra energy. As long as you have no fear and are willing to apply yourself a little then your desires can be manifested.

The minute you want something and start thinking in a positive way about it is the exact time you are sending positive thoughts out about it. This is called ‘manifesting’, and it can be as a quiet thought or verbalised as loudly as you wish. However, do not go about it in a covert way, let others know what you desire and talk about it in a positive way. By no means should it rule your life, just let it simmer on the back burner.

Securing the spoils of your desires comes about when you have the ability to visualise. Feel the positive energy being discharged into your thought processes as you think of what it is you desire. This oscillating force you have in your mind should be applied to your thoughts, and this way you attract them to you. Step 1 is to actually determine what it is you want. Step 2 is about focusing on the object, and feeling these thoughts leaving you. Step 3 is simple, apply concentration on seeing the desire in thought form go out into the vast universe. Then sit back with an air of expectancy. One warning though! Do not go straight for the big million to land on your doorstep, concentrate on smaller things first. Become proficient.

Mix with others with similar ideas and viewpoints and soon you will see a more positive resonance to your thoughts, which adds the dimension of the group’s energy to your thoughts. Do map out your desires; don’t just throw them out to the universe without giving them some structure. Use positive words, leave out negative words.

Power is in the form of vibrational energy surges within your very existence. It is your awareness that can harness this energy to your benefit. Within you is the power to channel this energy in a positive way, you just have to focus in on it. Use imagery within your mind to make things come about in a positive way for you. See it, feel it, hear it, let it come into your life. Surround yourself with positive people and maintain your high vibrational state by avoiding places that make you feel drained. Forget the past; just keep going forward and that way you will reach your goals.

Saying a few words as you think about what it is you want is not enough! Anyone can do that, but to do that with conviction is something else! You have to see your thought processes at work; you have to feel the very desire within you being jettisoned out into the universe!

Impatience is one of the biggest drawbacks to preventing your Cosmic Order from happening. By stamping your feet or constantly asking “where is it?” and “when will it happen?” will only serve to block your orders. What you are pursuing is not something that can be expedited simply by demanding it to appear before you. This falls to a higher skill, so just for now be patient. Move on to slightly larger orders, a few a week if need be. But steady as she goes is best to start with.

Using mind power in a more in-depth way to make things happen instantly takes much more vibrational energy and consistent belief in your ability to produce. I have developed such a way that goes beyond ‘basic’ mind power to manifest your desires. However for now you may want to try out what I have explained to you first. Good luck.

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Can A Quartz Crystal Skull Transform Your Energy And Make You Wealthy Asks Top Mind Power Authority Stephen Richards?”

Many cultures have, for thousands of years, held the belief that a natural quartz skull signifies existence of mankind. This was in dedication of humankind and the personification of man’s higher thoughts. Turning this around to modern day use of these crystal skulls, we are all insightful when it comes to giving off and receiving vibrational signals. This is more so when we come into contact with a quartz skull. The energy waves we emit are perceived by the crystal skull.

How it works is uncomplicated! All things in the universe vibrate, and none so much as a crystal skull. The closer you move toward it then the more it vibrates at a high frequency, which is not detectable by the naked eye. When the signal is received from you the skull sends it safely back to you. The energy that is sent back to you is intensified and your body recognises this and then in turn your own vibrational output is multiplied. This is the time you can use such a metaphysical phenomenon to catapult your own desires out to the universe. As Einstein would say, “It’s all relative!”

What works in your favour is the material the crystal skull is made up from … it is composed of crystals! This coincides with how other dense things are made up. The very things you will be manifesting are solid objects that possess the same molecular structure as a crystal skull. The skull increases the attractor factor. Obviously you cannot manifest love or opportunity, but you will be able to exert an influence over it. Anything tangible can be manifested, and that includes wealth creation.

After you have loaded your quartz skull with your specific use you will find it has the ability to remember. This is why it is used for computer memory chips, although in a more refined way. The power of the quartz skull can also drive away downbeat thoughts that may permeate through to you from others.

When it comes to transmuting energy then that is when the crystal skull comes into its own! The skull can also multi-task and is a ‘Beacon of Divine Light’ when doing dream work or being used as a tool of awareness.

