Tantric Music And Goddesses

Polarity In Tantra

One of the main principles in the philosophy of Tantra is polarity which states that the universe consists of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva is the masculine principle (Yang) and Shakti is the feminine principle (Yin).

Shiva exists beyond the material. Shiva is essence and spirit and represents the transcendent: ideas, concepts, consciousness etc. Shakti is the material itself, she is the universe, our moods, emotions, life itself.

If there is Shakti with no Shiva chaos will prevail as there is no master plan. If there is Shiva with no Shakti the universe would not exist.

Shiva and Shakti dance together in a complex and beautiful dance which creates the universe, keeps it together and destroys it.

The polarity of Shiva and Shakti exists on all levels of the universe. On the large cosmic scale as huge galaxies (Shakti) revolving around black holes which are singularities (Shiva) around which the galaxies dances.

Their dance is also visible in the couple relationship where the man has more of Shiva in him and the woman has more of Shakti in her. Even within ourselves this dance takes place between our consciousness and our physical bodies.

Shiva is the spark of consciousness and Shakti is the energy. Shiva is like a mirror who reflects Shakti so she can become aware of herself.

The Law Of Resonance

Another fundamental tantric teaching is the law of Resonance. As we stated above, the whole visible universe is Shakti, who is vibrating pulsating energy split up in an infinite range of frequencies.

Energy with one frequency will be attracted to other energies of the same frequency (the law of attraction).

A system which pulsates with a specific frequency can transfer data from another system vibrating with the same frequency.

Just to make an example: If you are a happy person you will transfer data from all the other people in the world who have transmitted happiness energies. All energies which have been emitted exist out there in the universe and make up a network of the “happy energies”. This is a network you automatically join and start transferring from when you are happy!

A specific resonance of happiness can be transferred through different media. Music can give you that specific state of happiness, or a certain colour could do the same thing.

We should therefor be very careful with which resonances we allow into our being. Listening to heavy metal for instance will put you in resonance with all the people that ever listened to heavy metal and as experiments with plants show, it is not an energy which is very conducive to life.

If you want to delve in negative energies you have to have a consciousness principle (Shiva) which is strong enough to be in it and not be consumed by it, but merely reflect it (this is only a path for those who are very strong such as the Agora tantrics from India).

You should rather put your attention on the good beneficial energies!

The Tantric World

Tantrics actively study Shakti in her myriad ways to thereby understand the mind of Shiva. In these studies of Shakti the universe has been categorized into Gods and Goddesses, each representing a unique range of frequencies/aspects.

For example, the energy of beauty encompass certain frequencies. We in the west would not need to have these energies represented by a Goddess. We would just call it beauty.

But deifying an energy has an important function: It enables us to identify easier with the energy as it gains a human face. It is easier to digest and to take in.

Only through identification with an object can you reach a complete understanding of it as you put yourself completely in its place.

A bija mantra is a sound which has the core vibration of the range of frequencies represented by a certain God or Goddess.

The mantra is repeated fervently by the one worshipping the Goddess.

Tantra means “Network” as Tantra understands the universe as being a gigantic network of interconnected energies. Tantra is indeed a powerful tool with its huge range of Gods, Goddesses and Mantras enabling us to enter into processes of resonance with some core fundamental vibrations of the universe.

Any aspect in creation can be contacted and understood through mantras and resonance.

Tantric music

One of the most powerful mediums of conveying resonance is music.

An artwork created by an artist in a specific resonance will transport these resonances directly to the observer/listener of the art.

Music can be created for any idea, concept or Goddess. The composer has to enter into resonance with the object to convey it through music.

An inspired artist is like a priest. He joins into a deep state of communion/resonance with the bija of a specific uplifted energies and makes art which resonates with those energies. These fine energies will then be felt by whoever appreciates his art.

Hans Havasi is a musician and systems developer who leads a yoga and tantra retreat centre in the north of Copenhagen. Together with his wife Mariah they form the meditation music group Ibis which makes Tantric music for Goddesses.

Last Longer In Bed By Controlling The Breath

Stopping premature ejaculation, learning to control the ejaculation and dealing with sexual energy paves the way to erotic ecstasy and transformation of the personality.

It is highly recommended to practice sexual continence in lovemaking. In order to do so it is necessary to develop control and sensitivity.

