The Real Key To Manifest Wealth

We all are successful in our lives in one way or the other. But we can always use the advanced law of attraction to manifest more wealth and get more happiness in life.

You can see that there are various exercises for the advanced law of attraction which can be effectively used to manifest health, get success and to be happy in life.

The first exercise that is prescribed for a person is to meditate. An individual will need to focus on a particular concept which is about existence of all possibilities of life. He needs to think that all the possibilities of reality that he dreams of owning it are already present. And his task is to simply choose among them.

This law is not a recent discovery. It has been a proven theory of physics. This law came to existence in 1920s and is based on the work of the quantum physics pioneer Mr Nils Bohr.

Dr. Bohr has challenged the traditional view of reality. Based on Copenhagen School of Quantum Physics, he expressed that there are infinite number of “potential universes”. All these universes are present at the same time and one just has to choose among those realities.

The Second exercise is mainly based on the law of attraction that focuses on the abilities of the human beings. The exercise is also known as the transmitter exercise which focuses on a person’s abilities to send strong vibes into the universe which simply means that if you are sending out strong vibes about manifesting your wealth, you are in turn attracting wealth into your life as well.

If an individual takes this thing seriously and literally works on it effectively then he is sure to see positive results, he can also manifest the wealth easily when compared to others. But then he also needs to make sure about the conscious effort to send out strong vibes about manifesting wealth. This can be done by getting a strong image of a person who is already very wealthy. This will surely help to attract more wealth into ones life.

The key rule to manifest wealth and prosperity is to send out very strong and positive vibes about being wealthy. Similarly, one can use the advanced law of attraction for his many other desires and purposes as well.

Another exercise in the advanced law of attraction is known as the gatekeeper exercise which is completely reverse of the above mentioned transmitter exercise. This exercise focuses on the vibes that a person takes in.

For this, a person needs to fix up a time. At fixed time, he must focus on all things in environment. Think of all things that surround you and only allow those things that you want in your life. Move away from thoughts that will not give you any positive energy.

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Past Life Secrets: Unlocking Your Mind’s Mysteries

Many people believe in the idea of reincarnation, which is about the thought that people had a previous past life and that past life is said to have been affecting the current life in terms of self soul searching. People from all over the world: Japanese, Australian aborigines, Africans, modern Wiccans and many other New Age religions, have a strong belief on this idea.

Each past life influences our health, mental wellbeing and our social interactions. It is a good idea to know thyself to understand who we were in a past life, to settle the mischievous nature that may in surplus from the past life and to incorporate all the accumulated strengths in order to become a stronger person today and in any future lives.

What are the indications of your past life? It is not easy to determine how and what the past life was but some of the simple indications are disturbing dreams that keep on visiting you in your sleep that you never was aware if it happened to you. OR when you recall from memory some of the things that happened in your life but you can not explain if when it happened. This may have been you in your past life indicated by the following circumstances:

* A strong love or attraction to some culture that you were not exposed to and that makes no sense in your current life. If you love Mesopotamian art, for instance, you may have a past life from that region in the era you find interesting. Learn more about the art that interests you; if it all comes from a distinct and relatively small time period, that’s a pretty good indication that there’s something there.

* Abnormally strong emotions about some incident in history if, for instance, you tear up when you look at Washington Crossing the Delaware but not at any other revolutionary art, you may have been involved in that incident in a past life.

* Irrational fears that were not triggered by some incident in your childhood, and possibly allergies as well. Psychological and certain physical issues may be linked to a past life.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and just the fact that you have one of these indicators does not mean you are remembering a past life. Look for patterns in your life, ranges of things that attract you for no good reason, and you may start to home in on similarities that will help you piece together an idea of what your past life or lives may have been.

You may be able to access your past life or past lives by being hypnotized by someone else or with self-hypnosis. You may find that a visit to a past life regression specialist well worth the time and money. Past life regression, is a deep hypnotic form of recalling memories from the subconscious mind.

While searching for a form of self-hypnosis to access your past life you want to find a method that can double as a deep relaxation technique. You should work with this type of technique, until you feel comfortable using it before trying past life regression.

If you are worried about your safety, no significant matter can disturb you while in process. You will only recall your past life through the regression and you might possibly experience back what happened in your past life but only in a vivid pictures or shadows.

