Fun Holidays In Gay Travel To Thailand

Be ready for a friendly welcome in the beautiful country of Thailand. The smiling people do not label you for being straight or gay. They really have no concern about either, and they do not care if you are gay or straight. That is why you will find gay vacations to Thailand a very special adventure.

Asian men will be friendly, as they very much want to meet the western man. They know a bit of English, so that they can communicate with you. And it may extend past the hotel room. You will find gay friends and nightclubs readily available to welcome you.

And it is good news if you are over 35. Thai people are not obsessed with the young. And middle aged gay people, and even seniors, will be able to find others their age, or with an interest in you, or both. You need only to ask around to find out about the local gay nightclubs.

Gay establishments, such as go-go clubs and saunas, were largely commercial until just recently. Now there are non-commercial establishments, such as coffee houses and the discos, in the big cities of Thailand. And you will want to enjoy a night at a local go-go boy bar.

But even though gays are quite readily accepted, the kissing and showing of affection in public is considered inappropriate. It is as if you are fine to do it, but not display it or talk about it. This is the same for straight people, as well. As a matter of fact, if two Thai men are holding hands, it is because they are just friends, and they are displaying no sexual affection at all.

There is quite a bit of modesty going on with the Thai people, as they do not display their bodies. Even in a locker room at the gym, men will change clothes using a towel to cover themselves. And in the bedroom, it will likely be the same, until the petting begins. Even then, the sex may be somewhat conservative. So, you should probably discuss your special interests, if you have any, with your new Thai partner.

A lot of bars and night spots have drag shows that star what the Thai people call ladyboys. They are very popular, but usually cater to a straight crowd. In bars where you might find a man to take home for the night, this is a relatively safe practice, as the bars know whom they are hiring.

There are many other cultural differences that you should be aware of. One would be the fact that you are considered the social superior. That may sound strange to us, but the Thai people do consider the western man to be the social superior. Therefore, you will be accepting the check and paying for everything. It is understood and expected. You will be more respected if you dress the part. Leave the shorts and tank tops at the beach, and dress for the occasion. Long, pressed pants and a neatly tailored dress shirt will gain respect. A lot of compliments on your part will be a good thing. Criticism is not taken well, even constructive criticism. So, refrain from doing that. You may find that your new boyfriend wants to share your clothing, and even your toothbrush. Be patient, and be generous. There are just a lot of differences in the cultures. You may find his footprints on the toilet seat. You will just have to look the other way on that one. Once you begin to understand the differences and practices of the Thai people, you should have a marvelous time on your gay tours to Thailand.

Gay tours to Thailand pointers about Thailand from author Howie Holben. He is the facilitator of Spirit Journeys, a gay tours business. Spirit Journeys offers gay vacations all over the world.

Where To Go For The Most Relaxing Most Energizing Gay Retreats

Being gay or bi-sexual can present unique challenges. You may have come across discrimination and bullying at some time in your life, you may feel the need to escape from it all for a while. Of course there may be other reasons why you want to get away. Life itself, with work and family complications can make us all feel like we need a break. Going on gay retreats is one way that you can take a break from your life in the company of like minded people

Some gay retreats offer a structured programme of activities including yoga, meditation and seminars if you like something that has a structure. If, however, you would prefer to go it alone there is a wide range of choice of holiday destinations that are either gay friendly or specifically tailored for gay or bi-sexual individuals.

Hamilton hall in Dorset offers the only gay run and gay owned retreat center in Europe. It is specifically designed for gay men and runs thought provoking seminars, lectures and workshops as well as fun party weekends away. So depending on whether you want peace and quiet or a more energy filled break Hamilton hall could offer what you want.

Noosa Cove on the North Queensland coast is a beautiful small town that is a gay friendly paradise. The area boats a national park that is filled with bushland, forests and lakes and you are guaranteed to see animals including koalas if you are lucky. The beaches that are so plentiful in the area are not only clean and warm but are also ideally suited for surfing and swimming if you like your sports.

The surroundings that you like to spend your leisure time in will dictate what type of retreat you might like to go on. Many retreats are situated in high quality hotels and wellness centers and offer luxury features such as jacuzzis, spas and beauty and grooming facilities. Others are available that are more basic, but no less beautiful. Programmes run in organized retreats include anything from erotic exploration to philosophical discussion.