After you have charged your quartz crystal skull then it can become a powerful defence against negativity being directed at you from others. What makes this sort of skull so powerful is the algebraic shape it is carved into. With proficient use, such a skull can be used to assist you in reaching several goals for your business and fulfilling your dreams.

Combining your own upbeat feeling with the use of the quartz skull’s ability to add intensity to this is what will give you a rewarding outcome. Taking care of the crystal skull will repay you with years of loyal service. Ensuring you regularly charge it will ensure it maintains its ability to continue storing records upon which it can draw from when working for you.

At first glance you might not notice the formations of sparkling foils that are within the crystal skull, but when you do notice them you will be enthralled at some of the other mineral, liquid or vapour inclusions which are known as ‘fluid’ inclusions. All of these facets are filled with a deeper comprehension then you will be aware … they have the power to connect to parallel universes.

Viewing the unfathomable depths of the inside of the crystal skull will reveal its full splendour. It awaits your instructions and is ready to serve you. Merging with the higher order of the skull will connect you to the fifth dimension.

Perhaps you are still sceptical of the power of the quartz crystal skull, but no amount of procrastinating will benefit you. Perhaps the only solution is to try one out for yourself. When you open your mind to such elements and realise that not only can industry benefit from the use of quartz crystal, but you too can also benefit in many ways too, including wealth creation.

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“Now You Can Harness Cosmic Energy To Make Your Dreams Come True When You Follow The Guidance Of Eminent Expert Stephen Richards

If ever there was only one more thing to learn in your life … this is it - mind power activation! This simple activation is going to come about by various techniques that no one involved with Cosmic Ordering has ever imparted to you. These so-called experts can only tell you to write your orders down! I, Stephen Richards, am the only one using true Cosmic Ordering (United Field Theory) in the West.

Prepare yourself mentally for what you are going to manifest. This is like preparing a three course meal … not a picnic! Close your eyes, and during this you can sit down, stand or do whatever you want to help you relax. Now look up to the centre of your forehead, keeping your eyes closed of course! Allow your eyes to do this in a relaxed state, don’t force yourself. Now you are going to maintain this inner gaze while counting backwards from 100 to zero. You may well be lucky to get to 50, and if you find you are straining and it is difficult then just stop and open your eyes. Gather your composure and try another time. Eventually you will find you can do this with ease.

Here follows the basic foundations for becoming a successful master of mind power. In your mind’s eye visualise yourself wearing one of those tricorn hats (also known as a tri-cornered hat or three-cornered hat). Feel it on your head, close your eyes, allow the hat to stay in its triangular shape, and imagine it having an apex, right above the crown of your head. Focus your eyes as you did in the looking up to your forehead task. Now visualise a powerful sphere of energy that is purple in colour descending from above you and entering your head through the apex of the hat. Let the words of your order be released to the sphere as it waits to collect your order. Once it has absorbed your order then it leaves the way it came in. The whole process should not take any longer than the time it would take you to brush your teeth. That is a very basic and beginner’s way to place an order.

When you first place an order you can use what is called a ’step order’. This is for something small, it is just to get you familiar with how it works and to see if you are doing it right. Once you start amassing those step orders then you can move on to the larger ones.

When you are a beginner you will find that you want it to happen immediately, your impatience can cause your vibrational output to drop or even stop … hence nothing happens! Do not question why it is not happening. Never show any signs of desperation! Be patient.

After you have placed your order leave gentle reminders around you of what it is for. If it was an order for a 50ft yacht then leave images of this around your home, in your car, at work, etc. Of course, this is assuming the order for the yacht is within the bounds of your capabilities and only after you become experienced at using this technique.

Eventually when you have mastered this method of manifesting you WILL be able to move on to the more advanced methods and place orders for larger requests. I have painstakingly written a book that entails all of what you need to know. What prompted me to do this was the total lack of understanding from those purporting to be ‘experts’ in this discipline.