Good memories will provoke good feelings. Conversely a bad past life memory will result in the same feelings as if you have had a bad dream. You will just wake up feeling uneasy, like you have had a nightmare. But please bear in mind that unpleasant memories, if indeed they are any, are an important part of the regression experience.

What is important is remembering a past life. Once you remember, you are able to move on in this life. Problems occur when there is subconscious suppression of these memories. Acknowledging and accepting what happened in the past can aid you, while experiencing you present life with an entirely different point of view.

There is a theory of Karma which says that, if we were good people in one life, and committed kind and positive acts, then we will have good Karma and subsequently, we will receive good in all future lives - unless we change and become bad people! If that happens, personal Karma changes and negative events will hound us throughout future lives until we have suffered enough to atone and revert back to being a good soul.

However, there is often confusion by people over this interpretation. We are not destined to be bad or deserve to suffer because of a past life. With each new life we are literally born anew and it is our own choice to do the things you do. Once you realize that a certain memory is from a previous life, and you are not a bad person now, then you can go on to have a good life in the present.

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Understanding The Role Of A Clairvoyant

A clairvoyant is that kind of a psychic who possesses the psychic power of ‘clairvoyance’ or simply put, ‘clear viewing’. Thus, an individual who is a clairvoyant has the power to see objects, people or events which are otherwise not visible with the ordinary eye sight.

There are numerous incidents happening around us which gives testimony to the fact that individuals with such splendid powers do exist in reality. I met one such man in a hill station of India who was a caretaker at a guesthouse. He used to say that he was able to see his mother living at his old home in his village which was some hundred miles away from his place of work.

Thus, a clairvoyant can see an object wrapped inside a box kept at one corner of another room without much effort, he may get visions of events from the past or occurrences that will happen in the future, what’s more, he can even envision friends, family and loved ones from thousands and thousands of miles away like my caretaker friend above. Simply put, it will be wrong to put down everything as cases of coincidence or good guesswork and one must recognize the fact that these are rare but very real clairvoyants who can actually ’see’ things that other people cannot.

There are also other psychic capabilities wherein the individual may ‘hear’ things or he or she may ‘feel’ things that remain hidden in the environment. These are different from being clairvoyant in which refers to only the ’seeing’ aspect of it. A person who can hear things is known as a clairaudience while some one who can feel hidden things in the environment is known as clairsentience.

Again, a clairvoyant medium is different from normal clairvoyants. The mediums have the ability to act as bridges between the spirits and the living beings. Thus, clairvoyant mediums see visions of events that have led the spirit to its death. Usual clairvoyants on the other hand see things not visualized by human eyes which are not connected to souls of the dead and events of their lifetimes.

If you have doubts regarding whether you are a clairvoyant or not, or if you know that you are and would like to find out the degree of your power, you might undertake basic psychic clairvoyant tests available online for achieving the former purpose and undertake advanced tests at researching institutes for the purpose of the latter.

One common method of finding out whether you’re clairvoyant or not and the degree or level of your psychic abilities is by undergoing the Zener card test. In this test, the individual is asked to pick cards from a deck and then predict the symbol on the cards with the help of one’s clairvoyance abilities. Thus, the psychic is asked to actually ’see’ the symbols on the cards which are kept hidden from him. When the entire deck is depleted, the results show whether the individual has no ability, somewhat ability, high ability or extremely high ability in clairvoyance.

The power of the sub-conscious part of the human brain is incomprehensible and in order to increase your abilities as a clairvoyant, you need to cultivate your special powers and gain a certain level of control over them. This can be achieved by meditation which will lead you to an increased control over y our mind. Moreover, practicing visualizing and concentrating on something at the back of your head will help you to focus on objects that are directly not in front of your eyes.

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How To Tap Your Potential And Give A Clairvoyant Psychic Reading

Since time immemorial, people have wished to be clairvoyant. If only you could know the future before it happens! Heartbreaks you could avoid, opportunities you could pursue, accidents you could avoid, regrets you could take back… Imagine the possibilities. For many, however, they are no longer content to imagine. They want results. More and more people each day are unlocking their real potential and learning to give a clairvoyant psychic reading… And you can join them!

The key to gaining clairvoyant mastery is to recognize the ability for what it really is. The problem comes from people thinking of it in terms of seeing the future, of knowing exactly what’s about to happen, all the time. It’s not quite like this. The type of clairvoyance one uses in a psychic reading involves listening to the wisdom of the subconscious mind and using it to gain insights into one’s situation, as well as what the potential outcomes of that situation might be.