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that offers everything from a lively nightlife with restaurants and discos to lush rainforests, beautiful beaches and entrancing and majestic volcano’s. The area has a number of gay friendly tour operators that can help you plan your holiday. The deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is particularly good and well worth a try. Surfers won’t be disappointed either as the surf breaks are particularly good.

The Scottish highlands boast some of the most beautiful scenery on earth and is an ideal place to find peace and tranquility. The Dhanakosa retreat which is situated in this enviable location is a Buddhist retreat and is run along these lines. Their philosophy is that anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality or race. Can find spiritual peace. The retreats specifically designed for gay men feature Buddhist ethics, meditation and wisdom.

If you are in the process of ‘coming out’ or indeed if things are just a little hectic at work you will probably be in need of a little bit of peace and maybe some spiritual centering. Maybe you need to get back in touch with who you are? However you like to do this, whether it’s through partying or finding a peaceful place to rest there will be gay retreats to suit you.

Trips and gay retreats ideas penned by Howie Holben. His company, Spirit Journeys, is a gay tours firm. Spirit Journeys proposes spiritual gay vacations world wide.

How Body Piercing Makes It Possible To Wear Some Spiritual Jewelry

Thousands of people are wearing symbolic and spiritual jewelry right now. They are wearing this kind of jewelry for a variety of reasons. Many are in fear of evil and wear some jewelry to help protect them. Some wear pieces like this for gaining better insight or health.

The cross is a powerful symbol in many cultures. Wearing a pendant of one means a couple of things to different people. The Celtic cross has true meaning about the cross shape while the Christian cross signifies the wearers belief in Jesus and what He was crucified for. For whatever reason you might wear a cross for, you should know that is one of the most powerful religious and spiritual symbols in the world.

The Christianity religion states that the cross was what Jesus died on. The reason that Christians were a cross to attest to the fact of what Jesus gave up for all the people in the world, then and now. Many hold this cross in reverence and also feel that it will keep them safe from untold evils while wearing it.

Hamas have become more and more popular also. This is a Jewish pendant that is worn around the neck on a red string. While the pendant symbolized immunity against evil, the string also holds a meaning. It symbolizes the worm that is everyone. When you are humble as worm, then you have on the best kinds of attributes possible.

Being of the Jewish faith also may mean that you have your Kabbalah blessed by your rabbi. This is a talisman that is worn as a protector as well. It has a tiny scroll inside of it that has all the seventy two names of God on it. This talisman is worn with the scroll as a reminder of God and all His good for the wearer.

You probably know someone that has some part of their body pierced for being able to wear jewelry there. This art has been a part of many cultures for centuries. The ancients were piercing body parts as well for religious and superstition beliefs. Some Egyptian mummies have been found to have parts of their body pierced. Today, body piercing has become quite the thing to do for being in style and cool.

The African people have also got their form of jewelry. They have beautiful colored beads that signify more than just spirituality, but class status and political standing as well. These beads are made from heated powdered glass. They also have symbolic bead that are fashioned from the bones of the ostrich. These are still popular in Africa today.

No matter what your reasons are for choosing to wear metaphysical jewelry, your belief is what matters the most. This is one big reason behind this kind of jewelry, having strong faith in the God you know will protect you.

Post with good information about handcrafted unique jewelry presented by Christopher Caramelli. Christopher makes the one of kind jewelry for Spirit Journeys’ SpiritWear. Learn more about one of a kind jewelry at Spirit Journeys site.

Gay Holiday Ideas For Asia

If you have ever been to Asia, you know that it is a beautiful, beautiful country, however imagine taking gay travel to Asia with your partner. There are many things to do in Asia and many different places to see. Whether you are straight or gay, it does not matter at all, however if you are apart of the LBGT community, you will know that Asia holds some secrets and some awesome sights.

A trip to Asia is not complete without checkout out Japan, of course. There are a wealth of places to see there, and Mt. Fuji should come at the top of the list. Hop onto the infamous Bullet Train and enjoy not just the mountain, but also the gorgeous landscape surrounding Lake Ashi, not to mention all the sloping volcanoes. You can even go on a sightseeing cruise, which will make sure you do not miss a single thing!

