Cambodia As A Gay Trips Destination

If you are looking for fun and excitement in a tropical setting and you are gay, gay travel to Cambodia has become more affordable to all travelers no matter what your orientation is. Political upheaval and war was once a part of daily life in Cambodia. Not the country has become a vacation destination because of a gay tolerant government.

After decades of genocide and terror that killed more than three million souls, Cambodia, nestled in between the countries of Thailand and Vietnam, has become stable and has become the mecca of tourist destinations. You and your partner will find many tourist spots like the beautiful temple of Angkor Wat, the untouched nature of Batambang, or the exciting nightlife of Phnom Penh. The people are friendly and you can enjoy the gay lifestyle without prejudice or scrutiny.

Flying into Cambodia is easier than ever. The recent expansion of the international airport and the domestic flights between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh has made getting into and around the nation a pleasant experience. The Cambodian currency, the Riel, is stable and is now trading at about 4000 Riel to a single US Dollar. This makes it easier to pay for the hotels and restaurants who have reached a new level of cleanliness in the past decades. Remember it is a tropical latitude, so dress appropriately.

Unlike most third world countries, homosexuality is legal in Cambodia. In recent years more and more restaurants, bars, and hotels have opened dedicated to the gay lifestyle. A simple website search will allow you to find the gay friendly restaurants in the area of Cambodia you decide to visit.

Though same sex marriages are not legal in the country, you will find that because of the Buddhist culture, there are no open hostilities toward gay couples. They are seen as an oddity, instead of something to fear or hate. Other Muslim and Christian countries of the same economic status have not reached this degree of an open mind

There have been gay festivals and a gay pride parade since 2004 in Phnom Penh and these events are becoming more and more popular. Crowds from around the world and around the country descend on Phnom Penh just to watch people and participate in gay festivities.

A gay friendly atmosphere can be found no matter what part of Cambodia you visit. You can just sit back and relax and be yourself. From the naughty district of Phnom Penh to the country villages you can find almost anywhere, same sex exploits are happening everywhere. There is a drawback though. Over a million men and prostitutes are walking around with the HIV virus and most will perform services without warning you of their condition. Not only are there a million reported cases, there may be even more cases unreported.

So when you plan your next trip for a gay get away, gay travel to Cambodia should be among your top picks. It is not as dangerous as it used to be in times past and with a little common sense, you can have the vacation of a lifetime. Cambodia opens its doors to gay tourists and its time to take time to be apart of that invitation.

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Gay Travel Packages In Iceland

The majority of travelers that journey to Iceland each year do so to experience its unique, diverse natural beauty that is unlike anything you will find on gay vacations in other countries. From volcanoes and Europe’s largest glacier, to the Northern Lights and the sparsely populated island of Grimsey on the Arctic Circle, Iceland offers unmatched opportunities to experience the outdoors in a whole new way. Kayaking, hiking, rafting, ice climbing, bird watching, whale watching and ocean fishing are all popular activities throughout the country and are ideal for inclusion in adventurous gay tours.

Visitors who prefer an urban vacation will also find just what they are searching for in Iceland, especially in the capital city, Reykjavik, which is where individual travelers and folks traveling with gay tours will find a variety of historical and cultural attractions, dining and shopping, a beautiful waterfront, museums and an exciting nightlife.

Birdwatchers and nature lovers will also want to take a side trip to the small island of Grimsey, just 25 miles to the north. There is just one town on Grimsey, Sandvik, which is the northernmost settlement of Iceland and has a population of 150. The island is best known for the steep cliffs lining its shore and its abundance of bird colonies, both of which are popular draws for folks on gay vacations to Iceland. Lucky visitors might also catch a glimpse of polar bears, which sometimes show up on the shores of Grimsey after drifting on ice from Greenland.

While on Grimsey, participants on gay tours, as well as solo voyagers, will not want to miss the opportunity to get their certificate showing they crossed the Arctic Circle. Iceland’s other outdoor attractions include the glaciers that cover more than 10% of the land, particularly Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier and a popular location for ice climbing.