The truth is we all have this voice; those who are skilled at clairvoyance are simply skilled at listening to what this voice has to say.

While developing clairvoyance may at first seem like a daunting task, many people will find that they’re more successful when they first start out than they thought they would be. This is because this is a natural ability that all humans possess; it feels natural to unlock it, and it feels natural to put it to use. In any case, once you have cultivated your clairvoyant talents, you’ll probably be itching to try them out by performing a psychic reading. Most people are.

While you can’t control what the subconscious will tell you, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about giving a reading. The first thing you’ll want to do is to pick a subject who you’re comfortable with, such as a friend or family member. It’s essential that this be someone you trust so you can truly let go, relax, and let your powers flow.

It also helps a great deal to be in the right kind of environment. While it’s not necessary to have beaded curtains and a bookcase full of metaphysical tomes, there is some logic behind such an approach. If you want to maximize your potential to give an accurate reading, you need to be relaxed, and sometimes incense or low lighting can help with such a thing. Whatever works to help you and your subject relax, do it.

When you start giving the reading, ask a few preliminary questions about the person. The idea here is to get a sense of where their preoccupations lie by listening to the subtle clues in what they say and how they choose to say it. This will help you to understand where the person is coming from and what sort of answers they might hope to get out of a psychic reading. Knowing this will guide your reading and lead to a more pleasurable experience for everyone.

Eventually, the subconscious will start feeding you images or sensations. When this happens, describe them out loud. You may find at first that your subject doesn’t react well or doesn’t get where you’re going, but above all you must resist the temptation to interpret what you’re receiving. Just keep describing and eventually you’ll mention something that should evoke a powerful reaction from your subject. This is when you’ll know you’re on the right track.

A clairvoyant psychic reading can be a great way to get in touch with yourself and also work out the problems in your life and in the lives of others. Thankfully, the clairvoyant skills one needs to perform such readings are readily available, if one only learns to relax.

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A Successful Future Needs A Past Regression

As more people today begin to believe in reincarnation. It is hard to decide the best way to start on the journey of remembering your past lives.

A good tool that can prove very beneficial when referred back to is a journal. In your journal you will need to record all your thoughts and feelings. Even those that seem inconsequential to you at the time. You also need to write down any emotions that you may feel, as it is generally believed that emotions are a strong link connecting us to our past life or lives. Do not forget that even something as unimportant as an irrational fear of cracks in a sidewalk can prove very useful and need to be made a note of in your journal.

A good way to start this journal is to write down things like your likes and dislikes, phobias, food, being drawn to certain time periods, architecture, food, cultures, and climates. Also add things like times of Dj Vu, talents and occupations, the kind of animals and your personality and maybe even birthmarks.

Another important detail you should record in your journal is when you dream. Although our dreams are also current they can still reveal important clues and information. Assuming you are able to recall your dreams, be sure to record all the details of them.

Another way to go is Past life Regression.

Past lif regression involves hypnosis and can, in some cases, be achieved without the assistance of a professional. However seeing a professional and trained past life regression therapist can be very beneficial for those who cannot do self-hypnosis. The therapist will guide the client through the regression and then, with your help, interpret the information gleaned during the regression.

Many people use Meditation as a way to find out about their past lives.

When meditating there is usually no professional assisting and so many people find it difficult to trust the information they get during their sessions. But trusting your feelings as well as your instincts is necessary with meditation.

While meditation may feel like daydreaming to you, something of importance may come through as images start to flow through. Your journal maybe of help here too.

If you need help with your meditation that can assist you to focus and relax then you might well find guided meditation audios particularly beneficial. If that is not for you then you might try music, or perhaps burning some incense, or even listening to the sound of water can be very calming. But if none of the above proves useful there is another tool that can help.

Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats is an audio recording that allows you to listen to different frequencies in each ear which aligns the two hemispheres of the brain. Using this tool can assist you in achieving the same meditative state that Zen monks reach. It is important that you choose somewhere quiet and free from distractions when you meditate. You need to ensure that whether you are lying down or sitting that you are completely comfortable and relaxed.