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“Leading Mind Power Professional Stephen Richards reveals Why A Healthy Sex Life Can Create Success”

Cosmic Ordering expert and self-help guru Stephen Richards says of Cosmic Ordering sex energy, “You can increase your success and power to manifest your desires through the transmutation of sexual energy. By improving the entire sexual system it helps increase the positive vibrations created through sexual energy. Harnessing the unique sex energy that can only arise through sexual expression can awaken multidimensional awareness and provide you with your desired goal.”

Pursuing your desires and wishes can have a successful outcome if you apply the same mental belief and energy as you do during sex. Just picture it, what if you were able to make your dreams come true every time you had sex? By exploiting this phenomenon you will be able to utilise the power of the universe, and in so doing will improve not only your health but your power of attracting wealth into your life will be unleashed.

Happy marriage includes a healthy and active sex life. Unless there is a disability for one or both partners, sex should not only be enjoyed as a means of reproduction, or an act of intimacy, but as a means to fantasize and be creative in manifesting one’s desires.

Entrepreneurs have to be more creative when it comes to finding time to have sex. They may have more sex or at least more interesting sex than non-entrepreneurs simply because they are more daring and adventurous than non-entrepreneurs. So when you want to connect with your inner-self then the best way to do this is through sex energy.

Certainly, sexual activity does equate to success. It is the strong sexual impulse that is the key to success. Isaac Newton and Immanuel Kant who were possibly two of the greatest thinkers of all time were both well known for being virgins. The idea is to apply that sexual impulse, or feeling of great desire, towards one’s goals and dreams. Thus the esteemed Isaac Newton had simply transferred the sexual libido to another realm, namely science … regardless of being a virgin.

An adult mated female bee that lives in a honey bee colony or hive engages in sex with upwards of 20 males of the species. This, not surprisingly, causes more harmony within the hive and consequently a happy bee is a busy bee … and more honey is produced. The successful female, who is the head of the hive, uses this sex energy to bring about her desires. Transferring this over to the human scenario, well obviously one partner is sufficient, but the quality of sex can bring about the same harmony as created by the honey bee and a greater achievement in your life.

During the sex act it is important to concentrate on your wishes and dreams. Building up to a mutual orgasm with your partner should be slow and steady so as to give you plenty of time to run the success scenarios through your head. As you achieve climax then this is the time to release those positive images from your head. See them go out to the universe, which is how you use sex energy with Cosmic Ordering.

If you have the attractor factor and successful trimmings of life then you will see many potential lovers swarming around you, and you become the queen bee of your own hive. There is one drawback to being a success, and that is lack of time! You have to create the time and forgo other activities. Spice up your sex life and make the law of attraction work for you.

Find a moment in time for some quality rumpy-pumpy and see the pressure levels drop. Working hard without leisure time spent creating sex energy can lead to some stumbling blocks. The most successful people are always happy and smiling, where is all this loving energy coming from? Because that is what it is, it is all created from sex energy.

During sex see yourself being a success at whatever it is you desire, actually allow your mind to drift to what it would be like to be successful. Express yourself verbally and then hold back until you fully see that success has been gained, then that is the time you can reach orgasm and place your Cosmic Order.

You may well be analysing this article about Cosmic Ordering sex energy because you have a propensity for sex. That’s normal for you and just about everyone else, so don’t feel prudish about it. Let your feelings loose for a most enjoyable way to manifest your desires when you channel the energy from sexual activity into increasing your chances of success.

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“Stephen Richards Shows You How To Get What You Want In Life

Release your stress before you decide to go for what it is you want, as that build up is likely to take all the joy away from whatever it is when you eventually get it. Keep your mind attuned to your desire, but not overly attuned. If you become obsessive about something then you are likely to negate that from happening or end up losing touch with your senses.

When you desire something then go for it! Worry about how you will cope with the success of having it afterwards. Once you have got what you want then move on to the next thing, this way you will not have time to dwell on things. The minute you stop to overly think and have ‘mind chatter’ is the time you may well be putting stumbling blocks in your way. Stay focused on your goal, then the next goal and so on.