There are also numerous waterfalls and awe-inspiring cliffs throughout the country, offering a wide variety of hiking, outdoor adventure and picture-taking opportunities. Visitors will not want to miss Videy Island, a small island just moments from the shore where travelers will find various sculptural art pieces and Iceland’s oldest stone building.

The time of year chosen for gay vacations to Iceland is an important factor in determining which of the country’s natural phenomena you will experience during your trip: the Polar Nights, Midnight Sun or Northern Lights.

But, regardless of when you choose to plan your gay travel to Iceland, gay vacations are not complete without a dip in the world-famous Blue Lagoon, just 45 minutes outside of Reykjavik, where visitors will find a pool of fluorescent blue, geothermal seawater enclosed by black lava rocks.

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Taking Gay Vacations To Mexico

Mexico is a country filled with a great mix of ancient history and modern flair. There are charming towns with cobblestone streets, ancient ruins and pyramids, and night clubs that are open all night long. The beaches here are some of the best in the world. If gay beaches are what you are looking for, then there are many throughout the country to choose from. Gay vacations to Mexico are very popular.

Though religion runs deep in the culture, this is a country that if full of acceptance, particularly in the bigger cities. You can find many hotels and attractions that are advertised as gay friendly. The capital, Mexico City, has legalized same sex marriage and adoption, while the rest of the country recognizes civil unions for gay couples.

Mexico City is the capital and one of the biggest cities in the world with lots to offer. Learn all about the country through its vast number of museums. It is even home to the world’s third largest pyramid and a host of ancient ruins. Accommodations can be whatever you like, whether you prefer modern hotels or charming bed and breakfasts.

The center of gay activity is called La Zona Rosa (The Pink Zone). The area is named after the pink stones that make up the city streets. The majority of the city’s bars and clubs are in this area, and many of them are gay themed. A tip to remember: the locals use public transportation to get home at night. Clubs reach capacity early in the evening because the Metro closes around eleven in the evening.

Puerto Vallarta is a necessary stop on the Pacific Coast. So many cruise ships stop in that they are put on rotating schedules in the docks. This town is loved for its old world feel, with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. Relax on the beach, enjoy the tastes of the many restaurants, or take a tour into the jungle. The choice is yours.

Catch a glimpse of whales or dolphins while laying on one of Puerto Vallarta gay beaches. There is so much to take in, with everything from upscale restaurants and horseback riding to enjoy. Special activities increase during the high season, activities like gay bingo, are alternated with night time strip and drag shows.

Cancun is not just a Spring Break destination. This is the place for anyone who wants a beach vacation with the right price tag. This island was made for tourism, and the beaches are beautiful. Head to downtown Cancun to get away from the tourist traps and find local shopping and restaurants.

While it has a huge reputation as a Spring Break destination, it is also becoming a favorite for those looking for gay friendly environments. The Cancun International Gay Festival is held in May and in November there is the Cancun/Rivera Maya Gay Fall Festival. The number of gay bars is always increasing, and the beach is in the south of the hotel district.

These cities are only the beginning. There are many more options to choose from for those looking for gay travel to Mexico. The wonderful weather, beautiful surroundings, and friendly people keep tourists coming back for more every year.

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Gay Adventure Tours And Gay Vacations To Turkey

Turkey is a distinctive nation with a unique culture that has resulted from its singular location straddling both the Asian and European continents. The history of Turkey, as well as modern, daily life, has been influenced heavily by this positioning, with the general consensus being that Turkey is politically and economically closer to Europe, while the majority of its geography is located in Asia and its religious ties are in line with other Middle Eastern Islamic countries.

However, most residents and visitors would agree that Turkey is set apart from other Islamic countries as far more progressive and Westernized, primarily due to its strong connection with Europe. This is one of the many reasons why gay tours to this intriguing country can be comfortably undertaken and is generally without issue.

Millions of tourists flock to Turkey each year, many of which are on gay vacations devoted to relaxing on pristine beaches in resort towns on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, exploring ancient architecture and ruins, and taking part in gay tours that include some of Turkey’s most enticing spiritual, cultural and historical sites.