We will go through a technique with you that can help you to stop premature ejaculation. The technique is also one of the first steps towards mastering multiple orgasms.

Some men are endowed with lots of erotic energy, sensitivity and mental control. Such men will be able to experience multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms after a few weeks of practice. Other men might need to practice for months or even years in order to get to this stage.

Controlling The Breath

By learning to breathe deeply and relaxed you will simultaneously acquire an increased control of the sexual energy. The masters of martial arts and yogis alike are experts at mastering their breath and thereby their bodies.

In general the act of breathing is involuntary and unconscious. We do not think about it and its rhythm.

The rhythm of our heart beat is influenced by how fast we breath, so through the controlling of the rhythm of the breath we control the rhythm of the heart.

In lovemaking as you approach ejaculation the heart beat speeds up tremendously. Slowing down the breath will slow down the heart and the metabolism and “cool” you down, taking you away from the danger zone.

Breathe Deeply!

The vast majority of us breathe very superficially not pulling the air all the way down to the abdomen.

Observe a sleeping baby and you will see that it breathes with the belly. Breathing with the abdomen will prevent the stagnation of the air in the bottom of the lungs and pull in fresh air full of oxygen.

Our civilization is full of stress and anxiety and we have started to breath fast and shallow as a result of this. You will notice that joyful people breathe slower, deeper and laugh often in this way pulling oxygen into the lungs.

The following exercise will show you how to breathe with the abdomen, as you did when you were young.

When practising this exercise you should breathe with the nose as this filters and warms the air.


1. Sit on a chair, spine straight, feet on the floor, and head up

2. Place your hands on your navel and relax your shoulders.

3. Breathe in with the nose and feel the abdomen become filled with air. The belly should push forth and the diaphragm will go down.

4. Relax the chest and breathe out forcefully. This will pull the abdomen back and upward towards the spine. The testicles and penis will also be slightly pulled up by this exhalation.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4, 21 times.

A few minutes of daily abdominal breathing will teach your body to breathe deeply again in a natural manner, even when you sleep. While making love, this capacity is essential in order to prevent ejaculation and to expand the erotic sensations throughout your whole body.

You should continue with the exercises even after the preliminary results of stopping the ejaculation. The technique circulates the sexual energy and will transform it into higher more refined energies in your being. Through the retention and proper sublimation of the sexual energies you will become more powerful, affectionate, intuitive and focused (just to mention a few of the advantages).

Breathing with the abdomen will massage the organs and the prostate gland and give relief to the pressure men feel by not ejaculating.

This sensation of pressure or tension in the genital area, which appears for all beginners in the practice of sexual continence, is caused by the stagnation of the sexual energy in the pelvic area. If the energy is not sublimated, it will lead to irritability, confusion, and edginess.

Hans Havasi is a yoga and tantra teacher who coordinates a course and retreat center in the North of Copenhagen, Denmark. Hans has extensive experience in teaching yoga and tantra and guiding people to a deeper understanding of their sexuality and in giving them tools and methods for personal development. Please read more about Tantra and premature ejaculation exercises here.

Yoga Music For Meditation Series - 12 Tips To Attain An Incredible Meditation Practice

a) Understand Meditation

1. Understand meditation! Meditation is the flow of continuous thought on one thing. Meditation is the keeping up of one idea alone like the continuous flow of oil. Yogins call this Dhyana. Bhaktas call this adoration.

Concentration fixes the mind on a point or object, either inside the body or outside the body as any outside object or image. Meditation naturally follows concentration. In the process of Dhyana all the normal thoughts are shut off from the mind and replaced with Divine thoughts and Divine presence.

(b) Place

2. Have a separate meditation-room under lock and key. Do not allow anybody to enter the room. Keep it holy. Burn incense in the morning and evening. Keep an icon of God or your Guru. Place your chair in front of the picture. Also, keep some spiritual books such as the Yoga Sutras and other scriptures inside the room.

In deep meditation the vibrations produces will lodge themselves into the ether of the room. After six months you will feel deeply in peace in the atmosphere of the room. Whenever you feel your mind agitated or disturbed you can sit in the room and repeat a mantra for half an hour. You will feel an immediate change within your being.