Tokyo is the hub of everything Japan and if you are looking to explore Tokyo a little bit, why not take a tour? Touring Tokyo is going to be the best way to ensure that you see everything and the best tour that Tokyo has is the Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour. This tour ensures that all of the spots are hit and ensures that you see everything that you should see in Japan, including the Asakusa Temple as well as the Nikko National Park.

While you certainly could be spending the entire vacation in Japan, seeing everything that there is to see, there is a lot of Asia to see. However — you want to make sure that you hit all of the major points when you are in Japan and some of those include the Kinkakuji Temple as well as the Nijo Castle. These are two essential things and they are certainly a sight to see.

Singapore is another popular destination, for example. A favorite is the Zoo Night Safari Tour, which will allow you to travel through the beautiful foothills of the awe inspiring Himalayas during the night. It is the best way to see all those night owl nocturnal animals right in their natural habitats. But if you prefer daytime activities, you can always go to the Singapore Zoo in the morning and enjoy breakfast surrounded by orangutans!

You absolutely cannot forget Hong Kong, either. There are Harbor Night Cruises as well as dinners, the awesome Revolving 66 Restaurant, and the Giant Buddha Day Trip. There, you can explore Lantau Island, visit the longest beach in Hong Kong, explore the Ngong Ping Plateau, and finally see the world renowned Buddhist statue, which is located close to the Po Lin Monastery.

Your final destinations should be Thailand as well as Bangkok. These two places are certainly just as exciting, however it is typically very, very hot. You also want to make sure that you take a trip over to China to see all of the sights there too.

Gay vacations to Asia are the best and can certainly make all of your dreams come true. Picture it, you, in Asia with your partner and you are exploring everything together.

Howie Holben runs Spirit Journeys, a gay vacations company that concentrates on personal growth tours. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can dis more about Howie, his work and gay tours with a spiritual flavor at Spirit Journeys website.

The Forwardness Of Gay Tours

Gay lifestyles have always been recognized as existing, but their acceptance is something that has struggled through history. The last example of any sort of gay welcoming culture would be the Greeks and Romans and that was over two thousand years prior, with the world not rushing to recreate that sort of gay prevalence. Today, some countries are extremely welcoming towards gays, for example Canada which allows for same sex unions or places around the world that welcome gay tours.

Around the United States there are many people who have no issue with gays and others who most certainly do and can, unfortunately, incite violence to make their claim. The gray scale acceptance in America is still worlds above some countries, like Iran, in which homosexuals can be sentenced to death.

While everyone wants to debate if being gay is a choice or whether or not it is genetic, those that are gay struggle with their feelings from childhood. Realizing that they are different and surviving puberty which is a time of sexual exploration can be extremely difficult for them as it is for straight teenagers. Staying in the closet to fit in or coming out and being a beacon for your sexuality is a choice that straight teens do not have to struggle with.

Being accepted is, in a sense, easier than ever because of technology. Groups that identify towards one another can find solace and company online and this can be invaluable for gays living isolated existences in areas in which coming out is not a possibility. The Lesbian Gay and Transgendered (LGBT) groups that exist online bleed into the real world and allow for gays to think of a future in which they can be surrounded by others that are like them.

Many straight adults never have to think twice about feeling accepted sexually and so it can be underestimated that for a gay person to be around other gay persons, it can be one of the most accepting and transformative experiences. Finding time to be around other gays and having a sense of community does not have to be the exclusive purview of gay clubs. Travel feeds the soul and traveling with other gay people on gay tours can open up the world.

Gay tours are fantastic travel opportunities that bring down any feeling of anxiety and create a travel itinerary that puts the emphasis on fun and experience, and not to whether where you are going it gay friendly or if you have to pretend to be straight. Gay tours can be something as simple as a cruise, or as elaborate as a trek through the Himalayas. You can experience every thing from spiritual enlightenment to a down and out party atmosphere - the choice is yours.

On top of having a wealth of experiences open to you, the travel manifest is also something you can have a say in. You can go on a gay tour with a combination of gays, lesbians, and their friends, or just with gay families, or just with other lesbians, or just with other gay men. Depending on your identity and preference, there is a tour waiting for you.