As the historical capital of both the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, there is virtually no end to the historic sites located throughout Istanbul and Turkey. Whether travelers opt for an urban gay travel experience in Istanbul, or a more rural vacation exploring old-world villages, visitors will feel like they have stepped into a different world where culturally-rich experiences are waiting around every corner.

From indulging in sweet black tea or hardy Turkish coffee at a sidewalk caf to experiencing an afternoon at a hammam (a traditional Turkish public bath), gay vacations to Turkey will allow you to fully immerse yourself in this distinctive culture and to partake in many memorable experiences.

When you opt for participating in gay tours to Turkey, you will find that the experience will be truly unforgettable and that the added benefit of having a travel professional manage the logistics of the trip allows for a more relaxing experience with nothing to worry about but making memories and having the time of your life.

While travelers may not see a vocal, well-organized LGBT community during their gay vacations to Turkey, they will see that there is an LGBT scene and community. Unlike other Islamic countries, there are no laws specifically targeting the LGBT community and there are numerous community discos, bars and other establishments, many of which can be found in the Taksim Square neighborhood of Istanbul.

The abundance of community establishments allows those partaking in gay travel in Turkey to experience Turkish LGBT life during their visit, while opting for gay vacations ensures that you will not miss out on some of the most breathtaking sites and experiences that Turkey has to offer.

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Gay Men’s Retreats:

If you are a gay man, you probably have often wondered exactly how you can plan the perfect gay men’s retreats or gay vacations in order to reconnect with men who know exactly what you are going through and what you have been through. There are many different benefits to men’s retreats and in this article, we are going to go through some of the benefits and make sure that you know all about the locations as well as the activities that will allow you to have some fun!

Firstly, you want to decide on the location. There are many different locations within the United States and Massachusetts is just one of the many gay-friendly states in the US. Naturally, Massachusetts is open to gay marriage and if you are looking to plan a retreat, Provincetown right on Cape Cod might be the best option for you. Not only is P-Town known for their gay-friendly establishments, but a lot of the businesses are owned by gay couples.

No matter where you choose to go, you absolutely want to know your group. You need to know the personalities of the people going on the retreat. For example, if you are going with a group of couples, you will want to choose a destination and activities completely different from what you will choose if you are going with a group of singles. The key is to make sure everyone is comfortable and able to have a great time. It might be calm and relaxing or something more wild and exciting may be the ticket.

Finding a happy medium is a great way to ensure that everyone has a good time. Just keep in mind that if you are going with a bunch of couples, couples are going to want alone time, so make sure that you schedule that in, if you are planning on having a schedule at all. You do not have to schedule everything out though, remember that. People like to sometimes just do their own thing too.

Once again, if the group is going to be single, you want to ensure that the planning of activities is going to be centered around them. For example, some bar crawls and some dance clubs might be fantastic for men who are looking for a little more. However, once again, keep your schedule light and airy and give everyone some time to explore.

One of the major benefits of going on a gay men’s retreat is making sure that you all connect in some way. It is not easy to be a gay man all of the time and sometimes, just going out with people that understand the challenges is a great way to reconnect with yourself as well as other gay people.

Now that we have talked about connecting and the location, the accommodations are the next step. You want to find some place that reflects you and your group. If you are very high fashion, find something high fashion yet affordable. Remember, you want to make sure that everyone can afford to go on the retreat, so do not go overboard by booking a hotel that is very expensive.

As you can see, there are many different benefits of going on gay men’s retreats and making them fun and exciting!

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Tips For Gay Holidays: Adding To Your Personal Growth

There are a few things to take into account when making travel plans. Cruise ships, retreats and organized tours can summarize the needs of a vacation package. However, your desire to break away and get creative might place you closer to a customized package. Gay vacations should be specified to appeal to your desires - now is the time to dream big.

While in the pursuit of building your dream lifestyle, it would be unjust not to give your playground the creative attention it needs. Knowing what you want to experience is half the fun; being open to new adventures unlock the doors to uncharted waters. Exotic lands allow for a chance to get rooted with the locals. Their guidance can take you to the core of the gifts that are cultivated within their compounds. You have the imagination it takes to cater to your deepest fantasies - and you should apply it to this process.