Practice and feel the soothing spiritual influence it will have on yourself. Nothing compares to spiritual Sadhana. It will create a sacred place in your own house.

3. Intensive meditation and solitude are of utmost importance for realizing the Divine Self. A place of pilgrimage, a mountainous scenery, a garden full of flowers, a sacred temple, these are places which help to the attaining of concentration, contemplation and meditation. Find these places when you need to.

4. A cool place and a mild climate are indispensable for concentration. Just as salt melts in water, the Sattvic (pure) mind melts in silence during meditation with the Absolute.

(c) The Time

5. Get up at 4 in the morning (the hour of Brahmamuhurta). It is very favourable for spiritual contemplation and devotional practices. Early in the morning the mind is calm, pure and quite refreshed after sleep. The mind is like a blank sheet of paper and comparatively free from worldly Samskaras (mental impressions).

The mind is easily formed at this time. The atmosphere is also more filled with purity and light at this hour. You can wash your hands, feet and face with cold water if it is difficult for you to take a shower. This will do.

6. Choose the part of the night or day where your mind is clear and when you will not be disturbed. The mind is more calm and malleable in these times.

7. You can enjoy the results of a good meditation on Sundays because this is a holiday, and the mind feels free. Therefore you should do some vigorous meditations on Sundays. Meditation results will also improve when you live on milk and fruits alone or when you fast. Use common sense and try to obtain the best results in meditation.

(d) Place of Concentration

8. Concentrate gently either on the lotus of the heart (Anahata Chakra) or in the space between the two eyebrows (Trikuti). Close your eyes.

9. The seat of your mind is Ajna Chakra at Trikuti. The mind can be easily controlled if you concentrate on Trikuti. Bhaktas (devotees) should concentrate on the heart. Yogins should concentrate on Ajna Chakra.

10. Sahasrara at the crown of the head is another great place to focus. Vedantins concentrate here. Some yogis focus on the tip of their noses (a technique called Nasikagra Drishti). Stay with one place of focus and cling to it perseverantly.

If you decide to concentrate on the heart area, stay with it and don’t change it. If you are a devotional type you can let your guru find the center you should focus upon, else you can find it yourself.

(e) What to eat

11. Keep your diet pure and light. To fill up the stomach with rice, bread and vegetables will make you very sleepy and will interfere with your sadhana. A diet of milk keeps the body light, pure and alert.

You can sit in one Asana for hours at a time with ease and comfort. If you feel weak, you can eat a little rice and milk or barley and milk or any aliments found in a light diet. Those who are in the field of service and who give lectures and perform other intense spiritual activities need solid, substantial food.

(f) Asana

12. The body is stabilized through the practice of yoga positions (Asanas). The mind is strengthened through inner attitudes (Mudra) and contractions (Bandhas). The body will feel lighter after the practising breathing exercises (Pranayama). Once you can do these things with ease your mind can fix itself upon the Absolute and you will attain states of uplifted bliss and euphoria.

It is highly recommended to practice the lotus pose (Padmasana) or Siddhasana for the attainment of meditation and concentration. For health it is good for you to be sexually continent. This can be attained through Paschimottanasana, Matsyasana, Brahmacharyasana, Sarvangasana and Shirshasana (amongst many other Asanas).

Hans Havasi is a Systems Consultant at a major engineering company in Denmark, a yoga and tantra teacher and a musician in the group Ibis which makes tantric music for Goddesses. With his wife Mariah, Hans leads a yoga and tantric retreat and art center in the north of Copenhagen. Please click here to read more about meditation or go here to download free meditation music.

Tantra For Men - How To Last Longer In Bed

A common question I receive after holding lectures about erotic Tantra is how to last longer in bed. Many men come to me asking about tips and tricks and how to avoid premature ejaculation.

Well, first of all, I will tell you guys out there suffering from premature ejaculation that you are not alone! I get these kind of questions from men of all nationalities and ages. We men naturally have this problem and I can ascribe it to the fact that compared to women, our sexuality is often less refined.

Women’s skin is twice as sensitive as the skin of men and they experience many more nuances of the orgasm than men do. We men tend to have one kind of orgasm which is the explosive one associated with our ejaculation. Women also involve themselves more in the sexual act as we men often tend to see the act as a release of tension.