One important factor in using the power of the mind to succeed is that you do not want any distractions from stopping you progressing. The problem is that we do at times get mind chatter from past, unresolved problems. One thing you should do is to start clearing out these blockages, perhaps you need to forgive people from your past about certain issues. This is one way of liberating yourself from past troubles that are preventing you from going forwards in life. The simple thing to do is to forgive those people, which you can do so inside of your head without actually going up to them and doing it. However, remember that you are not forgiving them so you can release them from what they did to you, you are releasing yourself from what has troubled you over the time. Once you have done that then you are ready to proceed to become a success without all of this mind chatter chasing you around, and it is so much easier.

Why are others so successful and some not? They effortlessly attain success and just float through any obstacle in their way. Wouldn’t you like to do the same? Of course you would, and here’s how you can do it … stay focused! It’s that simple! Don’t become bogged down by the detail of it, just see the fuller picture with the positive outcome you desire. Do as successful people do when an obstacle gets in their way … change direction! This is actually a line of attack that will make you into an adaptive person, and a successful person.

Fear can get in your way, and fear of accepting help is a sure way to expedite your downfall. Always accept help without flinching or thinking about what you will have to do to repay it. There’s nothing to fear if you have control over what you are allowing others to do for you, so relax. Never be afraid of failure, as this is something that can be used to show you how to avoid it in future.

Never put something off until tomorrow what you can do today. Never allow anyone to impose their views on you or to dissuade you from doing it, as they are wasting your time. If you fail then look on this as a learning curve, as it will stand you in good stead in being able to avoid such problems again.

Be thankful for what you have, give praise and never hold back in lending support where you can give it, as this will be returned to you tenfold and more. Make your dreams a reality by being clear and precise about what you want, stop being vague.

When you want a new carpet don’t say to yourself that the carpet you have is a mess. Instead, stay positive in what you want and say you want a new carpet to fit your living room, etc. Keep away from negatives, always speak in the positive. Initially it is a little tricky to do this, but before long you will find yourself correcting people about how they talk. You will think and speak positively with ease, and that way you maintain a positive attitude about you. This is how you lift your vibrational state and shake off the old negative you. See yourself in the future, see the nice new things you will have, see your life changing for the better and stay attuned to that. If you want a new car then don’t complain about the car you already have, see yourself in your mind’s eye in that new car, smell the new upholstery, feel the newness of it.

Do you notice how some people take to luxury like a duck to water, see how they accept lavishness and extravagance with ease. This is because they feel worthy of it. If someone bought you an expensive gift then don’t look awkward in accepting it, be thankful for it by all means and show gratitude, but do not fall to your knees in thankfulness. You must have a sense of self-worth and certainly shoot for the stars in what you want, but not after trying out those smaller test orders and building up to the larger ones first. Think about it, no one is going to come along and shove bundles of money through your letterbox! You have to use the means to attracting the wealth, and in doing so it may be that you have to go about it in a round about way. Maybe you dream of opening a big business, but it cannot happen just like that. You have to start it off and build up to the BIG dream, but stay with it and never lose track of that dream because you will bet there in the end. Feel comfortable in thinking big, never listen to the negative people who put you down for having these big ideas.

Do you ever see big tycoon business people in the news mixing with losers? Of course not, usually you see pictures of successful people mixing with other successful people. So when someone is pulling you down, sapping your energy because they are what is known as a ‘psychic vampire’ then you have to close yourself down to them. They feed off you, and the more they do this then the more you become weakened in your resolve to be successful. How you go about shutting them out is to stop entering into conversation with them, stop answering their questions and eventually they will get the message.

Don’t take things too seriously, enjoy what you are doing and make it something you want to do, as opposed to what you have to do. Learn to control yourself, become good at spotting when you are starting to worry unnecessarily and counter it with positive thoughts. Look at your position in life now, then project your thoughts forward to six months ahead and see the difference. Make that happen, condition yourself that it WILL happen.

Remember the song about smiling, well that is true … the whole world smiles with you. Your smile is an outward sign that you are a happy person, and successful people smile, they do not have worry etched across their faces. Try it, smile at a stranger and see what happens, of course be sure to do it in the right environment. When you get a smile in return it is making you feel good and adds to your depth of energy reserves. So go around and collect smiles and charge your tank to overflowing with energy. You will find you become more popular and soon you will attract luck in whatever you do.