Try your best not to cut corners when planning for your journey. Stepping into a vacation should not leave you feeling like you already need another vacation. Embrace your budget, this will allow you to make the most of what you have; and could inspire you to consider other venues to explore. Allowing your destination to be somewhat of a mystery can be exciting.

So, why not have everything you want your vacation to be. Identify where you want to go and what you want to do once you arrive. This may be a time to take new risks or ground yourself within the beautiful landscapes of the world. Either way the choices are yours to make - just make them memorable.

Fail proof suggestions that could enhance the diversity of your travels are things like theme parties and other activities to encourage socializing. Your willingness to allow others to participate in building the success of your trip will make a difference. And, mingling with others will create dimension and texture within your experience.

Being in good company is crucial to the experience of releasing tension and creating open space for good energy to prevail. The gifts that come along with meeting people who have shared interest are invaluable. A vacation should appeal to the desire for community - one that laughs and plays together.

Taking short weekend trips in between your next extended vacation will help you preserve your energy. Occasional weekend stays at bed and breakfast resorts will provide that quiet time needed to be still and silence your inner self. It is highly recommended that your that you are aesthetically stimulated by your surroundings - it will help you stay grounded.

Gay vacations are good food for the soul. New places and people provide new playgrounds to experience; unknown playgrounds can motivate you. Bring your whole self to the journey and return feeling renewed. Whether you choose the guidance of a travel agent or study online reviews - seeing it makes it a reality. All fantasies can be fulfilled if you have the courage to embrace your dreams.

Howie Holben is the force behind Spirit Journeys, a gay travel organization that focuses on spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and gay retreats with a spiritual focus at Spirit Journeys website.

The Mystery Of Handcrafted Jewelry

Artisan-crafted spiritual jewelry is a beautiful, unique addition to anyone’s jewelry collection and is an exceptional choice when looking for a meaningful gift for a partner, friend or family member. With beautiful handmade beads, healing stones, natural metals and intentional crafting, inspirational jewelry is visually appealing, as well as spiritually, physically and emotionally healing. Metaphysical jewelry is a beautiful way to rejuvenate your spirit, balance energies and adorn yourself with handcrafted pieces imbued with healing energy.

Energy medicine is one of the oldest forms of healing and has been used for thousands of years in every part of the world. Long before scientific instruments could measure the energy vibrations of particular stones, ancient cultures and traditional healers were well aware of their healing benefits and employed a wide variety of healing stones in their practices. Those seeking healing were often given an amulet, necklace, bracelet or other form of spiritual healing jewelry containing a combination of natural elements to assist them in overcoming physical, spiritual or emotional blocks or ailments.

The energy vibrations and subtle healing abilities of stones used in spiritual jewelry vary and are connected to various emotions, areas of personal development and parts of the body. The stones used in handcrafted metaphysical jewelry are commonly chosen for their specific capacity to balance particular energies or open certain chakras in a manner that is beneficial to the wearer. The use of spiritual jewelry in healing practices has been passed down through the generations of traditional and spiritual healers and is widely used today, including the increasing popularity of bestowing inspirational jewelry upon a loved one who needs healing, or simply to express our affection and concern for their overall spiritual well-being.

Aside from giving handcrafted spiritual healing jewelry as a gift and using it in healing practices, purchasing pieces for yourself and wearing them in your daily life is a powerful means of centering, working on personal growth, balancing and focusing energies, and investing in your own emotional and spiritual healing process. Selecting a piece of metaphysical jewelry that you are drawn to is a particularly empowering experience that focuses your intentions and puts forth your desire to open yourself to the healing energies offered by each beautiful stone. Whether you are in search of physical healing for a specific ailment, inner peace and centering, of the ability to more fully express yourself, inspirational jewelry crafted with healing stones will give off subtle energies to assist you in achieving your goals and enhancing your overall health and well-being.

Spiritual healing jewelry is a becoming, convenient way to ensure you are surrounded by the subtle healing energies of stones, metals and other natural elements throughout the day and is a lovely adornment that can swathe you in the centering energies of black tourmaline, or bring you the good fortune of aventurine, the awareness and thought amplification of lapis lazuli, the courage and confidence encouraged by tiger eye, the wisdom brought by sodalite or the protection offered by agate.