It is time to experience the world in a loving and accepting environment so that you can concentrate on the act of travel. The world is a huge, diverse, and impressive place so experiencing it on gay vacations with other gay individuals takes a huge psychological burden off of your shoulders.

Howie Holben gay vacations advice post. He is the owner of Spirit Journeys, a gay singles vacation outfit. Spirit Journeys makes available spiritual gay travel agency all over the world.

Gay Tours In 2010 To The USA

While most individuals are welcome in most areas of the United States, there are definitely areas which are more accepting of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community than others. So, when such individuals travel, there is often more planning and research involved in choosing such a destination. To this end, there have been a number of travel guides published in relation to gay travel in the USA and beyond.

One such place is that of the cape off the coast of Massachusetts, as is reflected in a number of gay related tour guides and other information. In addition, areas such as Key West, FL are also more accepting and tend to host a predominately gay crowd when it comes to an area in which to celebrate marriage or visit while on Spring Break or for a Summer vacation. Therefore, it is possible for such individuals to feel quite at home in these two locations as well as many others which can also be found both online and in a variety of travel guides relating to same.

So, whether going on a gay cruise, spending a weekend at a gay resort, or simply staying at a gay oriented bed and breakfast, generally one can find great accommodations and activities through such guides. In addition to these guides, a number of which are available at local and national booksellers, other listings for a variety of activities directed at the gay community with regards to leisure and vacation can also be found online.

Regardless as to whether one buys travel guides or looks for such information online, there are a number of destinations which are more gay friendly than others. Although, one may want to call or e-mail businesses listed in such guides to be sure one is still in business. For, while most are successful, there are others which have had to close, especially during the recent economic downturn.

Of course, with regards to any vacation, if individuals can plan ahead, then one is going to have a much better time. Better still, if one can read a number of associated reviews and assure a place is still in business. Then, one can layout their travel plans accordingly with regards to activities, lodging and travel in relation to getting to a preferred destination.

While the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community has come along way, not only in the United States, but around the world, there is still a great deal more to be done before individuals can find true equality. Therefore, as one might envision, the States within the United States which honor and recognize gay marriage have some of the highest rates with regards to tourism. Something States such as California and others, currently striving to offset deficits may also want to consider before allowing such discrimination to continue.

However, if the States were smart, the States would pass laws applying the same equal rights with relation to gay marriage as others have done. For, in doing so, the States can increase their levels of tourism by promoting equality and acceptance for all. Something, States which have passed gay marriage laws have seen through an increase in associated tourism. To this end, many individuals seeking to go on vacation, often focus on the States which now have the option of gay marriage available on a legal basis, regardless as to whether one desires to get married on such a vacation or not.

To this end, before embarking upon gay tours in the USA, one may want to check online listings for a variety of bed and breakfasts, cruises, hotels, resorts and other gay related vacation activities. For, this can allow one to save a great deal of time while on vacation if one has done their research before hand. Still, even going on the fly, by picking up a tour guide related to gay travel, one is well on their way to a fun, safe and relaxing vacation regardless.

Howie Holben oversees Spirit Journeys, a gay travel organization that focuses on spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and gay tours with a spiritual focus at Spirit Journeys website.

Canada For Gay Tour Destinations

Planning amazing gay vacations to Canada is easy. There are many places, such as Whistler, that are quite open. They have festivals and other activities along with the best accommodation anywhere.

The key to having a great trip is to carefully consider all aspects of it. As a gay couple, there have likely been places that were not so welcoming. The neighbors to the north are nothing like that. Their atmosphere offers a refreshing change and they can’t wait to welcome all of their guests.

Gay tourism has become big business for Canada. They have romantic getaway packages for those who wish to ignite sparks, and there are many clubs where singles can meet that special someone. Whistler even offers up a special festival each year that shows just how open they truly are.

Trip planning

Planning a wonderful Canadian excursion may seem overwhelming, but it can be made easy by carefully considering all the options. Look over the many travel websites that cater to gay couples. They have agents who are ready to help plan the getaway and find the best deals.

There are many things to consider when scheduling things out. The first thing to ponder is when to go. Plan the trip to suit everyone’s busy life. A great idea would be to take a leave from work at the same time to make things a lot easier.