Keep a positive state of mind and do not allow yourself to be distracted by any thoughts about your daily life. Although it might happen until you gain more experience with meditation. Instead of being completely side tracked try to make a note of it and then put it out of your mind. One thing that you need to remember is that meditation takes practice so do not give up when nothing seems to happen in the beginning. It is when we achieve a proper meditative state that questions will arise, just be prepared to find the answers when you are not expecting to.

Sometimes meditation can help with that which you are confronting in your current life. Many discover that the people around them are people they shared a past life with. Although this might seem strange a simple bit of research can confirm or deny the information gleaned from the regression meditation.

Reincarnation is a belief held by many of the world’s religions. Some believe that we experience the consequences of that which we did in our past life or lives, whether good or not, in our current life. It is called Karma and is not that different from regression, in that once you have discovered information about your past life it can help you when faced with issues in your present life. It is all about learning from our mistakes in the past, and that can only enhance and enrich your current life experience.

As with many things it is important that you keep an open mind about what you discover. You need to be able to accept the information you receive about your past life, because that will enable you to not only learn from past mistakes, but also afford you the opportunity to correct them in your current life, making it better than the previous one.

Many experts are of the opinion that past life regression can be very beneficial for the present life, even when the person concerned does not or cannot accept the information they receive. The subconscious can be unblocked and this can help, especially if it has negatively impacted the body. However, there are other benefits that come from past life regression.

As already mentioned past life regression can help us by identifying the mistakes we made in our past life or lives, and not repeating them in the present life. The way we do that is by confronting those past life issues head on.

Being able to see what you were or like in the past may help you see a hidden talent that was just waiting to be brought to the front and so help you live a richer, fuller life now. This will also help you have a much better understanding of yourself. If something about yourself that was a mystery before like say singing, maybe you were a professional singer in a past life. And so that talent is coming out even if no one else in your family can hold a tune.

Past life regression allows you to get to know yourself better, thereby making better decisions and choices n your current life. Therefore it is beneficial to investigate it further, as it helps you to discover just who you are and why you are the way you are.

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Have A Lucid Dream - The Basic Facts

Lucid dreams are the dreams when a person knows that he is dreaming and whatever happening is not a reality. In order to have a lucid dream, many people learn various tricks.

Lucid dreams provide a means to experience exhilarating pleasure. This is an effective way to cure a person of his nightmares also. To have a lucid dream is a good experience for many and they learn different tricks to do give way to their fantasies.

The process to have a lucid dream involves a few steps. The first step is to do reality checks at regular intervals during the day time. This is done so that a person knows that he is not dreaming and everything around him is real. Next step is to maintain a dream journal or dairy. This diary is used to note down the lucid dream and then read it whenever trying to remember it.

A person must be well aware of his sleeping schedules so that he can induce lucid dreams at appropriate times. People often wish to remember their lucid dreams as it is a good source of pleasure and there are no social conditions to stop a person when he is doing something in his dreams. This is the reason that a person must be aware about his sleep times and patterns. This also helps to have a lucid dream without any disturbance.

Usually, an ideal time to have a lucid dream is just a few hours after awakening in the mornings. In some cases, it happens just before a person is about to wake up, that is, in final moments of sleep.

Sometimes, people also get lucid dreams moments after they fall asleep. This is not a healthy sign and the person having lucid dreams at such unusual times must consult sleep medicine specialist.

To have lucid dreams and remember them one must sleep at least for about two hours. This is because most lucid dreams have duration of about 60 minutes. If a person is working on dream recall, trying and waking up during such cycles is an effective way to do so.

There are others techniques such as MILD, WILD, and WBTB that people use to remember their lucid dreams and also to get these dreams.

WILD or Wake Induced Lucid Dreams is considered good lucid dreaming techniques for people who have expertise in meditation.

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The Power Of Abundance Affirmations

Generally speaking, abundance is the most basic in well-being. It is one of those things that are not based on external factors. It is something that happens within yourself, a process of improving your worth. This is why people use abundance affirmations. Abundance is not something focused on worldly things. It is the hope with which we live our lives. Our ability to absorb the levels of abundance being given off by the universe is a way by which we can rate our ability to pay attention. The hope of abundance is what pushes us to go on. It is a purpose that transcends our humanity.