One of the intriguing aspects of selecting the spiritual healing jewelry that is just right for your or to give as a gift is that there are simply no wrong decisions. You will find that you are naturally drawn to the piece of spiritual jewelry appropriate to the situation, needed healing or intention, ensuring that the metaphysical jewelry you choose will be the perfect piece for you or your loved one.

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An Ideal Trip For The Ideal Gay Tours To Italy

The country of Italy is known for all of the beauty and romance that is many times associated with it. It is for this reason that there are so many gay vacations to Italy; this is a city that is friendly to couples who enjoy all that life has to offer them from this country. On visit is never enough to catch all that this city has to offer a person in the way of music architecture and food. Just the name alone is enough to conjure up feelings of love.

When a same sex couple makes the decision to head to the area, there are a few places of interest that they will want to make sure that they check out. There are several cities that are very accepting of gay and lesbians, one of the best cities that you will be able to get the best from your travels is Milan.

Milan is one of the more welcoming cities that are in the country. There are a number of attractions that the city has to offer the guest that come to visit. These guest know what the importance of having plenty to do in a city is, there is nothing that will kill a romantic vacation, than a city that has nothing to do in it.

After you leave the city of Milan, then it is time to head over to Venice and take in the culture that is offered. You will be pleased at the number of gay friendly hotels that are offered. After check in, it is time to hit the town and see all that this paradise has to offer. If you are one of the lucky ones then your hotel is just feet away from the heart and soul of the city.

The city of Venice is a paradise for history buffs and food connoisseurs alike. If you are huge into culture, then you will appreciate the many museums that are offered in the city. If you are a person that is seeking out some authentic Italy cooking, then Venice is the place for you.

After taking in all that the city has to offer, it is time to grab a Gondola and take a romantic ride through the streets. This is a sight that is best seen at night, as the city comes to life with its alternate personality. The lights and sounds are enough to make any problems that the two of you are having seem to just melt away with each stoke of the gondolier.

Head to your local travel agent and tell them that you are looking to take a trip to Italy; they will put together a package that will amaze you and leave you with memories to share for a lifetime.

Gay tours to Italy are considered to be one of the more romantic trips that a couple can make. No matter if you are just starting out or celebrating a milestone in your life, there is never a bad times to make the trip to the country shaped like a boot.

Gay tours to Italy help written by Howie Holben. He is the dreamer behind Spirit Journeys, a gay travel association. Spirit Journeys provides gay tours all over the planet.

Suggestions For Gay Adventure Vacations

Gay adventure travel options are available across the globe, with options that are ideal for any month of the year. From snowboarding in New Zealand or skiing in the Andes, to exploring volcanoes in Ecuador, Iceland or Hawaii, there is essentially no limit to the options available for gay adventure vacations.

Whether you are drawn to the physical demands of mountain climbing, the excitement of searching for ancient ruins in vast rainforests or a less taxing trip to stand in awe of the Easter Island statues, your ideal gay weekend adventure or exciting vacation is just waiting to be enjoyed.

If you and your partner or friends are looking for a gay adventure vacation with rainforests, volcanoes, islands and beaches, you may want to consider Ecuador, Hawaii or Chile. In Ecuador, you will find everything from tropical beaches and lush rainforests, to the Galapagos Islands and the snow-capped volcano of Cotopaxi.

Visitors to Chile in search of gay adventure travel options will find word-class snowboarding and skiing in the Andes, pristine beaches, volcanoes, Easter Island, the Mirador de Chepu Penguin Colony and the expansive Patagonia, which is home to the deserts and landscapes of the Torres del Paine National Park.

If a gay weekend adventure will fit your schedule better, you may want to consider a short vacation to one of the islands of Hawaii, where you will find a plethora of outdoor adventure options, as well as more leisurely pursuits, such as dining, shopping and entertainment, on each of the major islands.