Be certain to set up a budget for the getaway. Most of us don’t have much left over by the time we pay car insurance and rent each month. One way to save for a trip is to put back a little each week. When it is time to go on an excursion, there will be tons of money to spend. This is especially great for those who wish to spend lots of time shopping while visiting the region.

Check out the many sites online for a great place to stay. Many hotels can be a bit expensive, but they usually provide great deals for those who book their rooms early. Go to the hotel websites and find out what discounts are offered. It is common for people to find luxury rooms at the same price as a normal suite.

Set up an itinerary of the things to see and do during the stay. Be prepared with an idea of the many tourist sites in the area. Not planning things out beforehand will cause both of you to miss out later on. The area is full of special festivals and amazing concerts featuring local and national artists.

Save back some time for romance. It would not be good to take an amazing vacation without spending some quality time together. Most of the rooms have room service and some even offer special baskets filled with champagne and other sweet treats that will spark the mood in any couple.

Planning gay vacations to Canada is not hard at all. The important thing is to carefully plan things out and take everyone’s needs into account. The rest of the trip should just fall into place.

Howie Holben pilots Spirit Journeys, a gay vacations organization that focuses on personal growth travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. There is more about Howie, his work and gay tours with a spiritual focus at Spirit Journeys website.

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Ecuador Needs to Be On Your List Of Gay Destinations

Although small, Ecuador offers a vast array of diversity when it comes to geography and various indigenous people with unique languages and cultures. From tropical coastlines to volcanoes that spend much of the year covered in snow, Ecuador is home to varying landscapes that make any time of year a great time for exciting gay travel.

Perhaps best known for the Galapagos Islands, the mainland is also home to many attractions and sightseeing opportunities that make gay tours to Ecuador well worth the trip. Whether you are in search of a spiritual retreat, an outdoors adventure or gay travel that includes getting to know the LGBT community in Quito, exploring the rainforest and lounging on the beach, you are sure to discover the many reasons that Ecuador is such a popular travel destination year after year as soon as you step off the plane.

Quito is the main city where you will find an LGBT community, particularly in the bohemian neighborhood of La Mariscal. This is where the Quito Pride celebration is held each June and is home to the various community nightspots, cafs and friendly establishments that Quito has on offer. As for nightlife, La Mariscal is the place to party on Friday and Saturday nights, but is also a wonderful afternoon hangout any day of the week.

Sitting 9,200 feet above sea level and with the 13,000-foot volcano, Pichincha, nearby, Quito can be - quite literally - a breathtaking city when you first arrive, but you are sure to acclimate soon after arrival. Many streets are lined with shops, cafs and art galleries, and the historic center of town has been dubbed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, increasing the appeal of this diverse city. Major attractions include the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, the Museo de la Ciudad, the Capilla del Hombre Guayasamin and the Parque el Ejido, which is lined with open-air stalls with handicrafts for sale.

Legal rights have expanded over the last decade or so, which has made gay tours to Ecuador more enjoyable; however, there is still a strong air of machismo and public discretion is advised in most areas. One way to increase security and ensure that gay vacations to Ecuador are safe and fun is to participate in gay tours organized by travel professionals well-versed in arranging community excursions and ensuring that visitors experience all of Ecuador’s glory with minimal concerns.

This will allow you to relax and get the most out of your journey, while professional travel organizers take care of the logistics and ensure that you will have the chance to experience the many historic, cultural and natural attractions that Ecuador offers.

The author, Howie Holben, is the owner of Spirit Journeys, a gay travel group that specializes in spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and gay holidays with spirituality at Spirit Journeys website.

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Gay Tours For Singles And Switzerland

Considered as potential market in recent issue for tourism, gay tourists are finding their way towards contributing revenue in the destination market. So the reason why gay travel to Switzerland will give you the hint of why is this such.

Switzerland is a country that is even so small in the world map and yet so breath-taking in real address. The beauty spots will prove its worth to be called as one of the most visited country in Europe. One can surely have a great time touring and staying for holiday. It will be of no surprise why gay tours are also rampant here. They ride in a bus that can deliver them to places of Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome and also Vienna. Prices will most likely reach $3,000.00 above. But there are also accommodations where you can just pay for $100.00. The fact there is, this particular bus I am talking is for gay tourists alone.