Women are also much more durable than men. In average, men make love for 7 minutes before ejaculating while a woman can last for hours.

But fear not! We have been given certain keys we can apply so we can build up our sexualities to match those of women. There are many keys to learning this and different angles one could approach, but the main ones in my experience are the following:

1) Sensitivity - We have to learn to feel our bodies!

2) Masculinity - We need to become more virile in all senses of the word

3) Energy work - We need to understand energy flow and energy work

By attacking all 3 aspects at once, you can have good results, but also merely focusing in one direction can bring you a large step on the way.

Step 1: Become More Sensitive

Men need to understand that it is in fact them that are most in need of the foreplay and not vice versa. By being attentive to the woman’s needs the mans will start channelling his sexual energy to his heart centre.

The heart and the skin are affective organs which are highly linked. When the man opens in the heart his skin will also become more open and sensitive. By opening his heart the man becomes more open to other kinds of stimulation and not so focused on the stimulation of the genital area.

Massage is one of the best ways to open up the man and to channel his energies away from the genital region. It is recommended that the man start by massaging his partner. This will open his heart and his skin. In this way he is ready to receive the massage from the woman.

Step 2: Masculinity

Men should focus on building their masculinity if they want to last longer in bed. A man should be “virile” on all levels of being. Virility is not only the ability of sustaining an erection over a certain period.

By virility I mean a power a man should have. Men should want to be strong, to know what he wants in life and to gain knowledge of how he can get what he wants. This brings a man in touch with his masculine core and when the man is in touch with this core he will polarize his woman to her feminine core. In couples where the man has become weak through lack of exercise, or ability to stand for what he believes the woman has to take over by becoming more masculine. This is against her deepest nature.

It is easy to see this lack of masculinity in this day and age. At our courses the women are often the most active in their listening. They sit up straight and actively participate by asking questions and offering anecdotes. The men on the other hand are often lying on the floor looking very sleepy and foggy. It should be the opposite! Men should be actively trying to understand how to improve themselves and apply new knowledge.

Men should have a clear overview of the terrain. They should know where they are going and in which direction they want to take the couple relationship. They should fix their inner vision on their goals and put their beings and hearts into achieving these goals. This turns men from being victims to being actively engaged with life which (according to the tantric philosophy) is feminine in its very essence and should be penetrated full of awareness, love and power.

If you accept that this is an important aspect of being masculine, you will naturally find these masculine traits within yourself and become more in touch with your masculine core. This gained awareness will make you very attractive in the eyes of women and will also make you more virile, which again will allow you to last longer in bed.

Step 3: About Energy

To be able to last longer in bed, it is imperative to understand energy flow and how to guide the energy flows. This is a vast topic and we will only touch briefly upon it here to whet your appetite. There are many different systems and methodologies you can use, but as I am a practitioner of Tantra, I can tell you how the knowledge of these energies are structured in the tantric system.

The human being contains all kinds of different energies ranging from vital energies, sexual energies, psychic energies etc. These energies are categorized into earth energies, water energies, fire energies, air energies and ether energies. The focal points of each of these energies are placed in energetic vortexes (called chakras) placed along our spine.

The idea is that there are certain lovemaking positions correlated with each of these chakras and that these lovemaking positions should be made in the right order. This will channel the energies correctly, prolong the lovemaking act for hours and lead to deep states of bliss and ecstasy.

If you study this knowledge it is needless to say that your partner will love you for it! I deeply recommend a study of the chakra system as it is explained in the ancient philosophies of Yoga and Tantra. This will shed a lot of light on the energetic structures.

To Sum Up

In this article we described 3 areas where it is good to have a focus if you want to perform better between the sheets: Developing your sensitivity, developing your masculinity and studying your energetic system. I hope the article was helpful and that it gave you some insight.

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Sublime Art And Resonance - Music For Kali

This article will touch upon some, for the most of you, very new concepts. We will speak about the process of composing music for the great tantric Goddess Kali. First off we will give an introduction to who Kali is followed by an introduction to the law of Resonance which is a law that lies at the base of the the law of attraction. The article will end by telling how an artist can use the law of resonance to create his artwork.

Who is Kali?