In essence, abundance is our fundamental well- being, which is not affected by exterior conditions. It is a process of enriching self on an absolute level, rather on materialistic level. It is a “Messianic Hope” that bestows our life each day. The quality of our attention reflects our success in absorbing the abundant energy that exists in the universe. This integral hope convinces us to continue our life journey, a divine purpose that sustains our reality. In spite of despair and darkness, difficulties and doubts, this grand purpose holds a space for us, even though it may be presently obscured. It is the affirmation of our faith in goodness and wisdom that allows us to move forward through the most difficult circumstances of life.

Abundance affirms the beauty of lives and reminds us that the ugly parts are only there for a while. Our lives are filled with abundance but we do not access it because of our own desire to not cultivate it. We do not want to accept the gifts of life. We just want the kind of abundance that we believe there is because of what our emotions and thoughts tell us. Creation is a well-spring of abundance and the individual’s quest to look for abundance in life is through our experiences of money, love, power, and health.

We are held back by our selfish desires and we fail to see the abundance in our lives. Our minds are darkened by our presumptions and so we fail to see that the universe wants us to be abundant. Our social participations also inhibit our experience abundance. Governments teach us to have a capitalist view on everything and that supply and demand are the controlling factors of this world. That is why people are indebted, because we want to accumulate as many goods and services as we can.

Citizens experience poor health and living conditions but instead of fighting against these, they accept it and therefore inhibit abundance. They can do the opposite by having an open mind and a welcoming attitude towards abundance. By obtaining information about it, we can receive abundance all the more.

The Bible says that if we seek, we will find. Attracting abundance relies on this saying. If we seek to know abundance, we will attract it towards ourselves.

Our creativity and intellect should be geared towards a life filled with abundance. Avoid procrastinating and keep yourself healthy. Spend time for yourself because poor health hinders you from living a life of abundance and well-being. Assert yourself and you will get closer to abundance.

Procrastination is your enemy and so is being unhealthy and failing to take time for ourselves. This will hinder us from gaining abundance. Abundance affirmation is a great way to find a balance in our well-being physically, financially, spiritually, and relationally. By maintaining our health and knowing ourselves, and by having a relationship with the universe or with God, we are attracting abundance for ourselves.

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Which Are The Main Seven Chakras And Their Functionalities?

Chakra, translated as the wheel as well is a Sanskrit word. The Chakras infuse on the physical body at particular points. These are also referred to as the centers of forces.

There are seven main chakras:

Muladhara, also known as the Base or Root Chakra, Swadhisthana, also known as the ovaries or prostate, Manipura, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra and is located at the navel area, Anahata - Heart Chakra which is situated near the heart area, Vishuddha or Throat Chakra situated at throat and neck area, Ajna or the Brow or Third Eye Chakra and Sahasrara, also known as the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of the head.

The beginning of the chakra is at the base of the spine and they end at the top of the head. Chakras are fixed in the central spinal column.

Chakras vibrate at different speeds. At the root or the first chakra the speed is the slowest and at the crown or seventh chakra the speed is at the highest. Each chakra stimulates on its own. Chakras are of the following colors - violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

Brightness and size of the chakras vary. This factor is dependent on stress, individual development, energy levels, physical condition, or disease.

The force slows down with the imbalance of the chakras or blocked energies. There has to be a constant balance between the chakras for promotion of sense of well being and health.

With our feelings getting blocked the natural flow of energy stops and our reaction to unpleasant experiences takes place. If this happens then the maturity and the development of chakras gets impacted. With our experiences getting blocked our chakras also get blocked and then the chakras get disfigured. At the time of normal functioning, each chakra opens and spins clockwise. The unique energies which are desired from the universe get metabolized with this.

First Chakra, the Root: Is located at the base of the spine, at the pubic bone in front and at the tailbone at back. The chakra is connected powerfully with the Mother Earth. Our ability to be grounded into the plain earth is due to the Mother Earth.

Belly chakra or the second chakra is rooted into the spine and is situated just two inches below the navel. The center holds the necessary needs for self-worth, intuition, creativity and sexuality.

Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus: It is the centre for place of ego, strength, anger, passion and personal power. This chakra is positioned two inches underneath the breastbone in the center behind the stomach.

Fourth Chakra is also known as the heart chakra. This is the center for spirituality, love and compassion.

Fifth Chakra or the throat chakra is the center to express sound, creativity and communication.

Sixth Chakra or the Third Eye is the center for ability, the energies of spirit and light and higher intuition

Seventh Chakra, the Crown: This chakra is the center of spirituality, enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy.

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Manifesting Money - Is It Just A Fantasy?