They will of course vary on the kind of accommodation they would want. The mere fact that those particular buses for gay passengers, they are truly considered to be potential for market revenue, would you agree?

There are lots of great spots in Switzerland to visit. That glorious snow-capped Alps, those breath-taking mountainside villages and the pristine valleys are just one of the few. Plus the fact that they can travel with professional gay tour guides, it will surely give them that unforgettable travel observing cultures of Swiss.

No more judgments from the eyes of co-tourist, right? It will make them comfortable for the company and nobody is going to offer them the questioning eyebrow of why have they chosen such lifestyle. If you will try to ask someone from this tour, the same story of wonder will be explained to you. And if reading will be your key towards getting answers from this question, then Switzerland gay journeys will suit best.

During in the year 1970, this subject about gays has offered many opinions. Some accepted homosexuals and find them to be great companion but others discriminate them asking questions that are sometimes too personal for them to answer. As such, this anti-discriminatory was presented. It gave them the respect they longed from other people. However, the law will not suffice to reason if someone would look at them in disgust. So it does not assure them. Yet that are unavoidable in life. No one can be forced to respect unless they so want. In this society we live, people can still look at gays with image that are not equal to those that are males and females in general.

Then these gay vacations options were made available. Like that in the country of Switzerland. It is enjoyment for gays to travel and spend holidays when they’re safe with their companion.

The result for their want of having their personal lives respected is this. It had offered them the freewill not to experience hardships of transferring from place to place. They will be guaranteeing their delight for what a vacation should be. Gay destinations to Switzerland won’t be a bad idea for a trip after all. In is in fact such a good idea to get away from your stresses sometimes.

The author, Howie Holben, is the owner of Spirit Journeys, a gay travel group that specializes in spiritual travel. Howie has travelled the world learning from indigenous peoples. You can learn more about Howie, his work and gay holidays with spirituality at Spirit Journeys website.

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Ireland And Gay Travel Deals

Gay vacations to Ireland have been a popular choice dating back to at least the time of Oscar Wilde. While Ireland may not have been nearly as LGBT-friendly in his time, it has come a long way since the days of folks - like Wilde - being sent to hard labor camps or jail for what was then known as “indecency.” In fact, up until 1861 the act of sodomy was punishable by death, but today Ireland has recently moved ahead of the U.S. when it comes to LGBT rights by legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples in 2009, after decriminalizing homosexuality in 1993.

While this does not mean that this largely Catholic country is ready to embrace same-sex relationships in every village - or even every city - Ireland is now far more welcoming and can safely be considered a great place for gay travel. Several larger cities, including Dublin, Galway, Cork and Waterford, have visible, active communities, community celebrations, numerous establishments catering or welcoming to the community and plenty of attractions to fill an entire vacation; however, whether travelers choose to participate in solo travel or gay tours, one should not miss the Irish countryside and quaint, traditional villages that dot the verdant landscape or sit atop breathtaking coastal cliffs during their vacation to Ireland as well.

There are now many Irish cities that have LGBT organizations, popular hangouts, annual celebrations and a thriving community, but Dublin remains the unquestionable center of Irish LGBT life, making it an absolute must-see during gay travel to Ireland. The nightlife in Dublin is an interesting blend of upscale clubs with dress codes and a casual LGBT pub scene, which allows those on gay vacations to Ireland to experience different aspects of LGBT life in Dublin. Depending on when you arrive, you may also have the opportunity to take part in one of Dublin’s annual community events, including the Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in July, Dublin International LGBTQ Pride in June, and the popular Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, which takes place each May.

Other happenings throughout the year are listed in Ireland’s most popular community magazine, GCN, so those who want to experience the scene during Dublin gay vacations will want to grab a copy when they get to town. Aside from community activities, there are many attractions you will likely want to visit while in Dublin, including the Oscar Wilde House Museum, the Hugh Lane Gallery, the Old Jameson Distillery, the Guinness Storehouse, the Book of Kells and The George, which is Dublin’s most famous LGBT bar.

Gay tours are an ideal option for those considering gay vacations to Ireland and are a great way to ensure that you do not miss the many cultural, historical and natural attractions this romantic, intriguing country has to offer.

Info post about Ireland originated by Howie Holben. Spirit Journeys suggests gay vacation spots and is a place for gay spiritual singles.