Like Ecuador and Chile, Hawaii is home to spectacular coastlines, verdant landscapes, lush rainforests and an active volcano. There are also breathtaking cliffs, waterfalls and canyons, a coral reef that is ideal for SCUBA diving or snorkeling, beaches of black sand and the snow-capped Mauna Kea.

If you would rather head north for your gay adventure tours, Iceland is a popular choice for outdoor adventures, including whale watching, bird watching, rafting, kayaking, hiking and ice climbing. Travelers can also get a certificate on Grimsey Island showing that they have crossed the Arctic Circle, hike around an active volcano, see the largest glacier in Europe or take a mineral-rich dip in the Blue Lagoon’s geothermal, fluorescent blue waters. Other destinations that are perfect for adventure travel include Bali with its volcanoes, Brazil with its lush jungles and Australia with miles of Outback and the spectacularly diverse landscapes of the Northern Territory’s Top End.

Regardless of where your adventurous side takes you, you are sure to have a fabulous experience when you opt for one of the many destinations that offer exciting options for outdoor activities. When you choose a destination that also has opportunities for leisurely, relaxing activities or a fun night on the town, it can make for an even better adventure travel experience. To get the most from your gay adventure, you may want to consider opting for an organized tour, which will ensure you have a safe, well-planned, exciting adventure.

Howie Holben is the owner of Spirit Journeys, a gay vacations concern that focuses on metaphysical tours. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. Uncover more about Howie, his work and a gay tours with a spiritual focus at Spirit Journeys website.

The Benefits Of Gay Tantric Yoga

Many people believe that tantra is not possible in same sex couples but the number of couples practicing gay tantra would indicate otherwise. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means to expand, spread, weave, spin out and includes all matter, actions and thought. During Tantra the opposing flows of energy from each partner flow together or are woven together. It also refers to the personalities which are brought together through better understanding achieved in the process.

Many couples are drawn to tantra because it has a reputation for encouraging intimacy and prolonging and intensifying climax. These are not the only benefits. For the individual the process can help them come to terms with parts of their personality they were not comfortable with before. Tantra aims to help people develop spirituality, openness, shed fear and guilt and expand their boundaries to lead a more fulfilling life. Therefore it is a system of spiritual and personal development which utilizes the sexual energies.

The theories which are called tantra come from all over Asia and are built on ancient traditions from Hinduism and Buddhism. Therefore practices can vary a lot between different teachers.

Some traditions of tantra assert that the practice is not possible for same sex couples because the opposing male and female energies are needed. However there are several schools which include gay tantra. Techniques which use the theories of Kundalini energy flows are possible for same sex couples. This is because in Kundalini the rising energy flows are the same in all people regardless of sexual preference or gender. Some traditions use a lot of visualization in their processes. In these cases partners can imagine themselves as being of different sexes when guiding the flows of energy. Sexual preference is viewed as a personality trait in Buddhism and is therefore unimportant in the context of tantra.

Tantric Buddhism was created by a Buddha and his companion Big SkyDancer. The followers of this school of tantra were known for being particularly passionate and devoted to the spiritual path. It was developed by a Frenchwoman called Margot Anand Naslednikoy in the eighties. Her system, called Sky Dancer Tantra is now the most widespread type of gay tantric yoga. It is based on the concept of love as a dance in the sky.

Most tantric practice involves meditation. Breathing is a vital part of the process with techniques involving alternating breaths between partners. Visualization is another common method which has many aspects. It is possible to visualize deities or other magical powers or processes between the two bodies such as movement of energy. Yoga is used to maintain positions and for its meditative properties and focus on breathing.

Tantric massage is another prevalent way to apply tantra. It is not intended to bring about climax but to release blockages of energy in the body. The masseuse builds up sexual energy in the body and then uses that to unblock the necessary areas.

Gay tantra is a growing practice among same sex couples and gay singles. It can encompass a range of techniques, practices and beliefs but the overall aim is spiritual development. There are many gurus and teachers throughout the world who run workshops and retreats and they are easily found online.

Howie Holben administers Spirit Journeys, a gay vacations organization that focuses on spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and gay tours with a spiritual focus at Spirit Journeys website.

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