Kali is the first of the 10 great goddesses in the tantric tradition. She has four arms, black skin, big glaring eyes and has a necklace with severed heads. She can be found in graveyards where she dances on the tombs while laughing at the mortality and pettiness of humans. Her deeper symbolism is that of time and death which are things that we humans fear and that is why she looks so terrible in our eyes.

She is indeed a terrifying sight and if you do not understand death and time you will certainly be terrified by her. Her grace will be revealed to those who actively seek to understand her deeper meaning.

The law of Resonance

One of the most profound teachings of the tantric system is the teaching of resonance. The law of attraction which everyone is speaking about now a days is a subset of this law.

All matter in the universe is energy which vibrates at different frequencies. Two energies that vibrate with the same frequency will be attracted to one another and start to resonate together, meaning that they will start to exchange information and energy between them.

During the day we move through different resonance spheres or areas and our moods and feelings react accordingly. If we are in a place where there is an ‘angry’ resonance we will also become angry if we have the energy of anger within us. The energy of anger in the place and our energy of anger will start to ‘resonate’ with each other.

If we are in a place with a hectic on edge vibe such as a football stadium watching an exciting game, we will for sure soak up that energy and resonate with it. If the place is serene and calm we in turn will become serene and calm.

A landscape, room or color can have a common resonance, each putting us in a similar mood. Music is a very powerful resonator as it can carry very specific resonances and implant those resonances in us.

For example, if you listen to heavy metal you will enter into states of rage, hatred and destruction. You will enter into a state of resonance with the people who made the music and the state that they were in when they made the music. You will enter into resonance with all the people who listen to that music and who resonate with that state. You will start downloading all their negativity and hatred.

On the other hand if you listen to harmonious, beautiful music you will go into resonance with harmony and beauty.

To enter a specific mood or state it can be of enormous help to listen to music which has that specific mood.

Art and resonance

In the creation of music or any art form it is of utmost importance to actively study that subject which you wish to create your music on. You have to contemplate the subject and to immerse yourselves in the moods inherent in that subject. In this way a process of resonance starts filling you up with similar resonances.

By contemplating on the object/subject upon which you wish to create your artwork and through resonance you will thereby become a better channel for the art. The resonance will impregnate the art and will thereby be conveyed to those who in turn contemplate the art. This is the secret to creating masterpieces.

Using resonance to create music for Kali

Contemplation upon Kali will lead you to pondering the mysteries of life, death and time. These are deep philosophical speculations which can be terrifying for those who cannot understand them.

The music composed by such a contemplation on Kali might therefore convey this mood of terror. Drones, asien tonalities and strong rhythmical elements can aid to these effects.

Ultimately Kali will lead the worshipper to a higher state of being, leading to an opening of the heart when the ephemeral has been surpassed and a deeper understanding of life and death has been attained. This opening of the heart can be given through large strings sections and melodic lines which lead from down and up.

We hope that this article was meaningful to you and that you learned a bit more about Kali, resonance and the process of composition with a Goddess!

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Taoist Premature Ejaculation Exercises - The Three Finger Method

It is important to cure premature ejaculation because a mans strength, efficiency, vital energies, mental capacities and spiritual resources are related with his ability to retain and refine his sexual energy.

A common aim in Taoism and Tantra is to reach a level where one can completely abstain from ejaculation channeling the sexual energy into higher more refined kinds of energy. Before we get that far though, we have to learn to stop premature ejaculation.

In the case of the beginner that has yet not learned more advanced techniques such as breathing exercises and mental focus, he might have to resort to a range of “brute force” methods where the ejaculation has to be stopped using physical means.

Of these methods, one of the most applicable is the so called ‘Three finger method’ which dates back to ancient China. It is an easy method which prevents the loss of semen through the application of pressure in the perineum.

When ejaculation is imminent, pull out of your loved one and press the perineum (the area between the anus and penis) with the three middle fingers of your right hand. The pressure will stop the ejaculation mechanism if you apply the technique correctly following these three steps:

1) Find the correct place, it feels like a kind of gate way.

2) Apply medium pressure. As the fingers are quite strong the pressure need not be immense.

3) Use all the three fingers: (index, middle finger and ring finger) to stop the fluid. If we use one finger only, the sperm can easily pass by. Two fingers will not totally block the channel, therefore use the index and the ring finger to press both sides of the urethra and immobilize it and then the middle finger to press directly on the urethra. Bend the fingers, most of all the middle finger.