Manifesting money might be one of the most, or rather ‘the most’ popular and sought after topic of discussion that one may find since the sole aim of anybody in today’s world may be said to be the abundance of money. It is the only thing which a man dreams of, studies for, works for, and infact is the reason behind almost all his decisions and behaviour in life.

We surely have dreamt many a times of staying and also owning a Penthouse or may be a garage full of Mercedes Benz cars or owning an island. These fantasies or dreams as we may call it are possible only if we have money in abundance. In fact any materialistic desires are impossible without money. As a result we may say that manifesting money is something which every man craves for.

There are many things in this world that science has not yet been able to teach us. The power of the human subconscious mind is one such example. Since, there’s no such scientific method established for manifesting money as such, it might be harmless to check out those avenues which provide a means to do so, rather for manifesting any object of desire for that matter.

The first and foremost thing to recognize and accept in this regard is the power of positive thinking. We have always been told that we should do away with negative thoughts and that whatever we think is what happens to us. Positive thinking leads to a happy and positive life. But have we ever paid any heed to these statements which we have always considered the ending lines in a moral science book? Well, what if I tell you that this is exactly what will help you in manifesting money that you have always dreamt of?

Thinking of the scarcity of what we don’t have in plenty will always come in the way of Manifesting Money. We create our own fate and hence in our heart and brain we must see and think about the things which we want to manifest instead of thinking about scarcity of money which we generally do all the time, leading to manifesting more scarcities in future.

Always remember that the more you think about its scarcity, the more scarcity will you manifest in your life. On the contrary, if you take stock of the money you already have and be grateful for it then the feeling of happiness and gratefulness are the ones which will be manifested in future. Thus, your wealth will grow and money will pour in to make you feel these same feelings of contentment and gratefulness yet again.

The Laws of Attraction gives testimony to the authentication of the Concept of Manifesting Money. They say that if we truly and continuously think of the fact that money will happen abundantly to us and succeed in channelizing our positive energies into these thoughts, then this flow will attract the desired event from the universe that we crave for result in manifesting money.

Manifesting Money can be established with the tool of comic order which asks us to fantasize that we already have the availability of abundant money. As a result of this our thoughts and feeling will take a course of their own which will help to manifest money with the impetus from the cosmic energies.

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Why Use A Past Life Regression Therapist?

In many ways, past life regression therapy can contribute you positively to your mind and soul. There are many past life regression therapists around who treat severe mental disorders to phobias. Millions of people worldwide claim that past life regression therapy with the aid of professional therapists are most effective than any other forms of psycho therapy treatments.

Practitioners argue that regression therapy is most effective to people who troubled by obsessive fears and suppressed mind conditions. To recover from trauma, a past life therapist help is essential.

Anyone who claims to be a therapist and does not have a certification to do so should not be consulted for this therapy. A metaphysical bookstore or the internet facility are the places to look for a good therapist for this therapy. You should also be clear about the difference between a past life regression therapist and a psychic.

Simple information is given to you about your past life by a psychic informs on the other hand a past life regression therapist carries hypnosis on you. Different individuals have reported different impact through this therapy and there are chances of getting emotional when memories are recalled during the therapy sessions.

Past life regression can be done learned and self administered. But it is proved very imperative while seeking help of a professional therapist; if you are a beginner especially. You may reach therapists with your friends help or searching online where thousands of regression therapists are available for consultation always. You may reach their websites and read about their skills and experience. Read reviews and feedbacks about them and their treatment methods. Once you are well with their reputation, you may call up them and take appointment.

While consulting a past life regression therapist, it is very important to make out re-embodiment theory and its basic principles. Past life regression works out based on reincarnation principles and its connection with men’s subconscious minds. If you have no belief in these two strong concepts, you may fail the game. Because of the views avail on psychic levels, strong belief on these two concepts is much sought.

Hypnosis is one of the ways to induce state of trance; one can even make use of guided meditation for the same. There are different stages that one goes back to during this therapy, beginning with childhood memories, womb life and after this to the past life where there were different kinds of experiences and finally to life among life state.

This procedure incorporates various steps like initially integration of the participant, then disintegration and in the end adjusts the concern under the therapist’s guidance. Hence it is imperative to get this therapy done from a certified therapist.

Past life regressions deal exclusively with your past lives. They do not look at your present life so you need to believe and accept the idea of having had many past lives.

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