With all of hat I have revealed to you I hope you can now put it into action and make it work for you, in fact I know this is your first real step towards success. Go for it in a BIG way.

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“When You Watch TV Ads Be Careful, They Might Boost Up Your Cosmic Ordering Clout Says Leading Expert Stephen Richards”

When using Cosmic Ordering, TV is the place where those dreams can become reality…why wait for tomorrow when it can happen today! By using the adverts shown on television you can have your very own tour guide to Cosmic Ordering. You may find your Cosmic Ordering in need of a revamp, what better way to do it than sitting in front of the television. We’ve all experienced it … just as the show on TV reaches a critical stage the adverts come on! What do we do during the commercial break; we get up and use this time to make a swift drink. Hold on a minute, get back to that TV as you are about to discover how these ads can change your life.

Forget what the ad is about; just allow yourself to see the confident way in which things are put across. Everything has a flow to it, everyone is confident and in charge of their own destiny. So the next time you use Cosmic Ordering you can apply the same confidence as you saw in the adverts and improve your life and make your dreams come true.

Accomplishing your desires through the use of mimicking a TV advert can make your wishes come true. Take it from me, I have used this method many times and it works. The whole basis of this is about improving your life. If you are not content in living it out as you are and want to make big inroads into being a success then don’t be content in doing nothing about it. Look at the adverts, see what you can pick out from them that suits your idea of how you want to be or what you want to achieve. Listen to the background tunes, see how uplifting they are, let the voiceovers take you into another world and use these expressions in your own Cosmic Orders.

Do you watch your best-liked commercials, you know the ones … they feature bright and upbeat characters, usually the ones where they are singing? They can be very contagious in what they are putting across. The funny thing is you can never really recall what they are selling, as you are that much into the positive vibrations being put out by them. You can draw energy from these adverts and feel the powerful vibes in an uplifting way. You can emulate the commanding performance you see in the adverts when you want to amplify your levels to a more positive state of mind.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing wrong in getting what you want. See how fulfilled those people in the adverts look, see the happiness, freedom and peace that is on offer and get some it for yourself. You can learn what happiness really is from the commercials on offer. It’s modern suburbia, in fact it’s utopia! Now go out and get some of it for yourself.

Look at the ads selling commercial products, I don’t mean the ones relating to animal or children cruelty charities or those for foreign aid, I just can’t watch those ads as they pain me so much and pull my vibrancy level down, so these types of commercials are best avoided. Generally, the ads that sell products can teach us something, so take a leaf out of their book. Watch and learn.

All what you truly require is available, just turn on your TV and tune in to the adverts … and I don’t mean the shopping channel. Some people spend a lifetime trying to access what they desire, yet it’s been staring them in face for years in the guise of the TV advert! When you view a TV ad that is appealing then go into it, live in that moment to experience new things. Now there’s no need to think about your next Cosmic Order, they are ready made for you on TV!

When you watch the ads, zoom in on them in a constructive way and see how they put a point across. This is how you should be placing your Cosmic Order. Perhaps having a pen and paper to jot down some of the things you would like to have in your life may be helpful for when you construct your own order. Feel yourself rocketing into an exuberant mood, then go and place your order to the cosmos!

What should you do if one of those heart wrenching ads catches you unaware? Simple, go into it and use it to show you how your own lifestyle is far better than you actually thought. I am not saying you can use the misfortune of others to your own advantage, what I am saying is that you should give praise for how you are not in such an unfortunate position in life as those in the advert. Always think positively; never allow these ads to pull you down in thought. Remain vibrant.

So the next time the plot in the TV show is ruined by the commercial break, don’t take it as a negative interruption. You can use those adverts to help refocus your thoughts on how you should be addressing the cosmos. You will soon find yourself using the creative part of your mind in helping to manifest your desires.

Just as the TV advert shows you what it is selling, you should also put together your own advert in your head. The next time you connect to the cosmos, allow your advert to run.

Improve your ability to manifest your desires, see the book “Cosmic Ordering: You Can Be Successful” by mind guruand the top expert on Cosmic Ordeing Stephen Richards. Don’t reprint this exact article. Instead, reprint a free unique content version of this same article.