The Correct Timing

When the ejaculation is well on its way, exit your loved one and use the technique. Waiting too long is not recommended as the pressure will not be able to keep the ejaculation back.

This pressure should be applied before, during and after the contractions which announce ejaculation.

Apply the pressure on the ‘gate’ until you fell that the ejaculation will no longer take place. Doing this will cause the semen to flow back to the seminal reservoir.

This technique poses no danger as the tissues in the region are very elastic.

Most people assume that when a certain pressure is reached that the semen will have to find its own way out, but this is not true. When this pressure level is reached several processes occur:

1) Sperm production will go down in this way saving the bodies energy and nutritional substances which would otherwise be used in that process.

2) The body has a natural tendency to reabsorb this fluid.

3) Tantra and Taoism have developed a whole body of knowledge and methods about how to reabsorb the seminal fluids into the body and turn it into more refined kinds of energy. This alchemical process will also reduce the pressure on the prostate (seminal reservoir).

The process is in Tantra called transmutation and sublimation and fills the body with beneficial energy.

This process can be compared to boiling water which turns into steam. The water transforms but retains its qualities of water.

In this way the semen and seminal fluid is transmuted into superior, more refined forms of energy.

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Kali Music Series - Goddess Kali, Initiator Of The Erotic Energies

Goddess Kali, first of the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses Mahavidya

Goddess Kali is the first of the 10 mahavidya, or wisdom goddesses in the tantric tradition. She is often portrayed as dancing on the dead body of her consort Shiva. She has black skin, 4 arms, wide open glaring eyes, a necklace consisting of severed heads and her tongue lolls wildly out of her big wide open mouth, laughing at the attachments of us mortal humans. Indeed a terrible spectacle to behold!

There exists a lot of symbolism in this gruesome iconography. It is a picture of our coming death and of our mortality. The symbolism also shows the transcendent nature of the masculine principle (symbolized by the dead Shiva upon who she dances) and the active chaotic nature of the feminine principle (Kali herself). Another aspect of this symbolism is Kali as wild, erotic energy. It is this aspect we shall touch upon in this article.

Goddess Kali And Eros

These terrifying sides of Kali hide one great truth about her. Kali is raw and dangerous sexual energy and this is why we see her as being so terrible. If we cannot control the sexual energy we end up dead like Lord Shiva lying at her feet. If we can control her she becomes our biggest ally, friend and mother. A woman who starts a serious worship of the great Kali will start to incorporate her qualities in her being, she will become powerful and in touch with her sexual energy and will terrify those who are not in touch with their sexual energy. But she will help and guide those who dare to look into her eyes.

Egoistic minds which are stiff and fearful cannot encompass such great feminine sexuality. Down through the ages men have feared this feminine power and the female power has been suppressed for centuries. As we fear the erotically awakened powerful woman, we fear life itself which is feminine and expansive.

Kali is portrayed as so terrifying to mock this huge fear we have inside of life.

Goddess Kali, The Keeper Of Kundalini

In the tantric tradition it is stated that our spiritual evolution commences with a deep awakening of our sexual energy. This energy is called Kundalini and is stored at the base of the spine. When we succeed to awaken this energy it will start to dance up our spine transmuting into finer types of energy as it goes upward finally meeting the pure consciousness of lord Shiva at the top of the head.

Like a snake tamer plays the flute and his snake dances for him, our kundalini will dance for us when we awaken her through intense spiritual practice.

Goddess Kali and tantric ritual

Kali can be worshipped by repeating her mantra which is given to the worshipper by his Guru. The worshipper can also use a continual gazing at the yantra of Kali to enter into a trance like state with the her. These are powerful methods to enter into a communion with the great Goddess.

For the more experienced, Kali can be worshipped through elaborate erotic tantric rituals. In such ritual the woman is first adored by the man as being Kali herself. Then follows the foreplay and lovemaking acts themselves which follow strict guidelines. After the ritual the man and woman split up and make their own sadhanas (spiritual practice) consisting of yoga positions, pranayamas and meditations with Kali.

If done correctly and at the right moments, these rituals will create deep processes of transformation in the hearts of the two lovers.

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